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by Nyaa

Part 183: Day 301-309: Demi-God

New idea to gimp the system for our cheat character.

Possession spell let you take over someone’s body and import your skills, but it doesn’t carryover medicine resistance.

So let’s see if we can spam Attunement reduction through new bodies.

If this works, then everyone can do it, but it’s best for Aldantefax since she never need to deal with Tribulation.

A million XP just to learn a powerful spell…

We have a mortal with high Qi Sense begging to join us. :drac:

We welcome your body! :drac:

Unfortunately, the system REFUND the cheated stat to attainment, and the removed med resistance undo the attainment reduction. :saddowns: We have no choice but to have her spend billions of XP to learn our secret arts the hard way in her original body.

These incredibly expensive ancestor dick bone will help. All in all, we can drop her total attainment by at least half after she consume…

The super coma juice – A miracle elixir that people wish they have so they can time travel to the next episode of their favorite show. See you next year. :wave:

The stomach expansion gave way too much cultivation EXP, but it’s about time we have a Demi-God.

One chicken against nature!

One beak to pierce the heaven!

… just kidding. I was testing to see how many more clouds he can fend off at his current strength and without berk mode. He fought through the forth cloud consecutively, so he will be staying for a long time. :cheersbird:

… maybe not a long time. :yikes:

Time to demi-deify our Final Bosses against some sewer lizard. :kratos:

We are a bit behind compare to season one in power level, but doesn’t have any screw up like raising a turtle as body cultivator or make our own Formation.

Lots of time does spend to raise misc. cultivators to improve our facility and service for future generation of elite. Shinarato will now focus on his retirement to heaven for his contribution.

Our melee combatant now has a sets of water (against fire) and earth (against water) legacy artifacts. Any extra slots will be interchangeable for future element advantage.

Good timing. We could use more target for tele-robbery.

Mcclay will go insult their ancestor and lure them home.

Not fast enough. Can't ask people about them either.

We don’t need any info for ancient monster. The House of Chun learns it the hard way. :colbert:

Great location! I was wondering what to put on the right end of our sect.

Have a low effort Feng Shui hut while we promote our Body Cultivators to Demi-God. We will harvest you in summer. :tipshat:



Great! One breath off Dead Meat’s debt.

Too bad this cave is tougher than the dragon itself.

Which mean we need more punchers.

Oh no! Talisman master Win is the first Daoist ready for Demi-God!

She was only built for drawing inferior talisman! :stonk:

Me and Sla an would be mad at this inferior product compare to our stolen collection.

She would be great for map travel to solves everything with that MAX stats!

I guess she could dump the rest of her point into protection and decide when to ascend. We could use more retiree Winners joining our ancestor in heaven.

Don’t forget to buff all of our Gen 3.5 candidate before you leave.

Don’t worry about Gen 4. They will be raise with instant max exp button the great blessing of Soon-to-Ascend Ancestor Shinarato because I am done spending DAYS raising everyone into demi-god.

I know right!? What cultivator would be so slow to spent more than a year to become Demi-God?

No offense to your casual thousand years of cultivation. It was casual, right?

Why are you red again!? Don’t leave our sect after eating all of our good stuff!

We will have Prince Rastlin charm this Snow White again next year.

Nooo Xiuxiu! Don’t loot her! She is still friend! Kinda!

We can’t redress her clothes, so she will have to sleep through the winter naked.

We will leave your stuff outside. I’m sure you will appreciate next year’s hot summer.

No hibernation for you. It’s the right season for your Golden Core after a full year… you are Gen 2, right?

No one remembers, so Gen 1 it is. Though you are technically Gen 4 at this juncture.

Your cauldron would be full with another year of basement cultivation, but you only have a month left.

All those extra Qi from cauldron will go well with this amount of Qi Sense! Nea have 175, but she was extremely lucky.

His half-filled cauldron should help him beat her score of 351,885.

In the meantime, we will initiate a new Final Boss to our gym. We always welcome Tiger and Tigress. :cabot:

Oh noo, our pear soup curse can’t fill the black hole in your stomach!

Damn gluttonous thoughts! At least she molds fast and won’t take long to become Demi-God.

Granted, I learned how to min-max exp.

Tiger have surprisingly easy to make techniques. Most of them only use common essence.

Uh oh. This is what I get for raising too many people at once, but I am managing all of them at 1x speed!

Actually, this might be a good opportunity to see if we are wealthy enough to tank the final tribulation without skill investment. She does have 10 Luck, so it should be doable.



Did you feel the divine electric conductivity? This is the pain our Season 1 ancestors felt!

Demi-God power up are quite impressive. Can’t wait to see our artifact/spell masters getting their godly power.

The House of Chun have proven that we can all survival at 100% chance with Zero injury! You don’t need talent nor capability! We will make it work!

That’s why you join us, right? But I must say you are one hell of a project.

Yesssss! This is peak Golden Age of the House of Chun! :stoked: