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Part 197: Day 393-396: How to Not Raise a Rabbit

The time skip vacation was cancelled. There’s still many things to do after raising talent for power. Such as...

Raising talent for slaughter.

Their sacrifices also serve as test case to ensure our active gym member can make it to Chaos Phase in time.

The power leveling method was to grind a single part to get better multiplier all in one go. We will wipe off whatever random mutation it gained later to undo the hunger penalty. :derptiel:

It was dangerously close for one of them, but the streamlined cultivation process makes it possible to pull it off.

A bear and chicken mount! :neckbeard:

Hot damn, Tylana put up such a good struggle that Ancestor Aldantefax had to come take it out.

Yes! Ancestor Win converted it into the highest grade mount!

She is getting too good at this.

Since Aldantefax killed Tylana, she will ride her trophy.

Inversely, bird loves to stay on roof, so our human-wall will ride it inversely.

This chicken understood the terror of Ancestor Win.

We can’t win if everyone is lazy, so Ancestor Win will punish no-poster.

“Posssst, just posssst~"

Speaking of no-poster, we are returning all non-human shrine agent back home to resume countdown.

Flarnith is already breaking through to the first stage. Everything is on schedule.

Acromage also have a month left like Flarnith, but Shendao cultivation is troublingly slow. :ohdear:

She’s not ready to breakthrough without the best room and state of mind.

You would think the Big Tree Energy room would be the best place, but God don't care about little things like Qi density. They want eminence!

:magemage: The poop Qi-gathering area is ruining the room’s Luxuriousness. Dumping more luxurious item in the room would mess with Overall Layout.

Fortunately, the joke CEO room have the best potential for home improvement. As such, we need to spend ever more wealth and resources to install some more expensive furniture and maybe a miniature garden to fill the rest of the requirement.

While we rebuild the CEO room to help God achieve enlightenment, has Mr. Prokosch gotten better with those dark gas that took forever to collect?

A mutation bonus for heart organ.

… but’s already been maxed. It would be decent if he got it at the beginning. :argh:

Next we have this two-level technique that unlocks… (please be something useful)

Faster molding… but you are already done with your build. :argh:

More efficiency (better rare chance?)… but you are already done with your build. :argh:

There are so many disputable points in the descriptions that scream false advertisement. :bang:

The main gimmick of this law is to take advantage of the cap increasing feature of Everlasting Essence by speeding up mold speed and mutation rarity. Unlocking more slots to stack more mutations into them is great, but the speed up feature is unnecessary.

It’s dodge stat all over again. Not enough value to matters for rarity chance.

7 Support/useless Tech for chance percentage to buff accuracy, rare mold chance, and dodge.
3 Defensive Tech from generic kick and shell.
2 Offensive Tech from generic punch.

Goddammit, Rabbit! You can be amazing if Atk, def, and dodge chance doesn’t cap out at 95%. I need to find a mod to uncap that! :shepicide:

Woah, how did you get 4x more penetration power(?)/chance(?) than others on the left punch? At least you have one redeeming quality.

:crabcourse: Alright, we will make use of what we got. Focus on collecting more variety of essences. Since you can easily pierce through shield, we will raise your attack stat through the roof with raw quantity of mutations. You will one punch murder Daoist through their Qi Barrier! In theory

Our CEO penthouse has upgraded to greater standard. Longer name makes it more prestige, right? Not only is everything more goldly and rare-metallic looking…

It came with a dedicated floor cleaning golem.

This soulless doll also deserves a predigest brand name to go with the room.

Holy shit! I didn’t expect it to max out!

Then again, lots of money was invested on this Platinum Gold Pyramid.

Acromage still need another mental state (300) and/or low distress boost to hit the cap of 28… but why this number?

Sounds legit for our second perfect god. :colbert:

The wiki page has this picture, so it must be the best number. :hai:

Happy 400 days anniversary! Now to have a time skip peep at his progress after 30 days!

Our muscle boar is done power leveling! :razorback2:

Took around 70 levels of single body part to reach from zero to Chaos Phase.

Looks like boar techniques are oriented towards Qi piercing. Surely this won’t invalidate the usefulness of a certain neighbor.

Edit: We will continue back on day 400 while he cultivate for the next 30 days.