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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 184: Day 310-319: Gen 4?

:homebrew: Congratulation for breaking the record! :homebrew:

Now you can arthritis ever stiffer! :corsair:

It’s still amazing to retain 5 digits after the nerf.

Uh oh. We can’t have him face that with arthritis.

You should make it in time.

You are destine to win with your newgame+ bonus.

Whoa that’s too fast.

This seems strong, but only because there’s only one power up in wood law per cultivation realm. So all Golden Core bonuses are stacked here.

Again!? I missed 13 seconds again! :catstare:

You broke Coffee’s regen record!? :monocle:

It can’t be healthy to go back and forth like this in ONE day.

I waited this time. :catbert:

We have seen enough of this. Who else?

Our glorious god has reached peak elitism. :wotwot:

Who won’t have their ego inflated with a giant building dedicated to them? :agesilaus:

“What if the 99% is eating me from the inside!?” :nixon:

Poff the sinful thoughts out as a cloud and kill it! :black101:

Why is it always a shitstorm? Shitty thoughts? :magemage:

Recharging faster than the damage. More than enough belief in stock to last forever.

The whole inner city, world map cities, and Followers are constantly generating faith. This is why you can’t kill God, and/or why JRPG final boss have so much HP.

Now we know the strike range of tribulation is 11x11 :ohdear:

I just realized that we don’t need to rush Mcclay to Demi-God anymore. Win is also a misc. supporter who can learn demon sealing.

Welcome back, JT Jag and Great Evil King!

Time to fulfill your destiny… :whip:

As Primordial-Soul/Chaos-Phase Mount.

Strange, JT Jag have a better grade. Maybe it’s better to seal them when they are still alive/unconscious.

WTF Great Evil King! Why are you so small? Is it tie to the owner’s Qi?

Sla an with millions of Qi didn’t make it as big as Nea's mount either. Oh well, what matters is Panda. :china:

Perfect fit for its size.

Interesting, another goon died to old age at this very moment. It must an auspicious sign for us to recruit more Outer.

Guru Rastilin re-tamed Aldantefax to our sect again.

Three new slots for newcomer!

Welcome, welcome. Did you know the correct way to join us is to go through the side gate?

Not the Right Gate. We recycle ‘donated’ clothes here.

Along with disposal of useless stuff.

Going through the Left Gate, you will find this grand hall filled with all these congratulatory laughing fishes. Now let’s see who made the right correct choice.

Welcome, welcome. You two non-poster please move aside for us to receive ‘someone’ unique.

Welcome back, ANOTHER WALL! Your future Dao name will be Yami Fenrir!

Oh no! We forgot to raise a proper alchemist to turn ANOTHER WALL into human! :eng99:

Eat some Max Grade Curse while you wait. :cursed:

You will fit right in. :hai:

“You Outers better bring my food on time!”

Welcome to the inner circle! You are promoted as our Elite Gardener!

You have talent in alchemy, and your future as the Fragrance Weed Lady will be the talk of the town! :420:

Breakthrough with drugs. Talent optional.

By alchemist tradition, this magic shroom room is now your home. Ignore our recently deceased Unwelcome Storm under your bed. He’s there to keep the shroom happy. :shroom:

Ah, of course. Once again and unintentionally, there 69 shrooms in your room.

Somehow, you have the highest breakthrough chances in our field of Wheat and Corpse Fertilizers. :skeltal: