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Part 181: Day 291-295: Everyone Waking Up

While everyone is progressing in their cultivation, Flower Bun has reached its full potential.

It’s impossible for this spiritual doggo to progress further, and further growth would only be reserved as sacrifice for casting Fertile Soil.

We will miss Flower Bun, but other pets deserve just as much love and attention.

Three days is a long time, but necessary to prevent cheesing a fight with multiple pets with millions of Qi.

These pair of panda are unique in that they count as two entity working as one. We will learn more about them after they arrives in three days.

The time has come. Legit not-cheating cultivators who spent thousands of years to build up their Max Qi in a warlike environment has awakened. No doubt they will bring war to us at their boomer whim, thus there is no weight on our conscience to rob them for the safety of the world! We must become much stronger before they lay their bloodshot eyes at us!

War fund spent! The Flood Dragon Scale cost 20k! These bastards! I bet the auction house hired them to jack the price!

War mount Fei acquired! :gonchar:

He can now summon rain without lifespan cost!

:magemage: Maybe I should give it to a gardener instead. It doesn’t boost Coffee’s stat like other mount do.

Our fertilizer might thaw better with rain.

Calm down, Coffee. We are still waiting for Mcclay to become Demi-god so she can turn Primordial Soul Realm Inner into mount.

We built a Wonders for Sla an to ‘pass by’ and never use for the rest of the time. Even god needs extravagantly predigest vacant vacation home.

Shinarato reached Primoridal Soul and ready to produce Unique legacy artifact of Sunflower.

Same as Shinarato, our real Sunflower combatant is born ready to tackle anything. :eyepop:

She managed to took down two Attainment tribulation with powerful artifact strikes. No one were able to suppress the third attainment cloud yet.

The shapeshifting tribulation are nothing in comparison.

Three artifact strikes to take down each cloud.

She wonders how the fellow of her Gen 2 Master Guru Rastilin is doing.

Who would her master think to be more beautiful?

Talisman Master Win is too busy working on her breakthrough than wasting time to debate about her unarguably superior beauty.

Autumn is a good time for Shei-Kun to form her core under the thunderstorm too. She is truly fortunate to be able to ride the thousand-year tide of dense Qi before it goes away!

Great score! You might have made it to 200k if you have a bit more Qi Sense.

Can’t be helped. Not everyone can be Nea… or is it even possible for us to luck into a second Nea?

You do get to catch up a bit with your unique level investment. Too bad Nea isn’t compatible with this law.

It didn’t take that long to be honest.

Oh, you meant the annoying kind of quantitative waiting. :argh:

Fortunately, Water law have the best travel speed, which made up for its numerous breakthrough with rapid visits to cultivation cave.

Tribulation cloud being splits to multiple chuck also makes it easy to blast away with spells. This 10k cloud get blew off with one Firestorm. About as fast as a body cultivator punch. :flame:

She haven’t level her Spell skill yet, and already more than capable to take on a couple more tribulation.

A cat came to take shelter under the thunderstorm.

You shall serve besides our ancestor next to the evil purple lamp. Maybe you can be our mascot.

You can be our evil mascot too!

But our actual mascot has arrived! XianXian is very motivated to become strong for the glory of Chun. :china:

Although we can’t tell XiuXiu what to do while it’s still at the child stage, its enthusiasm for bamboo swordpandaship is promising.

Why not practice on live target?

Remember, boss monster uses the same programming code as buildings. So don’t hold back on punching that wall.

Aha! The magic flying lootbox!

We need the fastest flyer to chase the casket, so Lynneth will go.

Our army of artifact masters need more weapon for the upcoming war.

Since we already mass producing Legacy artifact, we will go for these two quality rings over those other five sword artifacts.

Their stats surpassed most legacy artifacts (minus special effect) and we don’t need to worry about element disadvantage.

Xun with lv 35 Artifact Control will have better use for the raw power. Our Seven Sworders benefits better from legacy special effect due to their deeper understanding of secret arts that speed up attacks and artifact’s durability capacity.

More ancient things waking up. The real threat of the season (two).