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Part 182: Day 294-300: Odd and Ends

Today, we will (hopefully) finish raising the odd and ends of our pre-demigod cultivators.

Starting with Dead Meat. We need to deal with your lack of tribulation essence for your super beak. :birdthunk:

The thought of using any inferior techniques are so revolting that he only learns the bare minimum of muscle building for his arm… wing.

He can’t breathe for essence in tribulation, but unlocking beast form will help breathing and evolution chance.

Each cloud is only half his strength.

It’s so easy that he punches through three clouds at once. :black101:

Cool feathers shoulder pad, dude.

You can stealth better in this form too. :duckie:

Apperately, breathing near tribulation does work for gathering the essence, but it’s near impossible to do so due to the lightning interrupting your breathing.

Which leave us with collected form of the cloud. It’s label as medicine, but it works.

The biggest hurdle for Dead Meat is his weak stomach. He can’t even handle eating these simple little things that can explode him from the inside. :baduk:

The only solution is to add more muscle to his belly, but his stomach would become so efficient that he will become hungry forever like a certain turtle in the past.

Fortunately, we figure out why RPG bosses can stay in one room forever and never need to leave.

Feng Shui relic in cursed room actually give the opposite boost to the stated stat. That means this relic is giving our body cultivator -400% Food consumption bonus!

Mortal and regular cultivator in this room would slowly fills up their food meter instead! Who knew the solution to world hunger is Pear Soup Curse.

It’s still bad for big stomach cultivator to go out the room, so we will have to colon cleanse Dead Meat after he got the essence.

Stomach, mouth, and Intestine are maxed. We are now ready to eat grade 12 item.

No… don’t do this to me! There’s no more ways to get to 12! :cry:

:hmmyes: I think it’s extremely fair to round up these numbers in the character editor.

At least five people from various sources online said this will work.

But it’s chance based.

Dead Meat lost consciousness after I have him test out eating other things before I reload. We are not losing 3 Heaven Breath!

I need to know the odds.

YOU KIDDING ME!? First try on the cheat test run!?

Alright, fine. We will let him eats all of our Heavens’ Breath. If he fails to get any, so be it.

Now, consume it in your primal form!

Please chew this slower.

Maybe gargle it in your mouth for 30 seconds. :parrot:

Can't gargle in your beak?

Gambler Fallacy activate!

Please! Just once! :pray:


We gamble and lost everything. So it’s only logical to start stealing to fuel our addiction.

Unfortunately, these other sects wisely situate their treasury at the innermost location of the sect. Making it near impossible to steal things without extraordinary luck.

Since stealing is impossible, we will go with bribery and robbery with their current and future Sect Masters.

"No one will know if we toss the body into lava."

Just enough favor for one more.

Eat with your demon form. Smear the tribulation all over your beak. :zoid:

OH LOOK! The portal pooped out 7 of them! I will be sure to pay it back in the future whenever I get some later!

Phew. Only need to pay 5 back into the portal in the near future of many dead Sect Masters.

Time for the second stage of gambling…

Green is the common rarity. Oh well, 13x Sharpened Bone for small atk boost ain’t bad. :saddowns:


This better be worth the pain and addiction!

… since the increase is on the ‘'fundamental’ base value, it should be strong multiplier upon further boost.

Injecting Vitamin D to bones (Beak, Skull, Spine) :fyadride:

Much better. :madmax:

Now to cleanse your colon. :tubular:

Next on the sundry list, our artifact crafter is ready to make two representative artifacts of our house!

Moving on to the next person while we wait for the creation of our greatest artifact that will be known throughout the world.

Last on our unique nurturing strategy, we will fix the flaw of our cheat disciple.

She don’t need secret arts to become this powerful, but what if she can afford to learn secret arts via lower attainment? :eng101:

Since Aldantefax’s law is hardlocked in Primordial Soul, she never needs to deal with tribulation anymore! Condemnation isn’t a problem to her!

Oh ho! 64 points removed!


Cheat character fears no eternal hell! :tif:

Curses! It only works once!

Proceed to capitalist solution!


Cheater can’t lose in life! Reloading is cheating! YEAH! :sora:

This time she will do the crystal first.

What could be the cause of this? Maybe her Int stat is too low?

I can’t believe I need a special project for the cheat character too.

We will brute force stat up with wealth.

:sweatdrop: We managed to temporarily squeeze 3 more points to Int.

A little immunization boost against brain overturn.

Do it in our +20% PER room.

Hmm, heaven really hates cheater. We will figure this out later.

The world’s most predigest toilet seat shall be born. For generation will our descendant sings in the name of this artifact:

This might not be Shinarato's best work.

What about the greatest weapon to ever be wield by Master Shei-kun: A weapon crafted out of a giant bloody fish of great legend! It is so powerful that it strikes fear to the ancestors!

Fear the uncooked(?) raw food paste! :rowdytrout: