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Part 176: Day 245-250: New Chun Structure

Inspired by the great showing of prowess of our Chun Masters. It’s time for us to restructure our level of prestige. :thesperg:

At the very bottom of the hierarchy is the Menial Disciple. They temper their body with hard labor and refine their artistic mind in sweatshop. All proceed goes to the House of Chun.

They all bundle into this explicitly designed room for building camaraderie and gender equality among strangers.

Outer Disciple are those who’s been here long enough with good amount of contribution or highly talented. They get to work under a roof and serve Inner Disciple such as repairing a wall that a tiger tail slams through.

Outer earns a nicer housing shared with familiar peers. Minor decoration is allowed. After our elder determine one of you is ready for certain reason, they will promote you to the next level.

Inner Disciple. The meat and bone of our sect. They risk their life to protect and benefits everyone in exchange for full access to rare resources.

They get their own personal room with good lighting. Nothing much are needed since they will spent majority of their time in cultivation room or game room.

They totally have a good reason to seek and pursue entertainment. Aside from replenishing their state of mind, sometime they find inspirations to take another small step in their pursuit of immortality.

At the very top, everyone with millions of Qi are the elders, ancestor, core disciple, and demi-god. The cream of the crop firepower reserves for dealing with mountain size demon and monster. In gacha’s term, they are SSSSSR rarity.

They mostly live in our cultivation basement or magical caves somewhere to push for the final step towards immortality. Don’t bother them if the sect isn’t getting wiped. Every moment they get to cultivates will make them stronger.

Thanks to our massive wealth accumulated by our hardworking Outers, we can now afford for swift renovation for completely useless decorative transformation to stroke our egoistic pride. :killdozer:

Starting from the very bottom at the entrance is our Trial Gate of Cyflan – Here, your body will be tested against the vilest heartbreaking curse that even Golden Core would have a diarrhea for eating a pear in here.

You can also pass this trait through eating a whole pear from this tree… if you survive from the endless diarrhea.

After getting approval to pass the trial gate, the applicate will have to face the Stares of Giant Statues – A place to test your mental resilience against spooky judgement. The only light source in this room is in the statues’ eyes.

Followed by our Ruins of Season One – A grave reminder of the origin of sect wipe and formation explosion.

If you succeed in stepping through all these rooms, then you earn yourself a break to chew on fresh bloody lotus and read our sect rules: Mostly about respecting your senior and ancestor.

Breath in these herbal fragrances to restore your mind and spirit before treading towards…

Our brazen displays of our great fortune under the heaven. The thought of our sect lacking prosperity will never occur to our visitor.

Sitting on top of our wealth are our core disciple luxurious cultivation room that align with the ley line of the land for maximum Qi showering.

Finally, at the very gold-plated top is our classy Executive Meeting Room where our elders and ancient basement Demi-Gods discuss the future of the House of Chun at the Chun-Table. In front of their seats is the planning board and Feng Shui Ornery analysis of the current tread in the cultivation world.

Great Elder Flower Bun owns 30% shares of this house. Keeping our stock value stable and difficult to manipulate by others.

Our sect is so amazing that a few desperate individuals who wishes to skip the trial gate have offered to become Sunflower donor, which we happen to need for our gender equality party formation.

Ahh, good vitality you got there. Very suitable for rushing with Heaven Stealing 194% Bear law and then side dip into that Sunflower Skill.

Law Matching bonus is huge.

Enough with weakling joining us, we will test our charm spell on these greedy elderly fools. It shouldn’t be hard to sway them with our esteem prestige.

*sigh* I shouldn’t had asked Body Cultivator to knock them out.

Would they feel indebted to us for saving them?

That didn’t work. He became a mortal and trying to fled.

Love Guru, time to test your magic sweet tongue. ;-*

“According to this spell, you join us, or you die.”

Welcome… actually, we will redo this.

This time, we will go with this pill. It will preserve ALL the cheat exp you dump into everything.



Welcome again. Let’s promote you immediately to see how much exp you retain and if you preserve your cheat skill cap.

Nooo! Flower Bun! He is not an enemy! To avoid calling you a bad boy, we will reload.

Not dead this time, but very close. We will feed the rebirth pill to see if it preserves his exp.

This time, Flower Bun is sent to the shame corner.

Alright, 147% to Bear Law.

Welp, that’s bull.

The cap was 27 before. This is a load of crap! RELOAD!

This time we will convert him as an Inner!

Nice. Not sure what this loyalty is, but it’s dropping, so I should work on healing him.

Nice! He kept the stat! Too bad rebirth would ruin it, so it doesn’t help much unless…

He supposed to do eat this as an Inner ally? Will it convert all spent exp to the pool?

The loyalty stat is rapidly dropping.

Rush for Bear Law!

Alright, this experiment tells us to not recruit anyone with un-maxed skills.

Time to get serious on actual guest that I window shopped over from other sect.

Starting with the normal method.

No one is better than this.

The odds are too low to convert a Primordial Spirit to our side.

Keeping her alive won’t be easy.

*Heroic pose to charm maiden*

This one straight up fled and left after converting her… :derp: