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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 178: Day 256-268: Gen 3

Posting is power. It represents your wills to cultivate. For fame or glory, to each their own dream and path.

Today, we will manifest these visions into reality.

Six heroes shall rise as our Gen 3 disciple. It will take a bit to get all six of them ready, but we will start with two or three today.

Mostly due to severe lack of resource at the moment.

Resource that doesn’t need to be obtained passively in our teahouse anymore.

What a shame for our friendly neighbor sect to lost its leader. I’m sure the successor would appreciate our gift with reciprocal favors.

Sorry to be the inflictor of the bad news, but your 5 million Qi isn’t enough against our Seven Sworders with 1/10 of your amount.

We would had suffered some injury with less assailant though. Losing? We are long pass that.

This robbery is a lot slower than Body Cultivators, but it’s good that our Daoist are capable of robbing other sect’s elders of average strength now.

But not strong enough to handle peak strength cultivators yet. Three berk mode Evil Kit might not be enough to come out unscratched against such opponent. Losing? We are long pass that.

We might be able to raise our Gen 3 ahead of the assembly line schedule. :evilbuddy:

Step One: Herbal/Elixir refinement.

Step Two: Permanent buff by Win to win.

Step Three: something something pear soup

Step Four: Profi-wait, why is it this low? I checked her compatibility last time. :raise:

Welp, testing with a 30% stat boost item would skew the formula.

On the other hand, this might be the best way to preview Cyflan's Max Compatibility to the law when she gains the necessary stats in the future! :eng101:

To battle! Hops toward the great adversary on a gallant Curse Rabbit! :hist101:

Truly the most awfully correct way of riding a vertical steed.

Next is pseudo-cheat stats cat. How human remain the dominant race remain a mystery.

Ahh, of course. We have actual cheat human.

Back to not-cheat cat. She is born for Sunflower – another powerful artifact law with an unique single artifact gimmick.

But we are a little low on cheat-like instant foundation gall…

Problem solved. :homebrew: :crobear::crobear::crobear::crobear::crobear::crobear::crobear::crobear:

Is it humane if they are not fully sentient?

Our ancestor approves with the slaughter. How could we argue with gods?

It’s a cat eats bear world.

That will be all the promotion for today while I juggle with 18 Inners disciple with 90% attention. Don’t worry about the Outer, there will be a notification if they are hurt or dying.

Outer on the queue for promotion, however, gets the other 10%. To support our Sunflower Cat and other artifacts user, this top craftsman is willing to devote himself to make the best craftable thing they need.

:bananacoin: Legacy Artifact :bananacoin: Out of all the recipes we have discovered, this is hands down one of the best thing to craft for everyone.

5x damage until reset might seem slow, but so are attacking five times in a bouncing weapon battle. That also translate to 30x damage using all six artifact slots on first strike, but we won’t do that in order to preserve the element diversity of our combatant.

Most importantly for Shinarato, you get the honor of Sunflowering your donation into a powerful artifact before you ascend into godhood. It will be admired by everyone for generation to come… unless you don’t want to make that sacrifice?

While we cherry pick for the best set of berry to Sunflower, our Gen 3 are blazing through their cultivation without needing to go out for cultivation cave. They sure have it easy.

Woe be the second gen grinding their cultivation inside a wet cave, jungle, or desert for months. Those metal law cultivators sure have it rough in the desert.

Regrettably, there’s still a need for mandatory visit to experience the emptiness of human’s street, and the local custom of talking 6 feet apart from each other.

There’s a good reason why our Lockdown Shrine in the City of ABUNDANCE is the most popular and faithful among our sphere of influence! Mostly due to people being alive.

Our God had long mastered the art of keeping mysterious stranger away through the powerful Earth Element Poo Poo Formation stacks on top of intimidatingly long title.

Final breakthrough achieved. How do I know this is the last?

Literally one step away from full godhood.

At such peak of power, it should be easier for her to persuade others less-mysterious-stranger to become her Core Follower.

Another peasant revolt from overpopulation? Let’s see how much stronger their grudge will empowers the cloud.

Time to temporary close down social and recreation center! Then declare martial law and activates all military building! :siren:

A bit stronger than the previous shitstorm. Even mysterious stranger need to clean his clothes. How ill-fortunate for him to somehow ran straight into the tribulation path as if it was purposefully activated at that spot. :nexus:

You can tell Grim All Phenomena Dung have multiple layers of blessing stacks into vomitus color shit.

Our cheat human also ready for a substage breakthrough.

Time to comprehend the confounding enigma of going from ten dogs to three. :woof:

Oh dear, that’s a lot of Qi just to think about dogs.

Fortunately for her, we are at the golden age where we are rich enough to eat demon soul for Qi replenishment. :wotwot:

Her practically empty stats with 50% compatibility to her law does cause some delay, but solvable with money and time.

Back to the suppression preservation of Peace and Poop. It’s nice to have a tribulation that I don’t need to worry about.

Hello, dear guest. Would you like to join the anti-revolution?

I heard you are anti-shit. Perhaps we can come into an anti-understanding?

We gained a core follower of feces! :yaycat:

Lady Long Wan can be assigned to a military building to provide extra bonus after Sla an fulfill five of her wishes and make her believes 100% in shit.