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Part 172: Day 210-216: Junk and Not-Junk

Welcome to the drug room. You might be junk, but we believe in you. Grow some vitamin and prove to the world that you are nutritious!

So you are the kind of herbal mix that needs to hang dry from the ceiling huh?

Let’s save so I can find out what kind of drug you are.

How do you feel, Blaze Dragon?

What if… it’s a pill that makes the world bigger? :monocle:

Back to the smaller timeline. We will have Blaze Dragon increase your grade and leave you be for now.

We raised powerful cultivator, and now we will forge powerful weapon for them.

This is extremely ‘cheap’ to produce. Partly due to its special effect of ‘become stronger the longer it fought in battle. Then reset after battle.’ Great for long battle such as sect raid and soloing waves of demon.

Less than two years in and we already mass producing low-budget endgame artifact. We do have a high budget one...

Unlike our budget legacy, this needs like 999 jade essence to made and requires the hardest method to awaken it.

The full cycle will complete when Nea reach Primordial Soul and learn the spell that SKIP the awakening method.

Oho! The Bear Galbladder has come to us!

Too bad demon bear doesn’t drop gallbladder. :sigh:

Coffee and Lynneth lasers them to death in six seconds. :shopkeeper:

They won’t become mount. Our Inner’s bottom deserves better. Goon should sits on goon. :glomp:

Alright, time to finish up Evil Kit with his tribulation.

Forgo those silly techniques of the ancestors! Stack muscles and win through sheer force! :black101:

Stack inner rage to multiply that huge number!

One arm. One man. One panda. One punch.

He feels ready to go toe-on-toe with Seven Swords master.

It’s time for cute panda to become human! How does Evil Kit look?

I did not expect him to still retains his panda adorableness. :nyoron:

We will save your demi-god breakthrough later. There’s no point to go for it as a Body Cultivator.

Oh? A bear dares to challenge our panda?

That’s not very gender equality of you.

Our rabbit gymnast came home from the same direction.

Mr. Prokosch was going to walk away since this is clearly - part of the Cyflan Trial sent by heaven, but the demon just has to be provoke him.

Mr. Prokosch is not pleased.

Mr. Prokosch is pleased.

We will just leave the bear there to awe the masses. :worship:

Our third body cultivator is also doing well. Soon, we will be able to organize Daylight Robbery.

After more than a season of soaking in faith, our god finally opens her eyes.

On one hand, I would prefer her to have less zeros, on the other hand, she will be blasting our foes with these zeros.

Her city is doing well.

A bit of a problem with overpopulation, but that can be fixed later with their tax payment.

She can straight up BUY effects of Legacy Artifact and stacks it all into this shit. Sacred Relic is extremely powerful and can be loan to everyone else to deal with their problem.

Win is ready to draw her first charm! Despite being in Early Access, this LP game is incredibly efficient and update often! The LPer is way too devoted to this whole mess to let the early supporter off hanging in the wind. :downsrim:

Early Access mantle for early poster!

Straightly speaking, she is the Grand Elder in a fourth wall breaking sense. No one else qualify for such beta benefit!

Our one and final blacksmith is working hard on making powerful weapon that doesn’t need artistic skill or chance dependent to make.

Why bother going all out for inferior products like these?

Get up and resume our artifact production! You think you can rest until your Qi is full again? Not in this house! Just look how dedicated our newest crafter is doing!

Win will draws crafting-boost graffiti on her core. She wants to be our professional talisman craftsman, which I can appreciates.

After all, I am quite fatigue from serving tea to 20+ guests thus far. :morning:

How many hours had I spent on this cursed teahouse?

Perhaps she can save me a lot of time when we don’t need to serve tea or rob for talisman anymore.

That isn’t to say we would stop our illegal outdoor activity. It’s safer to have a fourth member before we do so.

Fourth is an onmious number in Chinese because it sounded like ‘Dead’. So it’s time for this chicken to join the goon squad.

I really should do something about people bursting their clothes off in the -84 C fridge.

We don’t need to bother with improving these bird arm and legs. Just stack muscle on them later.

This is what matters for our chicken.

Get some lifespan while you are eating those gallbladder in the fridge.

Learn your ancestral art of chicken!

Chicken have really good tech to compensate for their horrible stats.

Unlike this rabbit. You would be great if dodge isn’t capped at 95%. Let’s hope those eternal night techniques can do something about it.


I did nothing.

Its existence proves my prior point. :colbert:

Sla an unlocked more slots for her kingdom admin/mid-boss thing. They will provide various buff to her whenever I figure out how these work.