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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 163: Day 131-142: Just Post

Under the grim weather of all phenomena…

:worship: A celebratory dance was performed to the birth a relic with a humble origin. :worship:

Speaking of origin, welcome back, Average! The last of Season 1 survivor!

Oh? We still have three more slots?

Alright, let’s see what we got.

372 days social chicken.

90 days tiger with some extreme combat capability that will be wasted without a post.

And someone lucky enough to get three positive traits!

He has the most chill life. :sax:

Welcome again, with our low-effort celebratory firework for our newest lower-Outers.

Our firework attracted someone?

Can’t they teach us how to make cars instead?

Whoa! An unique structure?

This is smaller than I’ve expected.

Oh dear. Who want to go? Or should we order some Outer to explore? :thumbsup:

Don’t worry. Mcclay have been making various pills to cover all sort of non-death injury.

How about the Outer who volunteer will be rewarded with the p2w law from the sect master? :homebrew:

Along with a p2w tribulation artifact?

Otherwise, you will have to wait in line behind the Season 1 Vet, but it won’t be long before they become Inner and other Outer will take away your opportunity.

You will also missing out on resource such as this max grade stats booster that will give more than 10%. These resources are rare and already reserved for Coffee and Lynneth. We can’t procure more until we earn some favor to buy it from other sect or merchant.

However, we can make do with the stat issue through other means.

How fortunate that we have two tea-timers offering two of these attribute talisman for our junior!

Coffee also have the same stat, and it’s good enough for now. Their Con isn’t high enough, but we will have that fixed before their Golden Core.

How nice for those tea senior to leave us a tip!

In the meantime, they can make their breakthrough in this room.

It’s so hard and expensive to raise talent, but commitment equal opportunity. :justpost:

Getting more tribulations is one of the reason that this is an advance law.

Both of our Pickpocket are graduating to become proper adults who are detested by heaven.

They will need 14 treasures from our storage to deal with clouds. :yayclod:

Take whatever strike you fancy.

Hold on, this near-divine artifact just call Leather? You gonna be mock by Azuragon - The Supreme Pole Column, Flare – The Grand Chariot Boulder, and Grim - The All Phenomena Dung.

Our gen 1 are working hard to keep pace with the next-gen blessed with high grade pill and rare treasures. They have been cultivating non-stop to maintain their status of seniority and not get mocked by these juniors' ensuring superior title.

100% breakthrough success without a care for bonus. Comfortably sitting at 124k Qi. :cool:

One more breakthrough to reach Nascent Soul. Let's aim for 200k Qi.

Too bad the Exp trip is still a grind.

Now that her adventure fly speed is doubled, she is ready to do her Jesus-walk around the world to attract followers! :catholic:

Alright. We are done waiting. It’s ridiculously hard to invite her without the full map unlocked. Today, we will get your Tailsman Law one way or the another. :argh:

Too bad she will leave before the Tea Way can take her down. The Punch Way it is.

Since she is occupied, we will send our Outers to arrow her to death! :blastu:

Does the arrow help? Maybe. Every little bits counts, and they might get combat exp out of it?

Blaze Dragon sighs at these pitiful melee pleb.

Welp, that only does maybe a few hundred damage? It’s hard to overcome lv 43 Protect.

Nothing is tough enough against teamwork! 170k Qi against 170k arrows! :blastu:

Meanwhile, Treasure Artifact combat without buff from secret arts are like fish made of sponge bobbing each other off. :nallears:

Our professional artifact combatants are either adventuring or still stuck at arthritis.

Another day, another bowl.

Let’s eat around the corpse of a foe we murdered!

More power to gen 1.5!

TravelLog, what will you draw on your core this time? Or what gimmick will you embrace?