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by Nyaa

Part 166: Day 165-182: Too Much Advance Mechanics

Quick Note on Key Terms:
Inspiration: EXP for buying secret Arts.
Attainment: EXP cost-multiplier for buying the next secret Arts.

This update have too much math and deep mechanics going on. You don't have to comprehend it, just feel my suffering.


It’s time for TravelLog to chuck out enchanted items for our Inner. He has reached the point where he can put Secret Arts he learned into items. It’s sound amazing, but there are some limitation and expensive as hell to do it.

First of all, he cannot insert Misc category arts like Max Qi up into item. Only secret arts with a category Artifact Crafting, or Artifact Mastery to be attachable… after lv 20 on that skill.

He can, however, stacks Cultivation speed to the point where redoing his law at a much faster pace. This will also benefit other cultivators in the future for their speed run. Probably. Cultivation cave seem faster and doesn’t burn state of mind.

This is quite useful since this is one of the three map travel boost arts available, but it has opposite element compatibility to the other.

Purchasing these secret arts together like how Dead Meat does would slows his path of gaining further knowledge as the exp requirement grows exponentially through Attainment. This art is only available at Golden Core, so it helps for the younger ones especially Water law cultivator.

The moment of truth has arrived for Evil Kit.

There’s nothing worthwhile from the basic law for him, and Panda’s Secret Body are way better in all aspect.

The downside is the requirement for Torch Dragon Essence. Since we can’t beat up an end game boss, he will have to eat one of the most expensive elixir in the world. 10k each.

NO! That elixir counts as medicine, so Evil Kit only gets useless Daoist Qi essence from it! I wasted so much time fattening your stomach for this!? :gonk:

At least we have one for Coffee and Lynneth after reload. :eng99:

Speaking of them, their final step into Nascent Soul is a tribulation with only 20k Qi. I guess having multiple tribulation helps spread the strength?

It’s quite peculiar to grasp additive-percentage as multiplier to base stat. Can’t we have number goes up instead of jumping around in heights? Lynneth lose out by 12k Qi, which isn’t that bad of a gap at higher power level.

At least we can see the final sum amount. Coffee now have as much Qi as baby Flower Bun. As for our adult bun…


Your puny Qi can’t puff through those thick fur! :dukedoge:

Our dog can shoot laser beam! :shopkeeper:

This cat is dee. To photo bomb. :shibe:

We will leave you to your grim entertainment.

Back to our 7-sworders. It’s time to decides on the minor skill tree branching for Coffee and Lynneth.

One path goes for Offense power while the other goes for massive Qi increase across all six treasures. There are ups and downs for having more Qi on artifacts, so I will split them to learn each paths.

Coffee would be best for the latter since he has higher base Qi compare to Lynneth.

On the other hand, Lynneth have higher Qi Sense with obsession, AND higher Qi Barrier Power with obsession to Protect.

They don’t have enough EXP to go in yet, so they will continue to cultivate in the background.

Hopefully, we will get four of these attainment reduction item for them by then.

To further strengthen Coffee and Lynneth’s treasures, TravelLog will sever HIS actual Artifact base stats to buff those 12 treasures to empowers their stats. He can also insert his Artifact skill stat into items when he gets better at this.

TravelLog will not get those stats back unless he equips those soul-attached items. If this stat doesn’t reset after redoing from mortal again, then I suggest going for other untouched gimmick like spellcasting... Blaze Dragon could use some too... :magemage:

You shouldn’t have enough stat to enchant 12 treasures for sure.

Our wizard returns to us from mortal society at the ripe age of 32.

He also need Attainment reduction like our 7-sworder, and we do have a Fire Crystal, so let’s proceed with asking heaven for a brain-learning discount after using the crystal.

Having a charm that gives +210 attainment practically makes this an absolute success.

That’s not a lot, but 1/10 of the total isn’t bad. Now to get a -10 from Heaven.

Heaven won’t give it for cheap.

Fighting discount with discount.

It seems 50% is the max cap for cooldown reduction, so learning more spells would be the only way to keep the firepower going.

That’s one blast from Firestorm. Could be more if he could afford more secret arts.

Unfortunately, he don't have more spells beside spamming Innate Qi blast at it.

Fortunately, he has enough Qi to fight toe-to-toe with the cloud.

:magemage: He should be able to do it with more points into Protect or further spell power boost, but that cost more inspiration. A vicious cycle toward mastery, but enough about this. How is everyone else doing?

TravelLog is blazing through his cultivation within days on his second round, and now likely to stuck on this hurdle.

But we are well-prepared this time! :sparkles:

:eyepop: This is a lot more amazing than I thought!

Nea and Gilgamesh255 is fully attribute buffed by the near-expired Dead Meat. All three of them will be the next gen as soon as we are done with our 7-sworders and/or Body Cult.

Slaan is done maxing out her Mental State for her current realm. It didn’t take too long once I figured out how to bypass the slow period. Soon, she will be ready to officially make her debut as the Grim God Phemomena.

Our first awakened object! The fence that housed Feng Shui Snake returns.

It might have asthma.

People heard of our asthma fence and now we have more goons to manage. :witch: