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Part 187: Day 336-355: Fertilization

All things considered, Spirit Root are something awful that hurts your feeling, but also brings us joy at some annoyingly difficult to achieve situation.

So let’s stick to the awful part instead. We will intentionally raise them wrong to strengthen our Body Cultivator through angry plant explosion.

They will grow in heavily cursed environment to ripe into concentrated curse bomb. Can it kill them like Cyflan?

Maybe if they breath it all in.

Breath in these depression oxygen! :qq:

It seems two out of five of these plants are always cursed depends on season or date. So that was a fun four hours to figure that out. :shepicide:

Here. Let these mortals become your fertilizer as our tradition dictates. Somehow all of our meme traditions are turning into actual game mechanic in future contents. :stonklol:

Mortal worth nothing (as it should), but cultivator with corresponding element should be tastier.

In fact, let’s have Cyflan breakthrough next to the cursed one.

Nothing impressive. The bud is still too weak to do anything. Who else need a breakthrough?

Lucky for Average, he just finished his Golden Core breakthrough with over 400k score – the new average score everyone in the sect should strive to achieve.

Six is above average of ten, so this a title of great commendation. :golfclap:

Your room may seem below average…

But it is in fact better-than-average. :downsrim:

Also, who cares?

What we should care is Average fulfilling her reason of existence.

I overlooked this spell in the past since the second effect wasn’t listed in the secret art description.

It’s time to grant life to a wall that can think and love.

One can only imagine what is it like to lives as a lonely wall. :qqsay:

More so when the love interest prefers the OTHER WALL of higher quality instead.

Ooh, it can pick a gender. Let’s go with male since he can always go the other way with Sunflower.

Nice roof, literally.

I see, so he can go back to male if he wanted. Truly the most gender-equal existence.

Born to be successful in life. :11tea:

You are now responsible for butchering duty.

And destruction of love rival!

This new body seeks substances.

On max drug preview, his best law is the Fire one that could hurt the cultivator's body, which is fine since he can regrow them. A bit behind is Six Paths wood law (188%) for spell/melee combat, or Bear law (178%) if you really want to join the queue behind Cyflan and Nick for artifacts.

Our awakened body-shrink drug also wants a new body, but who will take responsibility of its existence? :justpost:

A what!?

:byodood: Holy shit a goddamn tower came alive!

It’s three tier lower than Yami, but max attractiveness. No doubt will attract the attention of a certain unconscious lady!

“Nice weather today! I know because I am touching the cloud!” :c2b:

I would lick the cloud too.

Speaking of licking, our magic plant finished digesting the mortals and spits out their soul gem!

Next on the menu is metal cultivators.

Water plant likes metal better, and this three stars meal is made with Golden Core realm cultivator.

Good timing, how does Qi Shaping realm turtle taste?

Carefully drop it next to the bud that is 1000x smaller than the fertilizer.

Not nurturing, but the plant ate it whole and will be done digesting in 3 days. Scary.

Max grade artifact from our robbery junk pile seems to be best, but what will it spit out after digestion?

In the meantime, I went ahead to piss off Skydome Palace to use their revenge squad as our free fertilize for a while.

I expect rare soul gem. :colbert:

Eight days digestion for Primordial Spirit fertilizer.

This is the harvest from Golden Core.

Everyone actually loves seeing this nourishment process and wants in on it. :yikes: