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Part 180: Day 274-290: Heartburn

One of our sharp eyed disciple spotted a treasure beyond measure from the angry mob. Many would think it is a chakram, but it’s clearly a toilet seat.

Why is that toilet seat more valuable among our mountain of treasures?

Because toilet seat isn’t invented yet in this world, so this must be an otherworldly artifact! Something that offer Privilege to the butt, and pleases the butt. :c2b:

As such, this will be designated as another treasure that will be blessed by Shinarato before he leaves.

Speaking of him, summer is the right time for Sunflower to bloom.

Mcclay don’t think it’s hot enough, so she summons global warming.

Sunflower Xun also lit up like Christmas for the same breakthrough.

Due to time constraint, Shinarato have 5k less than her, and that’s okay since he’s rushing for godhood anyway.

This secret art is more than enough to cover the gap to tank the regular tribulation. It sure is refreshing to have an easy goal for once. Nothing like maximizing Max Qi or raiding sect filled with cheaters.

Not too much of a lost in comparison.

:ironicat: I almost forgot about this surprise tribulation for Sunflower.

Especially right after running dry on Qi. Not that it matters to us…

Toss this junk at the cloud will do. We only keep such cheap item for this reason. :agesilaus:

Stands above the world! :squawk:

Suffering heart burn from the heat? It’s certainly bad for your damaged heart. :11tea:

Our whole sect’s Feng Shui does drop a bit from the fire element applying to everything.

Do you know the heart organ belongs to the fire element in Wuxing theory? Well, at least it isn’t s-melting. :downsrim:

Oh dear, hope your heart doesn’t get overwhelmed by breathing extra dense Qi. :c2b::love:

Fortunately for you, this happen to be the BEST timing for your golden core! You might break the record thanks to this!

Keep casting Thunderstorm for Metal affinity! Her heart should be able to take the loud shock! :science::love:

What did you do!? The heaven really wants to test your heart resolves! :love::flame:

Don’t worry, we decided to keep the room cool to settle the awful smells.

I’m somewhat sure you can survive this. :suspense:

At this very moment of forming golden core, a demon chicken hatched into Cyflan Trial Gate. Perhaps this is karma for all the death you inflicted in name.

:hmmno: A lot less than expected. Then again, Nea have 60 more Qi Sense than her everyone.

Nice number, but not for your heart.

Yeah, I agree. no one should ever learn that useless secret art.

On one hand, I would like to ease your pain…

On the other hand, I admire your adaptability. You rightly deserve the cultivation of Bear law. :hai:

Now go cultivate in this awful sandstorm desert. Your senior Coffee and Lynneth also went through this and came out OP.

They are so powerful that we get free firework every night.

Speaking of hardcore training, we come to some discovery between all three body cultivation laws.

First up is Gilgamesh255 with his Barbarous Forging Body created by human.

All of their techniques are highly focused on bone related parts, and Qi Barrier piercing capability. Their attack stat is a bit on the low side in exchange for being extremely tough.

Ironically, their most powerful offensive technique that focus on power is actually one of the best Defense technique, and practically free to build without rare essence investment.

See all these bones? The awful ‘offensive’ technique asks for all of them to use Earth Blessing (Def Up), so the first time I try to build this with offense in mind by stacking a bunch of offense essense, I got around 40k Atk, 40 Def. Noticing how much more Def the technique is gaining, I decided to-

WIPE all his bones, cleanse it with Daoist gas, and go all in on defense. :madmax:

He doesn’t even need to unlock the last one with ultra-rare EARTH essence!

They also have an improved version of Attack Stance that doesn’t lowers defense.

Next is Evil Kit with the starter body law - Primordial Unity Body.

It has a bit of everything like Barrier Piercing, and utility support like berk bonus and devour bonus. It does have powerful offense and defensive techniques, but they are costlier and more difficulty to build compare to other body laws. Great from start to end game.

Rabbit. Eternal Night. Both aren’t doing well. Maybe they will once they get together. Onto the next one with extreme prejudice. :nallears:

Dead Meat and the Ancestral Yaoguai Body law designed by demon for demon. It has bunch of secret techniques that unlocks depending on your race and/or if you have the body parts for it.

All these techniques are so dependent on the racial structure of the Yaoguai itself, that it would be better to review the Yaoguai itself for how good it is at punching. Chicken got some top tier stuff, but most of those are unlocked at the final stage.

I just need to figure out a way for Dead Meat to get Tribulation Essence without dying. Sitting next to someone’s tribulation doesn’t seem to do it, so he might have to get it from his own? He only need ONE!

And the great Peckoning shall descend upon the fragile world! :birdthunk:

Their amazingly powerfully defense technique is covering all his feathers in Illusion Essence! :sparkles:

And no, it’s not defense with dodge chance like a certain rabbit, this is one of the biggest defense bonus I seen!

It won’t be as tough as Gilgamesh255 since all the body parts are not bone. Meat mutation are usually for Defense Success rate instead of Defense Endurance.

Our God is tethering dangerously close to Forced Ascension.

It’s a race between Divinity or Mental State hitting 100%. :ohdear:

She already built all nine trees to stall for more humanity in her soul city and there’s no more option to stop it soon.

Phew! She got through the next realm of Mental State and back into the safe zone.

She actually ran out of space for her City, but there’s enough residential to keep the divine citizen from rebelling.