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Part 189: Day 360-364: True Immortal

Upgrading predigest. :cosmic2day:

Who knew the most prestigious person of the sect have to tearfully handle Birds and Bees in the dark. :qq:

All to protect the prominence of our ancestors. There’s no doubt all of them have eminence phallus.

Other shareholder of the House of Chun aren’t pleased that they have to wait for the ascension after rushing home to witness the miraculous ceremony.

The official reason is to wait for all those invited mortals to come bear witness to the amazing spectacle that will awe everyone. The unofficial reason is to get one more soul gem.

Hmm? This invited guest fly slower than an Outer’s walk speed.

Impossible! A non-cheat primordial!

Ouch, it’s supposed to be impossible for someone with this condition to cultivate. You must have went through some serious effort to make it work.

All your gears are terrible, it must be tou-

We will end your suffering. :tfrxmas:

Think about it this way, your current law also locks at PS realm, and your next life might not have meridian blockage.

We did it! Now to the good part.

Ancestor Shinarato shall personally bless his precious to become the most auspicious treasure of the sect!

Nothing can go wrong with this! Please, dear ancestor! Our reputation rides on this!

Meanwhile, Nea will distract everyone with her mandatory demi-god tribulation.

Send a firestorm against a storm cloud.

Almost half the cloud goes puff from one blast.

A lot less Qi than I expected.

It would be great to hit 3 million, but it’s now achievable with rare elixir.

5… 4… 3… 2…

There are many lengthy lewd joke we can talk about this, but it’s disappointingly bland overall. It’s lacks the max grade to wow the mortals.

Let’s try the backup.

At least we got enough soul gem for it this time.

This time you will make it while high in drugs. :350:

Lifespan doesn’t matter once you reach the land of immortal.

Aha! it’s TravelLog’s turn to do his halfway demi-god breakthrough! A fine distraction for the delay!

We all know how awfully slow an artifact user will take to fight a cloud.

… wow, heaven really likes arthritis victim huh?

Welp, four more stabs and it’s over.

The cycle of arthritis begins anew…

We need one more distraction… Araganzar! It’s your turn to become mount immortal!

Sorry to inform you this at your crucial hour of breakthrough to become human in the gym.

We purposefully taught you the wrong method, as a joke. :edi:

The hunt is on, boys and girls!

Huuh!? Its three artifacts are heavenly breathes!?

Too bad we raised you wrong. If only you have shown some spirit of participation to become immortal.

Our cat now rides on a cat. The cycle is completed.

The Hill Rise Lady will no doubt become the target of jealousy.

Jealous by someone who is more deserving of the Hill Rise title.

3… 2… 1…

What’s with you and Fogbow? :rory:

Maybe we will claim one of these is the empowered precious instead…

Would the mortal believe the rod is so good that it become a spear? Of course they would, but the Earthbound Heavenly Heart Spear looks awful.

Or this golden ‘column’? No, there’s a better one…

On this auspicious gloomy night of early summer, the first demi-god of the House of Chun shall rise to become a true immortal.


Hey! Hey! No animal allowed! You are blocking the view of the glorious ascension!

As the proud ancestor who will watch from above like a kindly father, let all decendant be known of Shinarato’s greatness.

Show the world of his Colossal wood that embrace all souls like branches from a grand tree!

But that treasure would no doubt attract the eyes of troublesome envy from outsiders. :hmmno:

So with deep regret, and great selfless sacrifice, we will use this better looking Root of the great tree as an object of worship and admiration! Such compassion and foresight of the great Shinarato! As he would say:

Wise word of the great ancestor Shinarato.

Meanwhile, our sacred beast Xianxian is collecting soul tax from the attendants. Ancestor Shinarato will bring your soul to item heaven!

“Remember, my children. Everyone have their own reason for stepping into the world of cultivation.”

Goodbye, Shinarato. Have fun at the pong party with other ancestors.

Ancestor left us the gift of his awesome dabbing statue.

Our Love Guru felt so inspired by the grandeur that he created a whole new secret art for using it.


The secret art has thus become the Mingqi in accompany to the scriptures of Shinarato.

Born as a child who dig garbage for food to getting a job at the general store, Shinarato fixed his destiny by stepping into the world of cultivation.

Knowing he sucks at artifact combat, he immediately tamed a pokemon after ascension.

He build himself a CAVE MANSION! :arnie:

Congrats at getting like 500 Max Qi?

“I can’t fight at all, so might as well travel to find more pokemon.”

You really likes sleeping, don’t you?

Get drunk with friend for ten years.

He build another CAVE MANSION and turn it into a pokemon gym.

Can you send us your Body Cultivation law?

Punch the shit out of demon with new body.

Caught a Fire type.

Season 126 of Good Cult will consequently dominate the world.

Eternal regret of never crafted a good artifact. :qq:

Caught the Flying type.

His second Water type.

Season 213 Goon Cult destroyed the continent with his body cultivation technique that Daoist can learn. :killdozer:

Welp, I guess you can sign up again. :golfclap: