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Part 179: Day 269-273: Lacking Capability

There is an upsurge in our pontifical elders demanding to test out our sect's military prowess… against another sect.

They portentously proclaim it is for the honor and vengeance of our ancestor. That the culprit must pay for their crime.

The culprit that we will surely find out after beating the shit out of everyone.

To be fair, all of you are pretty sus. Except Daemonia Temple - they went into hiding for a long time until recently and everyone are eyewitness to that. We will retain our friendly relation with these furry body cultivators that’s practically impossible to kill without the instant butcher skill of an Outer.

Now is the time to bully others to asset dominance to makes our lives easier. It’s time to join to Big Boys & Girls Leagues.

Gen 3 have to stay home. Ancestor mother and father will be home soon. It won’t take long. See you tonight at dinner and we can be watching a movie together. They will retire in three days so we will have more time together as a family. :redflag:

Our Season 2 veteran have been getting lots of practice on shaking down the weak with numbers and strength.

Say hi to our intimidatingly chubby bodyguard. If Flower ‘Extra Filling’ Bun ask you to consume laxative, you ask for a glass of water to make it flows better. :cheersdoge:

What we crucially lack at the moment, however, is a formation to raid the enemy. How can we show up at the enemy doorstep without a pompous formation to display our superiority? What are we, barbarian?

Moreover, we have a lot more Female Daoist than male (one Male not shown due to adventure), but our formation needs 5:1 M to F. This is an unprecedented issue of gender inequality ever since the founding of our sect!

Most of our Male joined the Gym btw. We don’t have a Female gymnast either holy shit!

We might have to wait for Gen 3 before showing up to other sect and declares we are very gender-neutral evil sect that wants to dominate everyone. Please submit to us or die.

But, it wouldn’t be an issue if we send only ONE god to solo them. I would be much more comfortable with a second Male god, preferably the mysterious stranger kind.

She will go for Blue Lotus Temple. How sus of you to have so many rare things that we want. Did you stole it from our old sect? And why isn’t your sect on fire with so many Crimson Fruit?

Wait, Crimson Fruit… on fire…

I shall entrust nine miniature sun in your hands/paws/claws.

Gah… the concept of heat doesn’t apply in these powerful sect. Do you know how many hours I spent to cautiously brew tea for our guest? :argh:

We are not going home without something! This is opening robbing in front of you all in frustration!

Come! Show your strength to our body cultivators!

On second thought, we should had brought Sla an over.

All three Body Cultivator didn’t last more than 5 seconds. :rip:

If only we can get Tribulation essence to power Dead Meat’s beak… maybe by eating Heaven’s Breath, but he can't handle grade 12 item. :baduk:

We are still 'friends' with them, but they banned us from visiting for half a year.

Welp, back to the proper timeline where no rabbit dies from my hubris and incapability to dodge. :hmmno:

In the maybe-proper timeline, Slaan decides to do this the god damnation way.

Paying respect to their sect’s ancestor before asserting dominance.

Good god, these cheaters are shameless.

:prepop: If there’s anything that can kill a god, this might be it.

Lost in two seconds. We might be missing something crucial for her combat capability, and a lot of supportive demi-gods…

We can only cut down their forces through diplomacy on their demi-gods and use them to strengthen the divine military. :arnie:

It’s true. The trill of Dragon Feces does gets old when you already own, and played it for several decades centuries.

We also need to raise an actual full god to watch over us as an ancestor. Shinarato is willing to make a huge sacrifice as a crafter with Sunflower Law. He will leave us great artifacts that can strike gross-fear too all foe.

But not now. He will do it when he became demi-god. That’s where the best quality can be produced like getting parts from a boss monster.

Shei-kun have a 16 steps plan to enlightenment herself into godhood. It’s mostly consist of drowning people, get drunk, and slaps people with fish.

Very well. We will have Shinarato weaponize a fish for you before he leaves.

This one seems to have gooped 10 cats. Truly a fearsome beast of the bloody land.

Everyone else will work on becoming demi-god.

Cyflan is working hard to trace back to her origin for curse potential from the Primordial Time of Heart Perspiration.

Everyone selfishly avoided this, but Cyflan knows better. She is more than willing to give up her left arm if it means becoming extremely powerful.

We do have a magic surgeon to handle both of those injuries. Supposively.

Surgeon Win brings you success!

Surgeon Win failed to bring success! May you sleep well every night!

Please don’t be shocked into a heart attack when we summon a humongous dragon to trade for something useful to get us going. :love:

Look at this awe-inspiring friendliness.

We elected the rabbit to converse with it. Rabbit are good at dodging, right? :fishmech:

We could use some of those otherworldly energy that pacify mythical dragon into coin-collector. :capitalism:

How about 10 coins for a sect wipe? No? :hmmorks:

Two of our coin can only be trade for resources that we don’t need anymore. Number 8 is a lucky number for generating wealth. Most commonly use during Chinese New Year! :eng101:

We can only afford one set clothing, so we will go with mental boost.

We will go for skirt instead since we have so many Females Daoist at the moment.

Apologize for guiding your kin towards the Path of Feces? How dare you Outers make such unreasonable demands!

You two are testing my patient with your futile vandalism!

Flower Bun, escort our guest. :aslol: