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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 194: Day 383-384: Water Type

“Feeble maggots! How dareth thee besmirch the prestige of mineth ancestral origin!”

“Mine own divine nameth of grand stature hast longeth hath lost to the language of thy kind, and it’s untranslatable through thy m'rtal tongue!”

“Since thee seeketh thy owneth death, I shalt bemusedly grant thee thy wisheth!”

“This imp'rvious corse of mineth rivals the might of thy 10,000 years fusty ancest'r! and thou art 10,000 years too young to offendeth me!”

“a swipe of mine own strident claw shalt blasted mountain,
a roar of mine own heavenly voice shalt parteth the flote,
a pi'rce of mine own invaluable h'rn shalt s'rrow the heaven!”

“Hmm? Wherefore is th're a want of feareth in thy eyes?”

“Thee dareth to seeth me as m're sp'rt f'r trophy!? Thou art truly seeking death!”

“Thee all dareth to bringeth such base'r beast 'gainst me? v'ry well, i shalt has't thy pets accompany thy journey to hell!”

“Bahaha! Such bawbling biteth of bug biteth is all thee can doth?”

“GAH! Thee has't physical cultivat'r!? i has't und'restimat'd thee!”

“MINE OWN HAM! I am not eft to retireth!”

“Cometh! mine own minions! cometh f'rth to relief me from this unfair square!”

“Doth thee bethink thee can intermit this palmy f'rces of mineth? FOOL-”

“How can m'rtal wield such pow'rful spelleth!?”


“Or I shall flood this land for a hundred years! Hunt your descendant till the end of the root!”

“NO! Stop! GAHHHHH!”

“Wait, please, wait, we can talk about this!”

“Let me live in my cave in peace and I will bless your land in occasion!”

“I’m really just a Feng Shui Snake that gotten lucky! My body part worth nothing! Plea-gaauua!”

“You… you may have defeated me today! But I am a creature born from the cosmic and stars!”

“I shall bind my time for my revival, and DESTROY your descendants along with the flooding of your homeland!”

“There’s nothing you can done to prevent my vengeance!”

“Did someone said there’s a water type?”

"I need some starter for my disciple trainers."