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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 175: Day 233-244: Top 3 Qi Ranker

Took you two days, but a day faster compare to your prior mingling.

Cultivating exp manually, however, takes about a day thanks to all those Cultivation Speed Boost talisman and room designed for TravelLog.

Right on time for Wood spring bonus on your Golden Core!

Hurry! Learn all our accumulated Max Qi secret arts from your senior at a discount rate and in a discount Feng Shui environment!

Meanwhile, your senior Mcclay will summon some butt-air from heaven to empower your core polishing! :toxx:

Think about the reason for social distancing! It's the BAD air you are breathing! Enlighten with your nose! Charisma is nothing if half your face is covered! But true beauty come from your voice healthy lung! :crnasickos:

Like your gen 2 senior, you also benefited a bit more than their average amount of pre-core Qi.

Not as high as your school sister with BAD drug. She sacrificed a core-drawing bonus to keep her mind clear.

Senior Nea understood my deep wisdom of anti-social and gained 100k inspiration! :qq:

TravelLog also comprehended my unfathomable insight and wrote a book that increase shield defense.

We will trash this since surgical mask is clearly better than crape mask. :colbert:

Another rabbit demon? I sure had offended some rabbit overlord.

But that won’t change my opinion of their physical capability. :hmmno:

At least they are great at dodging (Eternal weather), and social distancing. :hmmyes:

Thankfully, your poor physique can be overcome with Body Cultivation! Let's go for the tribulation while you are at it! :black101:

Others have it easy with one punch instead of two.

Time to go home after finishing this not-easy cultivation thing.

The folks at home would be pleased to see the handsome and electrifying face of Mr. Prokosch.

Chicken, on the other hand, are ancient dinosaur ready to tore through the storm and shred TravelLog’s defense book into pieces. Half of these have strong Qi-Penetration, which is awesome against those damn Daoist and their millions of Qi.

Our prince charming have 30k less score than Coffee? Oh well, formation battery you go.

You can also be the best party guy at the entertainment branch.

Poorly planned party that’s oddly entertaining.

He’s hot. :downsrim:

Blaze Dragon handles the cultivation branch.

TravelLog is too much for him. Who would start over their cultivation multiple time!? :f5:

But it’s worth it just forhow much he can refine his pot in one season. We will check back on him next winter.

Next is Tailsman Master Win’s turn to polish her core.

100k less score than Rastlin. No bonus from season is a terrible penalty. :doh:

Too old school for modern law.

Oh? Are we all comparing core now? How much do you have, little bun?

Your slow growth is over. :qqsay: Whoever abandoned you will be on our hit list.

What about you, Nea?

Not bad, not bad. You are half a Flower Bun yourself.

Our God doesn’t have much at the moment, but she does have guard buildings that specifically provides Max Qi.

Although she managed to quell the revolution, she can’t increase mental state in Wise stage without 8 INT. But it’s possible to overcome this through increase in Mental Min value.

Until then it will take a while to get more people for employment.

Closing some unneeded buildings to free up some workers is one way to squeeze in another guard temple or two for combat.

Another one? I would send it to Sla an’s soul capital if I could.

But the city is under revolution renovation.

Three more guards and three unique buildings.

There’s no down side to losing recovery rate for pure tank. :sss:

She will need to plant a couple of these trees to prevent her ascension to godhood by accident.

Then there is this guard building that unlocks a super speed belief-to-cultivation skill. It's one of the rare few buildings that provides Max Qi. How much does it gives?

:eyepop: This will be an intense race with Nea for Max Qi supremacy.

:shittypop: This concludes the Top 3 Max Qi ranking in the House of Chun.