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by Nyaa

Part 185: Day 320-329: Achieve Greater Height

Enough of your breakthrough celebratory dance with your master Mcclay. Back to cultivation!

No dilly dally for the master too! There’s a cow that need to be mounted.

Alright! We kept it alive! Will we get max grade from the well preserved ribs?

Oops, I forgot it was Win who can be convert Primordial Soul beast.

Ohh! It really is max grade!

Not that big again. How does size work? What are you doing to that street lamp!?

Now we have two slots with one reserved for ANOTHER WALL. It’s wasteful to wait for it, so we will use it for new goon and dispose of someone later if necessary.

Welcome FH_Meta and Ruzihm. You both have great talent as Daoist, or as mount with your silent agreement. :posthaste:

More slave workers mean more elite member who can enjoys their hard work!

Nick is a simple chicken. He just wants to hit a million Qi. It would be easier if he was a snake.

Unfortunately, a celestial oversight caused him to be reincarnated into the wrong egg and he's now stuck with terrible stats.

He does have some affinity with Wood and Metal law. Considering his massive weakness against water…

He might want to go for Fire or Earth law to use Earth artifacts? Too bad he has no compatibility with most law.

At least he was born with +5 artifact skill cap, so Bear Law it is.

Alongside with Cyflan, we will have 2 bears and 2 seven sworders training in the desert - Facing countless sandstorm weather, enduring intense heat, and deadly battles against giant sandworm monster.

They should be fine.

Speaking of heart-wrenching adventure, we figured out this elixir will fix Cyflan’s broken heart. Now she can sleep well again!

Since Nick only cares for hitting a million Qi, Nea is naturally the best master for the task!

Her Qi is so dense that it pillars towards the sky in her minor breakthrough. :ssj:

“Please teach me the way of Three More Digits!”

Enjoy the benefits of your predecessor!

Nea was blessed to be born as a snake, but she doesn’t want to discourage the young chicken for being birthed into the wrong kind of egg. Nothing wrong with chicken, of course. They taste delicious.

To encourage her appetizing disciple, she decided the best way to lift his mood is to brags more about using her millions of Qi to become human! :sparkles:

Five of these clouds against ONE MILLION!

No need for any shield talismans or accessories.

“Well done, Heaven. You succeed at lightly pinching me!” :zoro:

Nea is too lazy to move after being successful in life. What else is there to do beside enjoying elite treatment of the highest echelon? I know!

To pursue higher education as a respectable member of society! :eng101:

“Come forth, beast mode!”

“Come forth, Refined U! Bring me to the library!”

Earn that CEO privilege!

DOUBLE your survivability!

“Don't doze off, or Refined U will bite your head off.”

To overcome your lack of talent, you must go all out with this and the heart damage art that Cyflan learnt as a joke.

Only tier 3? It’s better off gone. :nallears:

We will keep this as a cautionary tale of the mindless pursue for power.

Fix your heart first! Then we will regen your d-

Oh no! Now is the perfect timing for breakthrough! Your precious will have to wait!

Done! A bit behind your ancestors, but you don’t need to wait a whole year for the damn seasonal timing.

We will get you that million with safely managed elixirs that could cause implosion if handle improperly! :2bong:

Alright, now to spend 30k Qi to regrow your tier 3 precious.

Maybe it will be tier 5 from your golden body? :five:

“Great Elder, can you make it tier 12?”

We have opened a can of worm in pursue of power. Thankfully, we are done raising most Inner except...

:magemage: Would its tier as a wall carry into human form? Too bad we can’t upgrade structure.

:magemage: Would arthritis lower the tier?

Anyway, TravelLog spent a long time to break out of his Live-As-Outer ordeal, but he is now back as an Inner!

Long hours of working as an Outer suck! It sucks to be at the bottom of the pyramid!

Aaaand back to optimal form thanks to three mental talismans. Only Gen 1 has to deal with that BS. :frogc00l:

Nea will now challenge the third cloud of the Attainment tribulation. Can she be the first to pull it off?

She doesn’t even need to recharge Qi.


Cleared without healing.

Would be a waste to not use the free recharge of 1.2 million Qi. :sss:

Greatly inspired by the achievement of his brethren, TravelLog will go for his shapeshifting tribulation to become human too!

He has more than enough Qi to survive these five easy clouds.

Heaven isn’t in a good mood today.

This could be a problem… maybe Nea can show off her powe-

Oh, right. Body Cultivator. :sweatdrop:

That’s a big soul from the giant snake. Should had drag it to Cyflan Trial Gate.

After days of waiting for heaven to vent out its anger, TravelLog is now certified as human. The man who loop cultivation over and over in solitude has completed his journey. What new goal would he pursue next in life?

A blessing of romance from our ancestors? It’s pretty clear which couple our ancestors wished to ship.

Incapacitate and immobile! Truly ANOTHER match made in heaven! :thumbsup: