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Part 199: Day 403-409: The Ultimate Failure

Ugh, my head feels drowsy. Woke up too early and coffee isn’t working. :morning:

No, not this Coffee, but it’s true that he is not doing anything.

There’s no need for him to worry about tribulation countdown, so he will spend time raise max qi instead.

This should maximize his gain from meditation.

It can go pass 10?

… It’s probably not worth the attainment.

You will spend a month mediating. Don’t worry about stamina, we have 6k stamina worth of gel if needed.

Along with these stamina conversion pills. According to the guide, you should be able to gain about 60 Qi per day unless I missed something.

Current Qi: 1,278,780. See you in a month.

What the hell is going on.

Do I need to build another wall to stop all these random invasion?

She’s fine too. The coma drug temporary knock 80% of her health away.

Ok, that’s done. What was I working on before?

Ah, yes, I was making drug. :synthy:

No better time to weaponize this humanized drug than this celebratory update. :toot:

As much as I like to keep you as a doctor, we need super soldier.

We will start by fixing your terrifying nudity.

Starting with the terrifying part.

:gonk: Oh gawd, I didn’t notice that hairy mole on your cheek last time.


Meanwhile, our Express Clothing Delivery Force will bring you high quality clothing to camouflage you as an average human being!

Great, now you are above average ugly!

Due to your special constitution, we can fix your terrifying flaw with twice the effectiveness!

Wait, what!? You can only take an extra elixir ONCE? I thought it was once per elixir. :sigh:

Happy 200th surprise on my lack of research. We will have you eat the Qi boosting juice instead.

I had Blaze Dragon work all night for nothing.

At least he can eat the best Qi boosting juice first to have its effect apply retroactively when he is promoted.

10+ gallbladder and other drugs later, he is ready to pursuit Dao path of...

Arthritis or accidental body combustion law… we will go with the prior since it gives a huge boost to Base Max Qi at the end.

Before going with our choice, I need to follow this guide that promised me great power.

Specifically, the third one. Screw the second one that will take longer than raising TravelLog again.

What? We need god for this?

Well now we are committed. What’s next? :haibrow:

FYI, Sun Pill is a mid-level Max Qi raising item. Most people will implode from the 200k Qi.

76k Qi before Golden Core? :mensch:

Please tell, Master of Daoist Math.:eng101:

No luck on the first part but we can make do with pills, patience, and talismans. The rest are easy.

Can it be done on tier 12?


Can’t do much about type of pill and name bonus, but godplease helpme is maxed on those stats thanks to generous amount of max grade elixirs.

Oh good, I did it right. :sweatdrop:

WHAT!? Learn Seven Swords law!? :monocle:

I trust you, guide. We do need someone to take over Lynneth’s seat.

Put him into our cultivation elite club for Mental, Qi Sense, and Cultivation speed bonus. :wotwot:

This reduce Per, Con, and Int for Max Qi. I see where this is going. :ohdear:

So this is how it feels for a government to put their nation’s budget into a mega project. :shepspends:

We actually got a bunch of these from auction. These and dragon meat will all go to him. Sorry, Body Cultivator, you don’t really need those for your crappy techniques. I checked.

I finished reading this lengthy guide in greater detail this time. There should be enough wiggle room for our weaker Pinocchio to catch up to Big Chungus after a year.

Finally, we will have something to make a dent on our wealth. Time to win with money. :homebrew: