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Part 190: Day 365-369: Truly Immortal

Praise be the Great Ancestor Shinarato! :worship:

His mortal shell is a powerful Qi Gathering object and subject of worship!

First, we will explore what we can do to the statue.

We can perform ritual to generate faith for the ancestor. Also a fine opportunity to dump our pile of junk artifacts.

We will figure out how to get incense to exchange favors from the ancestor later, but this will certainly be helpful for a map wide battle and against bosses that brings their own weather.

He will grab something from his pocket and kick it down to us because he care for us pitiful mortals.

This will be useful in an emergency. Maybe not for combat with this ancestor, but it might be able to tank?

Fortunately, we have plenty of demi-god on duty and one whole season of cultivation boost should help alleviate the loss of Shinarato.

Look at our powerful Seven Sword sister! She will become a demi-god in no time, and just in time for the dragon fight at the end of summer!

We will borrow our Earth element ancestor to give her a greater shit element boost.

Tunicate rather work than prostrating to the ancestor for hours. :morning:

Xianxian also feeds her spirit stone, which I forgot also boost cultivation speed.

So much care and love with high expectation for her to triumph against the dragon!

TravelLog also loan his cultivation boost gear for her to go even faster!

Coffee will grind the cultivation spot to see which is faster. (Spoiler: She is 3x faster)

QT lured another ancient cultivator for us to rob! It’s impossible for us to lose!

Since all of our Daoist are rushing their cultivation, our body cultivator will handle them. It will be an easy win.

“I am leaving.”


“To defy the destiny of my name, I am leaving.”

“Such is the path of my Dao!”

"BWOK! Bwak! Bwok!” Bwok!”

Littering Being generous as soon as he become immortal. :hai:

Immortal and their great hundred years long magic duel. :witch:

When are they going to crush the dojo of Blue Eyes White Dragon in the anima realm?

OH YEAH! Now we are getting to the good part!

Ambitiously lives the tycoon life of feast and partying…

“Maybe I should try to become dead meat for real?”


NOT YOU TOO!? Was our gym that bad?


“I will also leave… after the dragon battle.”

“But I will only watch. To make it fair for the dragon.” :colbert:

… for now, let’s protect our precious, precious, future potential in anticipation for the ancient cultivator. Hopefully they don’t come from the north.

Or south in your case.

NOOO! SHE GOT FISH #3! :cry:

It seems we are lucked into watching Lynneth soloing the ancient cultivator!

Five times more Qi than Lynneth! But his three artifact (plus spells) versus six of Lynneth's!

As long as these stray bounce-shot doesn’t change targets to aggro someone… wait, bounce?

Oops, forgot to turn on her combat talisman. Activate… now!

That’s better. No bounce, all stabs. :chef:

All of her one-of-a-kind artifacts are draining quite a lot of Qi.

To take out ONE MILLION QI from her opponent! :madmax:

Regrettably, Lynneth can’t maintain her advantage when her opponent starts casting spells.

This cultivator blast as hard as Blaze Dragon, and her first spell gives a ridiculous 112% boost to spell damage! For 13 seconds!

This is going to be a tight match, can Lynneth end this ancient cultivator before the spell cooldown is over?

*Artifact Crashing Intensify*

Damn it! The spell cooldown is over!

OH NO MY RARE TALISMAN! This is really precious!

… should I risk someone?

Uh oh, Lynneth is out of Qi first… but she has more artifacts…

She barely scrapped through her high Qi regen. :sweatdrop:

We lost something valuable today. It’s truly tragic. :sadwave:


Now she is with loots dropped. Mostly rare elixir that we don’t need anymore. Her artifact sucks.

Grab something useful in her soul memory.


Useless in our land of pure happiness.

Cooldown are capped, so we can’t get it any lower, and this art is too expensive.

What a disappointment. The only thing we can use is the high grade Tough Demon Hide clothing. Our Outer will appreciates it.

What? You want to challenge the heaven now?

Sure, go for it. It’s not even half a million.

She claimed three, THREE legacy artifact of water element! There’s no way she can fail against this Fire cloud with such heavy investment!

It’s almost like the cloud got reverse thundered.

:sickos: Now she has one million Qi! Our grand battle against the dragon will be so easy with this massive stat of a demi-god!

“My disciple can handle the dragon.”

Wait, where are you going!?


What about the epic dragon battle in… next week?

Also can you drop all these uniquely rare and expensive items? Especially the one that was enchanted by TravelLog for turbo boosting cultivation speed? Your sweet mount Flarth is pretty huge too.

“The ancestor deserves all the best gears, that’s me.”

:stonk: Y-you even auto save the world at this very moment to fourth wall ME!? What’s with the ominous message on the bottom!?


The same dabbing pose as Shinarato.

Ah, of course. You were a Pickpocket. :arghfist:

And now a celestial tomb raider too. :ninja:

Good choice of serving under Feng Shui snake. :hai:

Is this eastern Hogwart?

Or some children collectable card game dueling manor?

Does body cultivation cause the loss of empathy?

… what kind of ambition?

Of course. Collectable treasures.

Such generosity! :nsacloud:

At the epic age of 1234, Lynneth gained 9999 attainments and merged with heaven.