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Part 18: Day 17: Stone Box

At this very moment of sect master Hats' homecoming flight…

A crane is flying over our sect! This is a creature that represents the symbol of happiness, longevity, and good fortune. Moreover, a crane is venerated as the prince of all feathered creatures and many believes to carry spirit of the dead to heaven.

Could this be an allegory from heaven? That sect master Hats is a… fabulous bird whom is bringing back a stone box of dead people?

Good, we need more fertilizer, and this is clearly a sign that we should plant another acre of land.

Radio Free Kobold is able sense a powerful spirit root that can grow into something amazingly useful for cultivators.

Without much effort for the luckiest person alive, he found it just like that.

However, everyone would notice the great release of Qi when he harvest it. So it might be best to setup an array formation to hide it before others find its location.

Ah, who cares.

He just need to have a timely return as soon as it’s ready for harvest again.

*Gasp* Cancel the farm plot! It all makes sense now! The heaven wants us to plant the Spirit Root!

A male wolf is attacking our brown rock wall next to our plot of Lingzhi Mushroom! Does it mean we should plant the root there?

“Wolf, wolf, plant here! Plant here!” Must be what this fella is trying to tell us.

Should it be killed? Tame? Or something like feed its meat to Feng Shui Snake? There isn’t any female wolf for breeding and we are too low on meat to tame it. What would sect master Hats do?

Speak of the crane, Sect master Hats has returned with the Stone Box and placed it next to the boar meat that have been sitting there for a couple days of cold spring weather. He then took a nap to contemplate a better and efficient place to drop off these stuff.

From here on, the travel return zone will be set in the ice cold storage room to save time. Is it a good idea? No one knows, but it’s certainly efficient.

Now then, sect master Hats casually rolls over to open the box in the most cliffhangingly leisureliest way possible. Everyone anticipate with bated breath.

In retrospect, we should had moved the box to the storage before opening it.


There’s a lot of medicine for special injuries like spirit or elemental damage that can’t be healed normally

An ultra-rare lifesaving pill that can turn you back into a mortal without any scar or disability from birth. It is a completely new you.

A treasure-like metal-element object with the much desired property that gathers surrounding Qi. It’s an unidentified Feng Shui item that provides certain effects in very specific room. A special spell from another law is needed to identify these.

Recipe for creating intermediate level Charms and Pills.

Looking at the charm manual on the ground his hands, Sect master Hats has thoughts about creating Charm for other to equip as accessary. They are essentially magic imbued paper that contain certain special effect such as improving run speed, increase heat tolerance, work faster, etc.

The reason he hasn’t done so is due to laziness the need to create a treasure, so that he can protect everyone from danger. It’s unfortunate that the treasure refinement is proven to be not worth attempting until the refinement room is build, so he could certainly spend his time making these... :effort:

More importantly, there ancient records of special locations on the world map could leads to some real treasures. Since this stone box is from a certain Second Brother of the Taiyi Sect, there might be some connections to it.

Hats would have to fly all over the world to investigates them… :effort:

He could also ignore this silly wolf issue and focus on cultivating to the next stage. :effort: