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Part 196: Day 390-393: How to Raise an Egg

In retrospection, we will put Sla an at the curse gate entrance to block the main door as a way to advertise our F-OFF attitude towards heaven. Our God clearly agree with this allegory and self-teleported its statue to the right place. :hai: It's alive

Welcome back, Flarth. You don't need to go through the gate, but please wear some clothes.

You are on a speedrun schedule.

Eat all these gelatin thing for fast fill up of stamina to mutate your body.

Get perma-buff from Win. Ignore the depression fragrance on her.

Our god successor has made the ultimate pants. Not sure if its creation was interrupted by Sla an or not, but it’s came out fine with a low effort name.

We don’t have the Feather Pants he wanted, but Crane has feather, so it should logically have MORE feather. Ironically, this pants have lower attack speed modifier.

After beefing up Flarnith, he will swallow all these beneficial drugs while he still can do so with his mortal body. :350:

Alright, this is great. Well prepared for a successful career for gore and mutilation duty. :madmax:

:doh: I forgot how much of a hopeless case you were with heaven’s full-powered cloud that hates your unlucky ass.

Thankfully, we can overcome that with Insight Fruit that gives Virtue in exchange for Attainment that doesn’t exist for Body Cultivator! It’s practically a fruit to make heaven likes you!

Now, with the support of Ancestor Lynneth, God Sla an, and Money, you have the chance to overturn your destiny of being a lowly mount!

Now! Turn this cursed amount of thoughts that ruined your cooldown to opportunity! What did you get from all these?

Hmm, surprisingly tame in overall bonus. All negatives are on the Daoist side. Having an extra offense and defense slot is quite good.

Your terrible luck traded for six whole seconds of berk mode! This is worth every pain and suffering of your existence! You get to punch cloud a lot longer and more frequently with your extra offensive slot too!

Naturally, everyone from here on should learn the human body law because Bone are the best body parts to boost offense and defense too.

Its ‘offensive’ technique does wonder for Gilgamesh225's defense…

Noo! Yaokai doesn’t have these human legs parts! :derp:

Dammit, back to the Yaokai body law for you then. :byobear:

Another damn thing that needs Tribulation Essence. The borrowed debts has been paid btw.

Whoa! Passive add-on to all techniques!?

Hell yes, this will destroy those Qi-Barrier Protect build.

After much rumination, we will have you breathes for a couple days on this rare dark fume thing.

Dark Fume is the perfect ingredient to refine your soul soup in this Curse Gravity Kitchen. :discourse:

Now then, who else need raising?

No more :justpost:?

It seems we are done raising essential personnel for the minimal survivability of the sect. The rest are stuck on unsupervised grinding.

4 Demi-Gods and 4 Body equivalent should be enough to keep the sect alive. So this LP will finally get some timeskip from hereon.

No better time to timeskip than raising this ‘Dragon’ egg.

Ahh… the sweet release from the shackle of micromanagement.

… apparently, I built this wrong and it requires Metal element to surround this egg while somehow keeping the room below -200.


Something tell me this is extremely wasteful and inefficient, which is exactly how rich people like us should raise our pets. :chord:

This would hurt If we aren’t so damn wealthy.

Lots of people donates their clothes to us too.

Our side businesses are flourishing. :chef:

:argh: Screw this connection/favor system! You have 20 of those and won’t sell them normally!?

I will custom order it from the merchant! I have MONEY! :homebrew:

They will bring what we want or be cursed by our multiple immortal gods! :kratos:

Looks like they can only bring one of every rare thing per visit… fair enough. You do need to protect the premium price on the market. :capitalism:

Our egg room will be ready by the end of the month.

The useless portal that drop trashes this whole time?

I would have somewhat regretted my choice for starting with this portal, but we do need a lot of soul pearl for the cold egg room.

Awesome, -200 C achieved! Maybe we can put up some other metal element items to warm(?) it up?

Perfect! This should be more than enough to hatch that egg!

Are you hatching, son? :pipe:

Good. :getin: