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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 169: Day 196-201: Gen 1.5 Potential

New update with new features.

First is these decorative mantle. We will pick the tribulation cloud pattern for everyone to constantly reminded of their inevitable fate of not posting.

We can’t make mantle out of demon skin, so everyone will have to make do with 100% cotton.

Next is the Spirit Contract. We are now capable of turning unconscious demon into scroll that can buff the owner.

Since this is a whole new spell. It’s best to test this in a safe environment before we cast it at a wild one.

It’s not safe to interact with anything outside without proper safety practice.

Which is where you two comes in.

It’s a matter of time before you two succumb to your inevitable doom. The best thing we can do for your corpse besides fertilizer is to trap your soul in a scroll forever! :pseudo:

Better than being trapped in a grave when you think about it.

You both will speed run with Body Cultivation Law since it doesn’t have any mid-tribulation, stat requirement, or living with mortal. Just one final storm at the end.

And spam molding random parts with raw Stamina to reach as high as you can before your time is up.

Molding a LV 1 part gives about 10 exp plus other modifier regardless of the quantity or quality of the mutation, so there’s no need to breath for anything in their case.

Queue them up and I will check with you periodically.

Edit: It’s better to focus on one part since the body part’s level multiply the exp it gets. It takes longer to mold that part, but it earns way more than spreading it out.

Our cloaks are ready! :nyan:

Naturally, only Inner gets the privilege of wearing these. Who would wear a coat to farm?

We got the best gardener anyhow.

Best guard for our Wheat ‘graveyard’ too.

As such, Outer should use umbrella. It is made for them.

Oh? A gigantic boar has showed up?

A demon? Good timing.

It’s pretty weak, but the soul trapping spell doesn’t cost anything to cast.

Have a nice three-days sleep while we prepare for your inauguration into a scroll.

Our Misc specialist is studying the Seal Contract spell as we speak.

Lynneth was the one who knocked it out cold by only half its health remaining. Normally, it would take a lot more damage to take it down. How did she do it?


Mcclay can’t help but stares at the vicious injury while she end its misery. :kiddo:

Our contract sacrifice has a strong primal urge to reinforce the defense of their shin.

This boar also gives 0.3 Con.

Not the most comfortable mount, but it’s wide and have lots of space. :bandwagon:

Alright, our 6-days-left is progressing smoothly!

Onto the bad news.

The secret art that gives 10 sub-spirit doesn’t stack. So the cultivation loop is pointless?

Well then, he will squeeze one last buff to an item and we forget all of these math bs I spent hour fumbling.

:hmmyes: ...maybe it IS possible to squeeze 30 sub-spirit out of this. Alright, let’s go for it.

:argh: Oh come on! We can’t spam this!? Did this law get nerfed?

The 1 spirit we gained only fills the previous cap instead of counting as a new one! :bang:

Forget it. We are done with this sub-spirit BS. 10 sub spirit doesn’t help anyone, so no one need to bother with it.

I probably shouldn’t reborn you with all your clothes off in the absolute zero fridge.

Join Nea to become the Qi Lord! cannibalism blah blah

Since you are wearing a bunch of Qi Shield item, we might turn you into the best tank/artifact or spell master.

The irony of only arthritis law has Qi Shield efficiency boost art.:irony:

Unlike Mcclay, you will go all the way. Experiencing the worst natural bone pain imaginable. Should be a free ride when dealing with those small Qi cloud.

I look away for two minutes and you already become an Inner ready for sub-breakthrough. :intv:

Is that +20% more than normal?

Your new body isn’t as tough as before. Especially in arthritis form. :corsair:

Did your sub-spirit ghost in your clothes trying to possess you?

In any case, you should chill in the asylum for a while to sort out who is the dominant soul.

On the other end, our skill dump Seven Sword legacy recipe guy is having a good time.

Coffee and Lynneth also went through Attainment discount twice to shave off some EXP cost.

Sect Leader Blaze Dragon is also undergoing this powerful tribulation as a spellcaster. How well does he fare compare to our Seven Sworders?

What if I tell you there is a wizard that can recharge half his mana instantly every 4.5 minutes? It’s possible to loop heal with this unique spell for a long time through proper setup. :eonwe:

“Is sitting next to these fire a bad idea?”

Not at all. One Firestorm spell does 25k dmg for 3k Qi! :flame: