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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 191: Day 370-376: Very Old Immortal

The House of Chun is world renown and celebrated by many as the sect of morality equality. So join now for a chance to experience something earthshaking at the end of the season!

There's no better time than now where some of our active members of the Inner circle are going for last minute demi-goding! The cowardly inspirational ascension has motivated everyone to bail fill the gap succeed!

Welcome all of you in the big screenshot so I don’t need to type. I recommend Heaven Stealing Law if you want to go straight for godhood. Especially for two of you with less than a month left to live as a furry.

Welcome back, Chin Up. You aren’t a turtle this time, but Big Chungus! :monar:

Don’t miss your chance to join the dabbing party in heaven!

All your extravagant food and monetary expense in heaven are covered by your worshipers! :worship:

Look at how easy it is to become human! We are the envy of the demon world!

These commoner who can’t get in to our sect are trying to steal our goon secrets formula to become human.

Snake sibling thinks they can walk in and take what they want. Does our sect look like some random cabbage in the farm ripe for the picking?

Let me tell you our sect is extremely rigorous in security and no random pickpocket can walk away with our treasures just like that!

Everything under heaven, belongs to heaven. It’s not stealing if you own everything.

So get out and learn how to ‘pick’ our stuff the proper way!

Quantum Toast also joins in with the humanization.

She barely managed to gain enough Blossom essence to make her best offensive technique. Yes, best. Demon law and Tiger are quite disappointing.

Pop a mint after 3 seconds hard work of punching five clouds while the artifactless Daoist have to sits for an average of three days.

She did get hit once since body cultivator don’t have Qi to protect themselves.

But the injury doesn’t matter to her as she continues to chill in Average’s tribulation cloud. :yayclod:

Yes! Finally, our REAL Sunflower combatant is ready to become demi-god!

She used to have three artifacts, but she’s much more powerful going into the single artifact build. The prior wasn’t able to clear the fourth attainment tribulation.

Come stack on the tribulation cloud! Let’s see how fast a single burst damage Sunflower build can stab through the cloud.

:eyepop: One stab. Faster than body cultivator if she can strike first.

:hai: She should now rival Coffee in combat capability thanks to Sunflower’s legacy weapon (5x damage on artifact Qi recharge) and bunch of skill points into Protect.

She practically activates her legacy weapon effect on every stab! Too bad her artifact Qi recharg rate got nerf by -999999%

Let’s have you two test out against a cheat character. One mage and one shotgun.

:thunk: They are winning at a combat speed of not-taking-forever. Still too long with all these Daoist dances and ball bouncing.

Test concluded. Terminating subject with overwhelming force. :tfrxmas:

Not everyone can be successful. Having talent is nothing if the disciple doesn’t devote the effort to :justpost:

We do advocates for recycle. Everyone will be useful one way or another fertilizer.

Just in time! Congratulation for becoming human!

Keeping the boar horn for your neck I see. Going for the chieftain adornment and demeanor? :ohyeah:

Tunicate will make you fiercer!


Something new?

Exploration of unknown danger is part of misc. cultivator’s job description.

Oh? That’s an interesting stat to use for exploration.

We need someone with too much secret arts in their head.

… which is also Mcclay since Demi-God can’t go out to explore.

This has to be enough.

What exploration requires such density of enlightenment?

This will push her to 500 attainments.

Where are we going?

Now we can send in our demi-gods.

We can only send one in, so the rabbit that’s supposed to be good at :airquote: escaping :airquote: will be the scout. Maybe you can find your Eternal Night weather in there.

This again. Another online dojo?

Time pauses here, so it’s probably online content.

Seems to be a hut of some elder.

A spacetime junkyard?

Mr. Prokosch will fit in well among the trash be fine.

*Bad Feeling intensify*

*Dramatic story mode camera panning*

What fate? Stuck in this library? :question:

Whoa there! What did the rabbit ever do to you!?

Uh hmm, oh, I need to press button to fight manually. :f5:

No injury on Mr. Prokosch.

Sunflower girl will go this time. Daoist have more auto-fight capability. :effort:

He attacks immediately after his fateful monologue.

He’s clearly the bad guy for hitting a lady/cat.

Just need to click to attack button and select him to auto fight.

When you leave a cat to auto fight, it chases after the light in circles! :yaycat:

Welp. Time to get serious.

This amount of defense should buy me enough time to move my nimble chungus finger.

Berserk mode! :black101:

The rest is pressing 1 and 2 when the technique cooldown is over.

No way! He’s tougher than body cultivator!? Ten Thousand Years Old Ancient Cultivators are the real deal! :wth:

He should be beatable. Maybe after Seven Swords Coffee become Demi-God, or King of Magic Nea gains another million Qi. :ssj: