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Part 171: Day 207-209: Project Charming

Welcome, dear replacement for our recently deceased.

I will skip the formality of introducing you two in respect to your disposition. Tylana have 205 days, and RBA-Wintrow is a pickpocket turn Army Cook. That’s our new recur-

You changed your application one day after your post…

Exactly one day and four hours in game later, I have the mistake corrected.

Welcome, Win. Despite your erroneous assimilation into the Great House of Chun, fortune truly favors you aside for your left arm.

As the latest student by technicality, you will have to log for a while, but here’s the good news:

We have a goon on backlog waiting to take over a normal recruit.

To our misfortune, we failed to convince any OP disciple from another sect to stay with us thus far.

At least the invitation is quite lucrative and almost effortless. Build them a shitshack and they will leave with positive impression. :effortless:

These overpowered Inner with their heaven blessed ‘talent from birth’ would be great addition to our rank.

Holy shit yours cap is 31!? For all five of your skills!? We can’t even random gen such BS!

Which brings us back to your fortuitous timing and request. We need someone to charm that guy or someone of similar caliber.

Two powerful spells to convert someone. If this fail, then aldantefax will have to become a lowly mortal we find on the street.

More good news for Win. Yes, Win.

Nea is our latest Logger.

Since Nea is finding enlightenment by living as an Outer again, she will not ride the massive tiger to chop wood.

Did I say something last update about the impracticality of Outer wearing mantle for work? Well, you are an exception. Enjoy your special half-Inner privilege.

Dead Meat is done burning another 180 years of his lifespan to buff our latest Inner.

I am beginning to worry for squeezing him so hard. Maybe it’s time for him to join the gym.

He did manage to snatch this formation in one of his many invitations trip at other sect.

Our high security Chun Brand Tea Oven, however, is sapping my energy dry with how often it caught on fire. We have to keep one Outer inside just to put out the fire and coma with our guest.

*Sigh* Let’s hope we can steal some disciple with skill in Formation.

We will be out of bear gallbladder soon, but we can always buy more bears just to harvest that organ.

Hmm, Win is less compatible with the Emo law that I thought.

… I just realized after this sudden jolt from my masterminding-stupor that you meant to learn the Talisman law. Although you can proceed with Primordial Symbols Law, but you lose your ‘permanent’ stat boost on a new body, and I won’t re-raise any sub-spirit gimmick cultivator. :colbert:

Even though the cultivation speed boost is doing wonders for TravelLog’s Cauldron for his next year breakthrough.

OH NO! He can’t wait that long! How can he wait for the 100+ days!?

I haven’t roid him up yet, but 20k Qi won’t be enough to survive Yaokai Tribulation!:derp:

*half an hour of reading guide later* Oh, of course. He can camp outside to pause the countdown. :eng99:

Back to promoting Win.

Since RBA-Wintrow has reaffirmed in the forum that he wants to learn the charm law Primordial Symbols Law, he shall get a free Early Access* pass into the Inner circle.

*Early Access mean you are on hold for development as an Inner, but you get to enjoys all the nice perks of premium room, authority, and mid-priority on rare resources. Give it a year or two for full release of our attentions and guidance to you.

Back to finding a charmer. It doesn’t need to learn the Emo law, but its secret arts does provide a ton of Charisma.

Nonetheless, thanks to secret art sharing feature from the manual pavilion, it completely destroy the codependent design of the dev for each law.

So we will make do and learn these charm spell with what we have.

The first charm spell actually requires you to be as close to the target realm and charisma to succeed, which isn’t viable outside of specific unconscious target.

Second charm spell is simply overpowering other through your raw charisma and heavenly air of nerdy insight emitting from your awesome body of high cultivation realm. This also requires the target to be unconscious, but also risk killing them. That’s why we need the best of the best to succeed in one shot.

May I present Rastilin, the man of great paramount with Agreeable, Handsome, Hardworking trait, and a fabulous mustache to allure great talents into our House of Chun! We shall groom him into the best Hats in the world!

Dead Meat, I know you are almost a dry husk from burning so much lifespan, but we need you to burn another 240 years if possible. All four stat raising spell are incredibly costly for others to learn.

Let’s see… 99 + 490 + 180 + 200… you already burned almost a thousand years. We don't have Harmony Pill at the moment, so the alternative would be...

More herbs! We need you to brute force raise your lifespan with every little bits of herb you can swallow. Eat the plant, become the plant, and live as long as the plant! :lolplant:

Alright, we have enough for three buff with 180 years.

Make sure you never, ever, drop this! Not until you get a new body or somehow breakthrough with your grade 9 core. :corsair:

Edit: Or learn life extending secret arts. I completely forgot about those.

Onto the good news for my management nightmare. These two Inner has reached their final cultivation realm, and ready to fulfill their destiny for the good of this House of Chun.

Firstly, our second boar mount is ready for service.

Primordial realm is a bit tougher to handle… who’s nearby?

You will be gored.

Ooh, I almost missed you.

Submit or face the deadly rings of artifacts! :hist101:

I heard boar ribs is good. He won’t miss it.

What!? We need demi-god to tame Primordial Soul!?

Reloading back to Golden Core.

Welcome back.

SUBMIT OR DIE! :hist101:

Oops. Lynneth hit too hard, but there’s still time to tame it into a scroll.

Hopefully it will regenerate the part that is needed for riding.

Boars have it rough huh? Let’s see if Golden Core will cause it to have the same size as the tiger.

Yup. Cultivation realm = size. Too bad we don’t have a demi-god to tame primordial beast.

The Great Evil King is also on the chopping board list.

By the time he is done producing 10+ Seven Swords’ legacy artifact, we should have a demi-god to tame this Primordial Spirt. Then I will have less characters to manage.

A Wild Drug Appears! :11tea: