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Part 188: Day 356-360: Demi-God

Stamina is the fuel for molding body parts, so this isn’t bad. Daoist would prefer the XP instead.

Too bad we can’t use these higher grade soul gem for item upgrade.

Too bad we can’t upgrade furniture/buildings either. Not that Yami needed it.

Thanks to the swift respond of Yami Fenrir, we now have a firewall. :dumbrim:

Or a building on fire. :dumbrim:

I can’t tell if our ancestor is being supportive or giving us a warning. :confused:

Sect Master Blaze Dragon will take care of our last disciple for gen 3.9… or was it 4.9?

Either way, since he works for the boss now, he’s number 2.

It’s a great fortuitous happenstance to become the direct disciple of the sect master, it means you can be his successor. Not that anyone wants to take the job.

It’s an awful job that distract you from your cultivation.

In fact, as the very first cultivator in this sect, he is far from ready to become demi-god due to various obligations. Mostly on upgrading items.

Now that he became a Cultivator, let’s see what ANOTHER WALL is good at.

Amazing at pretending(?) to be a wall.

He’s a bit slow on cultivation, but never need to waste time eating mental pills. He could also afford to eat bad drugs if needed. Too bad he only has 11 Qi Sense.

You are way too late for this!

You were so late that Nea is ready to become Demi-God in five days!

Sadly, the only one who bothers to go full godhood is Shinarato. He is ready.

Most of our Inner are in fact, been ready. But they question the reason to join the ancestor so soon. What can they contribute by retiring so early?

Who won’t want to stay for their glorious death in an epic season ending battle and be wiped off the hall of fame list? The great battle that will happen about two weeks from now. Anyone who wants to ascend should do it now or risk becoming fertilizer in a good post-flood moist environment.

Let’s see if the raw Barrier/Protect up set will be enough without any skill investment.

500k cloud vs 600k Qi. These number doesn't matters.

“Other sect must have it hard without our OP Taiyi Scroll and generous donations from the fertilized.”

Welcome to the House of Chun! We will make you God in 80 days by sitting in caves and consuming good drugs! Bad drug optional.

The House of Chun is not responsible for irresponsible and unsupervised consumption of our varieties of medicine that could lead to possibly fatal side effects such as death, shirking of certain body parts, Qi implosion, Qi explosion, Qi indigestion, Irregular Qi flow direction, Meridian damage, random breakthrough while busting in flame, turn into ice statue from eating Prism Lotus, blade implosion from eating Blade Pill, brain trauma from trying to comprehend heaven, accidental godhood (as Shendao Cultivator), becoming mortal again, and loss of ‘Potential’ by all interpretations.

Demi-God achieved! This is the power up bonus of becoming god!

Now drop your loaned item and leave. You can keep the clothes and mantle as graduation uniform.

Hold on, we should bring a gift to our ancestor.

Anything of a dragon are treasures even among cultivators and immortals. Pretty sure they brew those prestigious poop coffee thing up there.

Alright, let’s find good place to ascend. Can’t have our first ascension be inauspicious.

Oh? Some jealous mortal here to steal our trade secret?

Soon-to-be True Ancestor! Grab a weapon and beat the shit out of those bandits!

Fine, take this to our ancestor too. Its stat is pretty crap.

Both bandits are Golden Core! Such weak ants dare to challenge God!? Even our decorative fishes are laughing at their foolishness!

… Ancestor Shinarato does not know was not trained to use artifact, so he just hover the poop like a shield while being assaulted by-

A piece of cloth. No doubt a god-defying treasure that can suppress even demi-god.

Uh oh, her artifact's Qi is losing like 1 percent per second while Shinarato is losing about 0.1% cultivator Qi per second. This will take forever and we can’t have that.

His leftover EXP is enough to purchase 7 levels of artifact mastery and…


Time to fight back with great mystical wisdom of the ancestor! :squawk:

Body swaying instead of sitting on air!

Acrobatic dodging!

Bottom left fish went gray from fear. Can Shinarato saves them from being destroyed again?


Welp, since you are here…

Free recharge for Shinarato too, why not?

She survive and murdered Laughing Fish #2! Can we save the rest?

One huge fireball later.

Nea went back to her pre-demi-god meditation while Shinarato kill-steal clean up the rest.

At least all that effort produced something.

:hmmno: That’s not a tier I would expect from a Demi-God. Maybe it was caused by a rush job?

As sect master, Blaze Dragon is responsible for preservation of our reputation and cover up.

Dammit we need one more. The ascension ceremony will be postponed for… celestial preparation.