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Part 19: Day 17: Duties of Inner and their Sacrifice

Every decision has a great impact from those with great responsibility. Sect master Hats will need to ‘think’ about it for a while to make the best move.

He knows there will be plenty of time left in his life to do what needed to do. As soon as one become an inner, their current lifespan will be known to them through supernatural foresight.

Living healthily is the key to long and prosperous life. Alternatively, take elixir to extend your life before passing away in your bed without your knowledge or that Rebirth Elixir to gain a whole new body at its prime condition.

Anyway, Hats knows from his past life as sexworker imperial dilettante, a prosperous life can only be gain from pacifying your loved ones with a small and simple gestures of kindness to shows that you do deserves the high quality pear soup.

Creating a charm is easy, but only creatable by someone who is proficient in wielding Qi energy like an inner. You just draw randomly to get unknown effect(s) with its strength based on the inscriber’s skill.

Or one can paint in accordance to the mystical formula created by our great ancestor. This Light Body Charm is perfect for outer who have to run back and forth every day.

… good enough.

Hats tries to not imagine the person in the painting is not actually running.

Voila! Anyone who wear this will now run faster! Too bad each person can only equip six different charms, and selectively activates three of it. Their effect does stack.

Blaze Dragon immediately snatched one when he passed by the charm on the ground. He hopes sect master Hats would make more for other outer students, and put these charms on a table.

Realizing the greatness of these magical charm, it’s time to make a table to use to craft these magical paper. Why is it called a Black Paper? Good question. If you ask this particular topic to a mystical being who is tasked to transcribe the language of god to the mortal, he will answer, “It’s correct.”, and his partner would say, “Ok.” :effort:

As for this nice wolf, it’s unanimous among all in the Cult of Bèn that this feed this wolf to the Feng Shui snake. Sect master Hats would agree to not needed to go out for meat for a while or ever.

Although the wolf has been designated as the glorious sacrifice for The Snake, someone suggested to let it slams its head on the wall to death instead. :effort:

Big sister Slaan reinforced the wall to ensure this wolf gets the honorable death that it seeks.

Other than that, everyone else are too busy with building the sect from the ground up.

Builder waiting for crafter, and crafter waiting for raw material. A vicious cycle overcomes by voluntary pyramid workload, and the top task on the pyramid is snake feeding.

Sect master Hats is proud of everyone as he enjoys a solo game of Go.

He believes…

It is time to really start cultivating this Sunflower Refining Law for real. For everyone’s sake.

There’s only one learnable skill in Qi condensation stage of this law.

Unlike other first skill of such stage, Greater Yin Body Sculpting takes a great amount of skill exp comprehension to obtain.

It is imaginable that Hats is very reluctant to take the first step considering he only took this law for luxurious treatment and because no one wants to do it the difficulty and mental trauma that he must have been enduring.

All immortal must cast away their past to ascend without hindrance, but Hats don't need to commit to such extremity yet. It’s possible to treasure refine this… byproduct of the enlightening process, but it will be gone if it fails to become a treasure. Should Hats keep it in her room? Considers it a family treasure to pass it down for generation? Trash it?

Or leave it on the ground like how he handles every items so far? Everyone seems to be facing away and ignoring it, so that should be fine.

In all seriousness, Hat's precious might be one of the most powerfully-difficult artifact to refine. Only a powerful being of unfathomable capability can erect this precious into its full potential.

What!? Who is saying such ominously foreboding thing!?

Our Snake Shine of Ancestor is half done!

And Radio Free Kobold will surely not take two years to come back!

Slaan’s left eye twitched again. The last time this omen occurs, something awful happened.

Hopefully it’s nothing cursed like last time.