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Part 177: Day 251-255: New Talents

It’s quite smart of her to avoid death from the spell by joining us, and then fled when her loyalty reached zero. Lesson learn. :eng101:

Clearly our sect is not pretty enough! It's too saturated with purple! It needs more ting and tang to the overall deviltry! :pseudo:

As if heaven had heard of our plight, they grant us new designs.

Bloody red aesthetic. We will slowly impartment them to harmoniously attune with the current appeal of our sect.

Pretty much all of them are lighting, so we also need to takes the level of illumination into consideration within our grand dark design.

I have lost track of who need to be raised while decorating our home, but it seems everyone except TravelLog had already become Primordial Spirit or Chaos Phase. So, they are done unless someone wants to ascend into godhood.

Sla an isn’t stopping anytime soon, but she is pretty hands-off in cultivation management.

Therefore, it’s time to raise Gen 3.

Pure support talisman master Win will learn the four stat up spell to enhance the next generation of poor talent into decency.

In the meantime, we need to steal a cheat talent into our sect. Just to prove we can do it! :argh:

You are born and exist for this very purpose. Do not let us down.

Target down. Everyone’s eyes are now looking at you. Expecting your success. No Yes pressure.

Preparing the Flower-y fragrance for the occasion. Who won’t fall for our charm when they smell it. :nexus:

:spoonville: “PLEASE LIKE ME!”

Damn, it’s hard to steal Primordial Spirit.

So this is what happen when you fail.

Since we did pull it off on first try last time, we will reload and figure out this loyalty thing.

Since we are save scamming seeking the correct timeline against a cheat character, let’s experiment with the other charm spell.

Hot Tea treatment before appealing to her heart.

Yes! So the first spell is for greater different in cultivation and charisma while the second spell gain bonus for similarity.

3-days service tea treatment for our newest member of the sect! We WILL figure out how to raise your loyalty while you are having a sweet dream.


Well done, Flower Bun. Who can resist you? Who won’t stay in a sect with a giant dog? :shibe:

From today onward, your Dao name shall be aldantefax!

Your very, very long wait has come to fruition.

Although your law can’t bring you into demi-godhood, it buffs the hell out of your artifact combat stats.

Two eyesight range spells and one protection buff (+58%)! You are no doubt…

The strongest weakling in the sect!

Oh and you come with two treasure slots unlocked without any elixir or secret art.

You become GRADE 4 without any medicine!

:hmmyes: Your Qi should hit a million after we feed you all the best medicine that your old sect is too stingy to offer.

I notice everyone is still count as gen one since no one have taken a mentor. We will rectify this with some obligatory mentorship. The prestige of our House must not sullied.

Good, now Rastilin will be responsible for mentoring Gen 3.

Welcome, welcome.

New spells for Blaze Dragon and bunch of buff for artifact combatant.

New suspect for our revenge! It’s time t-

Woo hoo! Firework time! :woop:

Shock Tactic Robbery. :ese:

Lynneth with max 10 luck will open them.

Good yield for the sheer amount of dumplings.

These coin will grant us the best equipment not available anywhere else. We will stockpile them for later.

Thanks to Gen 1 for laying the foundation, and Gen 2 robbing people for resources: We can raise Gen 3 at a greater speed, and equally stronger than their senior.

Shei-Kun is most compatible with the Water law, which we lacked in said element. We can use another spellcaster/gardener.

Ugh, this is the one with tons of substages, but supposed to be easier to cultivate breakthrough wise.

Cyflan on the other… uh, hand, is great for Bear law.

Oh great, another long one that requires repeat breakthrough.

Let’s see how well she will compete with Coffee and Lynneth in the future. This law is in no way inferior to Seven Swords. Probably.

:hmmno: I am not sure who else is still active … only one way to find out :justpost: