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Part 17: Day 16: Trade and Relation

You have a lots of Lingzhi here.
Yes, we have a great harvest this year with these precious mushroom that can extend one’s lifespan by three years (diminishing effect on subsequent usages). But we mostly use it as ingredient for pill. An easy path for strengthening one’s foundation as well.
Thank you, but we are growing these already and most of our outers are halfway done with their foundation anyway.

We could use some internal medicine.
My apology, these medication are quite rare to produce, so we would prefer to sell it to others well-established partners. Same for everything marked in red.

This metal have a nice glint.
That they do. A metal that surpasses iron in strength and beauty. It is dense and heavy enough to endures dragon flame for awhile.

Ah, our showcase item. One of the few elixir covets by many cultivators. Alas, we only put it up to showcase our sect’s capability and for someone deserving of such prized item.

Is this treasure for sale?
Certainly not, but we do lend it to our friend for time of great needs. Surely you understands that no sect would willingly sell their precious treasure.
Most certainly. The moment this newly-hatched chick of yours truly has step forth into the world of cultivation, an instinctive sense beckons me to seeks pleasure treasure.
That innate desires of yours is correct. We cultivators can sense the dangerous attention of the world itself. It poses a great danger in our path towards the Greater Dao. Treasure is the clothing for self-preservation and necessary tools for further cultivation.
This is very enlightening. Do you have any advise for refining a treasure?
Go for your object of most desire
I see. Brown Rock Floor it is.

Are these cultivation laws!?
Ah, of course, but they are only minor scriptures that guides one into certain cultivation level beneath the final stage of immortality.

There is a hibernating demon beast in our area, can we ask for help from your sect.
My apology. Although I can see you are a respectable individual, it’s our policy to only lead our help to those we have established a strong bond. Other friends of ours might need our help at any moment as well.

We may offer a discount and grant you entrance to our sect when you have proven your trustworthiness.
How many Spirit Wood would that takes?
Hoho, when it is enough to fill the sea. As a reminder, we only see values in things that we need.

For example, this Spirit Wood Plank of yours has been processed from raw wood into plank, so it has lost its value to us.

Varied density of Spirit Stone/Crystal, however, are considers common currency. The lowest rarity item like these can instantly refills a cultivator’s internal Qi by 500 units.

Do you have any needs for these items?
No. We might be interested if you can turn those hides into high quality products. Rare herbs would certainly have its worth, but better as elixir.

… If I may ask, why is there a terribly-smelling pear soup?
Oh, uhh, that was my dinner last night. Please disregard.

Radio Free Kobold knew it would be bad to come home empty handed, so he decided to fly further up to get some herbs as souvenir.

Well then, our junks are off the list. It’s about time we make some new clothes anyhow.

Happerry, Kidz, Cyflan, Anonymousidiot, and Blaze Dragon will be the sect’s crafter.

Not to confuse with our culinary artisan: Happery, Arcanuse, and Kaja. Only they are allowed to touch the stove. Slaan is still banned for the creation of the Cursed Pear Soup that partially responsible for Cyflan’s death. She strongly disagrees with the accusation.

We would rather risk consuming the Sad Pear Soup that Happerry puts his love into making.

Speaking of pear, we are out of those and need to use *a little* beef to make some meal. At least the next batch of raw supplies will be able to sits on a clean Brown Rock Floor.

Our wheat are only halfway grown.

We might need more fertilizers.

In the meantime, we will have to forages everything we can find nearby.

Our Crafter of Bèn (Group name subjects to change) made a prototype design for a simple cloth for our sect. They claim this is worthy of being a 'treasure’, but the poor working condition has ruined it.

The dusty dirt from a strong wind and muddy ground is the only reason they can only produce mediocre products.

They all agrees that it is time to move all these crafting station into a workshop.

There is a saying that man symbolizes the Yang of Fire as their wife is to Ying of Cursed Water Soup.

See? This is why you don’t hurt rabbits.

A stone box? It might contain treasure! Hats immediately fly there to snatch it before someone else gets it!