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Part 164: Day 143-157: Double Seven Swords

No volunteer for the stargate exploration into the great unknown. We will have to send in a random non-committal Outer to scout it next time.

That Outer will not be TravelLog. He shall be the last Inner of 1.5 gen since our reserves of rare resources are ranning out and even he will have to wait for a long time to max out his talent.

Mercifully to our treasury, the lack of element compatibility makes it hard for practitioner of this law to cultivate speedily.

Then again, he will be relearning this law many time to gain large amount of Sub-spirit to produce enchanted item usable by anyone.

After that is done, he can commit to this highly offensive law that rivals Seven-Slaughtering Sword.

Mcclay finally got out of arthritis, and this stat boost is insane!

We are thus done with you. You are now our high tier Inner in charge of all miscellaneous task such as making pills, guard the sect, and perform other dark deeds. :zoid:

TravelLog is ready to draw on his core.

Since he is speedrunning to Nascent Soul before restarting this law again, Mental State and Cultivation speed boost would be the best way to do it.

Since I didn’t bother increasing his Max Qi, he ran out of Qi to ink his tattoo.

However, we got two of these Talismans to propel his cultivation rate.

Let’s see how fast he can go.

:hmmyes: This took about… 10 seconds.

Ohh he can draw again!

Huh? Did the dev nerf it from stacking? At least we can go for the State of Mind boost.

Two thousand Qi isn’t enough to draw the whole thing. He will learn the +1k Max Qi art next time. :sweatdrop:

Regardless, that’s a free Purity Leaf effect. Stack with two SoM talisman and he will never need to standup for fun anymore.

:hmmyes: About 20 seconds.

Another one!?

I will redraw the SoM design without the guide. :colbert:

I see. It treats it as a random design. :eng99:

Oh well. His speed is too fast to matters.

Grade 4 with minimal no effort.

The poor stat gains are balance by the core drawing.

Next one should takes… 5 minutes?

“Have you heard of that talented enchanter? He's going to enchant his amazing cloak and trash it for practice.” :tbear:

Okay, that took more than 5 minutes since he needs to eat some pills for his mental health, but now he is one step closer to Primordial Soul!


At least you have amazing stat in Social.

Go camp in the Middle of Nowhere. We found a village there and nothing else.

It’s hard to tell how long he will take since I pause a lot to micromanage everyone at normal speed. :f5:

This quest has been sitting on the map for a long time due to its heat resistance requirement. Thanks to Fire Law and Top Tier Fire Resist Talisman, our sect leader brave the Fire Cave with 1000 C resist.

:eyepop:Holy Shit! Each of these worth like 5k! We can easily trade these away for favors!

Normally, I don’t give a darn for fire item in my fridge (just add more ice). But Blaze Dragon is brining a whole volcano back home, so we have to put them somewhere safe.

Somewhere beneficial for us.

Our guests at the nearby lodging will enjoys our haul-to-bed service. :laugh:

Our expanded teahouse should be large enough to accommodate our guests, and small enough to keep the tea hot. :synthy:

I was using wood too gauge the overall design, so this is within expectation.

Regular grass bursting on fire while everyone is asleep is not within my expectation! :supaburn:

Alright, everyone gets two sleep-hour of seven hours total with a mandatory midnight shift. You get to sleep twice! How generous!

Behold! An improved teahouse with secret contraption of easily refillable walls and hidden escape passages. :thumbsup:

Yes, welcome, welcome! :sickos:

Ohhhh! Free Metal Weather! :worship:

Just in time for Coffee and Lynneth to breakthrough near the peak of the season bonus!

The passing by dragon dropped something good for eating.

We will hunt you down someday. :argh:

Our threat must be so effective that the dragon took 4 big dump in our storage. :hai:

Thankfully, our herbal room is far enough to avoid the additional flavoring. It’s time for them to eat up.

That should be everything. :wotwot:

All stat besides potential maxed to 10 for two days.

You found another one? Good boy!

Lights up the festive bonus for our cultivation boost!


Welcome! Late Summer welcome you! :sun:

Both Coffee and Lynneth can’t full utilize the best equipment combination since they are both breaking through at the same time.

It doesn’t seem like we can get 5 stars Ying/Yang under thunder storm either?

Regardless of the less-than-perfect condition, they both can claim to be top tier cultivator in the whole world. The lack of big ginkgo tree and other factors did drag down Lynneth a bit.

Lynneth only lost by 4k Qi compares to Coffee, which is easily fixable with elixir later on.

Ouch my eye! What matters is them achieving Grade 1 Core.

Sect Map: Day 157

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