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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 198: Day 396-403: Gen 5

With more mount comes more fresh blood.

These late comers are getting the effort posting they deserve for their posts. More so for the second request to be a humanoid sentient object.

When it comes to Chun, we do have a history with the fence, but that’s season 1.

In fact, the most Chun thing we can humanfy would be this one single, slightly dirty aspirin pill that shrink you for eating it. It’s less than a year old, so I am pretty sure it’s not expired yet.

Let’s fed it with more herbal ingredient to adjust its element balance.

While we further refine our purple powders into the best drug in the world, how’s the other recruit? I see you rush to put out some fire instead of paying respect to ancestor. Who do you think you ar-

… we will forgive you for having such a manly beard and being a kung fu master seaman.

The ancestor sent a crane over Acromage’s home to show their approval of this manly man. We will assume anything flying over goat face’s home to be disapproval.

More acknowledgement from ancestor! :pray:

Sorry, we are full.

Fine, you can stay. Find your own food. :catbert:

What’s with this chain of positive news?

Alright, Aldantefax, I am losing my mind over numerous hours of preventing your random betrayal to the House of Chun. I try editing every single value of your existence and you still feel like this isn’t the best place in the world.

I have no choice but to put you down.

Down into Cardio. :drac:

Sweet stats of no poster.

Too bad for the refund from lowered cap.

WHAT!? We can’t have that! Aldantefax would never want to live on with a non-poster name!

Which also locks out her soul-bound artifact? I am too irate to double check.

Is this whole update going to be about you?

Damn you, Aldantefax! Why must you vote to be recruited as this cursed lady! :argh:

Whatever idea you have to fix her, I probably already tried it. Send her out won’t stop the betrayal countdown either.

We can’t let you go! You own the House of Chun too much! Too much! :bang:

Especially these stats that goes to 31! :kratos:

You might be the cultivator that I spent the most effort to raise! Also the highest maintenance just to keep you on our side! :smithicide:

We can’t have Rastin kiss you forever. We also need to knock you out to do it, which is near impo-

It will knock you out three days, but it will be three free days for me to work on something else.

Barely made it with the traitorous thoughts. :sweatdrop:


Now kiss.

It’s fine.

This is some dark Daoist shit we are doing, but it’s fine against traitor. :jail:

Maybe her loyalty will not break this time.

Princess Sleeping Beauty and The Prince - Dao edition

Back to drugging the drug.

Now you have no weakness to element. It’s simply not worth going for extra compatibility to certain element law.

I bet it does. You know how hard it is to perfect them numbers?

Lastly, Average will Pinocchio you into an average human with average elemental affinity.

Great! Time to loot the tomb that everyone was too afraid to loot while closed.

Our misc will survive this.

She took our Blaze Dragon blessed luck pill.

Sigh. Only unique item can move my wealthy heart at this point.

Like these two outsourced worker that works for free and fix itself.

Did you know your name affects the stats of your human form?

Welcome to the House of Chun-

:what: I was joking about the Pinocchio part.

Then again, you are a failed pill.

What important is you becoming the record holder for having the most Qi in the history of Chun. :sss: