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Part 165: Day 158-164: Duel

Breakthrough during the thunderstorm is pretty cool. :ssj: :sss:

Huge boost for TravelLog after living in the mortal world.

Another 10 minutes or so and he is finally ready to become Primordial Soul.

Nothing else besides this talisman worth painting for the core.

:eyepop: WHAT!? Why is this law so powerful!?

Why does all these good event happen only on our redo/skill-dump cultivator! Such a waste! :cry:

Good. We got what we needed.

Some other secret arts also give him three more spirit for this first run… four redo will cap out the maximum sub-spirits he can shred from his soul.

He will dump some stat-boost/secret arts into equipment.

Higher level enchantment requires multiple sub-spirit investment to unlock, so TravelLog will dump some worthless boost onto something…

We will let our Outer ride on their bow. They should be able to snipe bears from the sky for easy win.

What is this!? Another huge bonus event wasted on an enchantment that doesn’t utilize any of those bonus!? :smithicide:

Wasted on a completely mundane weapon!

Great, someone have to wear one more item enchanted by TravelLog to be able to activate this effect.

Alright, a small boost to their demon cloth then.

What a pain to raise ‘enchantment skill’ this way.

At least it’s worth it at the very, very end.

Back to Coffee and Lynneth, they need to fight fire cloud on their next breakthrough into Golden Core Part 2.

Let’s test it out now using a slab a fish meat with our standard gear for such occasion.

Mcclay found this at this precise timing, but it has nothing to do with tribulation.

Would it be better to face the firestorm under the lake?

Five slaps from the fish is enough disperse the cloud.

Pretty strong boost for Golden Core.

Outer cleaning up the aftermath for Lynneth later.

This should take 12 cultivation trips for Coffee to break into Primordial Soul.

What’s taking you so long in your mortal world breakthrough, Blaze Dragon!? Are you adhering the social distant law? That’s good. Take your time making friends safely. :hai:

Speaking of making friends safely, we have volunteers to visit another dimension!

They shall become the next Inner if they survive whatever is in there.


What the hell is this!?

I am controlling Nea with keyboard and there’s no timer for pause.

Everything have this odd way of description with focus on durability.

Looks like only Inner are supposed to venture here. Nea have 200 HP.

We aren’t leaving until we get a good look at this place.

There’s this Map Pack button without anything in it.

Who knew Outer actually have infinite amount of Qi.

Nah, Nea ran a lot faster.

Big tournament platform?

I see. This must be a mmo dueling area. Now people all over the world can beat the shit out of Nea.

She will challenge this random Outer.

Show this sectless foreigner the might of Chun! :orks101:

The enemy is actually an Inner. :eng99:

Hi Nea, this is Nea.

Next is Gilgamesh255.

I assume this is opening my database to the world for them to pay us to beat the shit out of our Outers.

Nea and Gilgamesh255 is now famous! :neckbeard:

Last tab is the statistic page of them getting owned.

That’s that. Gilgamesh255 didn’t leave a corpse, so it’s probably Nea that was bugged out.

Maybe we will fight Season 1 veteran someday.

Rest well. We will make you an Inner tomorrow after sect expansion. We don’t have any resource for you two yet, and Blaze Dragon need time to grade them up as well.

That reminds me, Mt. South have a unique dojo building that supposed to be a private version of pvp.

Let’s go have a brawl!

Lynneth versus Coffee! :yum:

Clash of (stolen) artifacts!

*Sigh* I forgot how boring artifact battle can be as these two watches their artifact bouncing against each other for hours. :nallears:

Body Cultivator probably have a better advantage with me controlling them directly to move around the whole map.

Especially when we have this ‘dodge’ maneuver with cooldown to sidestep any attacks.

Playing as Coffee this time. Using his running speed, he outrun Lynneth’s artifact while recharging his own artifact to avoid being hit. It would be a lot harder to pull off this tricks against opponent with multiple artifacts.

But the opponent seems to be broken with their Qi recharging faster than it should be. The same occurs for Coffee when he is the adversary. So we will call it a draw with both winning once via cheating. :nallears: