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Part 170: Day 202-206: Anniversary Cosmetic

Nea is done with her mortal life breakthrough.

Everyone agrees she lives up to her new title… and beyond.

Which mean we need to put serious consideration to what mantle worthy of her shoulder. Cosmetic is serious business… how much does it worth?



Yes, you who work in that small room! We need a model for the mantle!

Good, good. Keep facing the other way. We don’t need to see your face.

That concludes your obligation to our Senior. Now go back t-

:snoo: Do you want to keep that mantle?

Of course you do.

Unless you want to join your peer who coincidently died from *cough* ‘overworking’ *cough*.

We may have skipped the required Feng Shui inspection after a minor workshop renovation…

But we will go with his fault for creating a Feng Shui item that go against the one in the room. A clear infringement of our workshop practice guideline.

*Incoherent ghost scream that cannot be use as evident against his employer*

A certain worker of ours has taken the news quite well.

You uhm… picked a really deadly time to sleep.

Alright, Feng Shui fixed. We got the right spirit bow at the right place this time. Surely this new batch of mantle aren’t cursed.

Aha! We are quite blessed indeed!

Holy Shit! So many good news (that I omitted) keeps rolling in!

This whole chain of coincidental events can only be interpreted as Pharnakes’ death must have greatly pleased our ancestors.

As such, we will grant you the downgraded honor of fertilizing pear tree.

More good news from our catastrophic mess of sub-spirits gimmick.

He is bugged to have level 16 Artifact Crafting whenever he is promoted. This makes him the best cultivation-speed-boosted crafter to dip into any law to craft their unique legacy weapon.

Too bad there’s none in his law and someone’s already working on mass producing the Seven Swords Law’s legacy artifact, so we won’t bother.

Unless we have another goddamn artifact user with some powerful legacy recipe.

Fortunately, the best weapon is our body. :madmax:

Speaking of body as the best weapon… good luck. :smugwizard:

This man doesn’t need luck. His raw intellect and muscle will shape his own destiny. :frogc00l:

As a wise and insightful man, he immediately works on strengthening his pelvis region.

Eat fire powder a hundred time! Mold a hundred time! I expect result next time!

To think all your Cultivation Speed boost is going toward your aging progress… :downsowned:

This took 2 seconds. :f5:

Hop back to prime in 10 seconds.

Nea took a lot longer in comparison, but she already got 200k Qi in Golden Core! :ssj:

Oh no… repeat break with 200k every time! :cry:

:hmmyes: We should have enough of these throat-size spirit crystal for you to swallow in bulk of ten.

It can’t be healthy for your body to swing up and down so fast.

At least he’s ready for Golden Core, but he missed the prime season by a few days… still better than running out of time for breakthrough like our contractor.

Too bad Refined U won’t reach Chaos Phase/Primordial Soul realm, but it is time to refine him into a scroll. :yaycat:

Alright, let’s begin.

I expect no resistance.

I don’t recall the Yaokai tribulation being this easy even with five in a row.

Welcome back as 100% furry.

Not bad for zero combat capability.

Since she is nearby, Nea will take care of it.

“Was our arrows useful?” “I dunno.”

Mostly intact for this specimen.

Now to hand this over to its murderer.:chef: