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Part 173: Day 217-225: Spring of Love

Our master of allure will be our last Inner for the second generation.

They get to upsurge with lavish means with no concern for our treasury.

When did we become so damn rich? Outer Exploitation.

Too bad it’s still pretty luck dependent to get these for Coffee and Lynneth.

So to improves our luck…

I have Win cultivates her Inner cauldron to reach a good number for good fortune in western culture. Number 8 would be the eastern equivalent.

It seems seven is not a good number.

The exact same cursed rabbit that joined us recently! What a traitor! We will get your foot for luck!

Is it a black cat crossing our road? Under a ladder? Punching a mirror?

I don’t think white cat was conversely considered a symbol of luck, but I will take it. Back to Win-ning.

First two Mental boost are sacrificed for a quick Max Qi boost with bad drug. Since we can’t stack talisman effect anymore, we will save the Craft Quality boost for last.

YOU KIDDING ME!? All these time I hold that bad drug in stock and too hesitated to use it on anyone, and now you want to buy it for more than double its price!?

Win ate two. That’s 3.5k down her throat.

Wait a minute, this is good fortune to me since another sect is selling them for cheap! :monocle:

Profit. Keep the changes.

What have luck brought us? Romance? WAIT!

There’s no better time for our Love Guru to be promoted!


The hidden theme of this law is the knife to the heart. :sever: :ssh:

Our guru certainly needs a large bed for his ‘cultivation’. :lovewcc:

Right on time for spring! The Season of Love!

Oh shit! His peak Golden Core time is in a few days! EAT! :f5:

You sure aren’t wasting time. Already giving love advice to our Outer.

This will be a lovely year.

Love Guru level up! :kiss:

On the FIRST breakthrough? Aren’t you a little too eager?

To the place where Admin Hats is lazing.

Nea is done with her breakthrough by being an Outer. It’s certainly worth the long wait to hit half a million Qi at Primordial Spirit.

Finally, after so much preparation and time investment from or various cultivators, it’s time to create the most powerful artifact known to the world!

Except our god’s divine relic of course. That is on a whole three level beyond what is possible.

This isn’t even halfway upgraded.

Back to more conventional end-game weaponry. These will be enough for everyone until we can unlock more slots.

Sure. Just barge right into the buildings. The Outers can repairs the wall… and the roof.

First squadron of Magic Mongolian reporting for wall breaking.

Yup, totally went through seven Ascension Tribulation - The one that demi-god do to become god. We will save the most expensive one for One-only artifact specialist.

Onto the Seven Swords’ legacy.

So much bloodless death! :ghost:

Alright, we will begin with Lynneth since she has a giant boar to join in the trampling fun.

No one else can use this artifact because it would be too OP to share it like Sla an’s Dung.

How heart-rending it must be for all artifact crafter out there to be incapable of producing something of this caliber. Especially those who devote their whole life into a crafting law. :smuggo:

In comparison, these junks are what Lynneth and Coffee was using.

It’s so powerful that it cut her!

I realize it’s not a good idea to have all treasures with the same element in your arsenal, so Coffee and Lynneth will claim three each. They will certainly drop those when fighting the Flood Dragon. :krakken:

We will find the rest from elsewhere. Anything below 100 Artifact Power is consider trash.

That concludes the usefulness of our legacy crafter. Please stay out of tribulation until we have a demi-god to turn you into a mount.

Oh? You would steal Soulbound artifact? It does worth a lot as collector item…

Impressive. All three of your lasted more than half a second!

1.5 Million Qi in reserve with each 0.5 sec strikes dealing 65k damage. :hai:

Oops, I forgot to turn on these artifact boosters.

That’s better. The number seems to rival our Body Cultivators. :haibrow:

Time to spar.

At the peak of our powerful pyramid.

Charging straight into shotgun blast? Going straight for the artifact user are usually the best tactic, but can you survi-

Ohh… uh.. one punch. That tree is gone too. :sushiyes:

Sect Map (Pyramid Under Renovation)

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