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by Nyaa

Part 192: Day 376-380: Ancestor Immortal

It seems the emergence of a powerful foe has motivated some of us to seeks greater strength, and our new recruits are all set on joining the Inner circle after witnessing the grandeur of our retirement plan.

We need to prioritize our new furry with short countdown.

There must be an easier way to remake all these… hopefully they won’t cancel out each other into pointlessness.

The suffering behind the scene.

Overall, she doesn’t have much bonus to Daoist law or Body slots, but bunch of combat skills and mental boost.

Our third God law that focus on protection will do.

You are much, much more prepared than Sla an. It’s still time consuming to meditate forever…

But not that long.

This room filled with bad Feng Shui item will maximize your stat boost.

Next is goatface, which have more than 100+ days.

I can’t recall why he is a frog, but my poor sense of humor said it’s the closest to a goat face.

Frog, unfortunately, have terrible stats. Even the Yaogai Balance modder said it. We won’t be using the mod of course. Talent isn’t needed in this sect to succeed.

We will plug the hole of deficiency with wealth, spells, and unhealthy amount of drugs!

You are good as a spellcaster with mental state boost, and since you prefer maximum flashing lights, we will make you god too.

Our second God law focus on spellcasting, so I expect you to lit up the sky or something.

The trinity of upside-down Godramid is aligned. :lron:

goatface is off to a good start!

The Sword is ready.

Fire cloud ready.

Rain ready.

The Pear Soup for Arcomage ready.

Grade doesn’t matter. All Sacred Relic will be enchanted with soul buildings later.

:worship:All hail Trekking Demon Slaughtering Numinous Treasure! :worship: That which prophesied to end all World Thirstvation!

You can sense the fear in the tribulation cloud. Is it fear from the birth of holy curse soup or Coffee? Either way, both are drinks that goes against fire.

“Why can’t I one shot this!?” :cry:

One million Qi achieved. :hai:

One million Qi Artifact achieved. :haibrow:

Coffee is now a walking 6 million Qi swordmaster. :haibrower:

Let’s test out his strength against the ten thousand years old cultivator!

Ha! Only half of Coffee’s Qi! You already lose in the battle of quantity! :smugbert:

Coffee’s artifacts are much greater in quality that our foe have no choice but to go into defensive!

He tries to fly out of Coffee’s entrapment, but these artifacts swiftly encapsulate him with greater speed!

Knowing the impossibility to escape, this ancient one decides to go all-in to cross sword with Coffee at close range! :fsn:

Coffee is losing more Qi due to that humongous building-size spear!

In respond, Coffee begins to manually dodge that spear with rapid bladesurfing! :tubular:

Both combatants are running out of juice, their artifacts slowdown from waning Qi.

Ultimately, having more legacy-quality artifacts wins the standoff. We did it! :toot:

Nothing of interest on this corpse.

His artifacts are subpar, but good as fertilizer for our magic plant.

Where did this tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) came from?

This is not a tanuki. Who name their cat 'Dog'?

Worth every single Qi in that life and death battle to pet this cat.

Take us to more cat room, please. :yaycat:

What in the fresh hell is this place!?

Some sort of multi-floor boss rush?

No, no! We respect gender equality!

OH SHIT! A body cultivator!

Fortunately, we know rabbit sucks and can’t dodge.

Manually run all over the map is the true way to dodge melee fighter!

Ok, this rabbit dodges a lot better than our weather rabbit. I’m sure ours would be just as good if he ever gets that Eternal Night weather.

This is exactly like flying a kite.

Took half of Coffee’s Qi to take her down. 95% dodge is nothing against a million stabs.

Nothing of worth here. To the next floor!

Are these scenes extract from some Xianxia novel?

You are an Ancestor!? Ones who created LAWS!?

Hey, we are not toxx!

Coffee’s Qi got wiped from the immediate post-monologue surprise attack.

He tries to flee, but this place is shut tight like a cave. :derp: