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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 201: Day 415-417: Dodgy Disappointment

Good news for god please help me.

Thanks to these recovery boost on top of laxative…

10 seconds is all he needed for his stomach to fix itself for each chuck of meat. The average resilience for everyone else is 0.3%.

I don’t know how different it is with gymnast’s healing, but even that is only 1%.

Don’t worry, you only need to repeat this until your resistance to the meat is maxed.

Amazing, you actually chew through the WHOLE DRAGON (50+ meat) in less than two days! Too bad we don’t have enough phoenix meat in stock.

Merchant doesn’t sell it either, those cheapskate!

This is why we need God to clear these major debuff, but the tradeoff buff is great for breaking caps on Demi-God whom doesn’t care about mental state or cultivation anymore. You get this by eating 36 Tier 12 items. :homebrew:

Ohh? Are we getting fresh fire bird delivery?

Too bad it’s just the feather. Still good for body cultivator to chew on it.

:hmmno: The feather only gives ancient beast bone essence, so our rabbit can’t dip into the wasteful chicken phoenix leg technique that give more dodge.

Not that he needed it. I just wanted to be sure there’s no complaints later.

Oh well, good luck! Hope you have 5% more luck on dodging a bunch of light-speed artifacts from a 10,000 years old master! :blastu:

Hurricaned by artifacts for a full second! :livintrope:

Oh? You only lose about 0.5% health as shown on the white tip of the green bar.

Remember the five other times where everyone is better than your gimmick? RAGE! :supaburn:

OH SHIT! He lucked into RANBU MODE! Cooldown on techniques are removed for a few seconds! :madmax:

This old man managed to survives RANBU MODE, but our jumpy rabbit can hit him with that insane penetration percentage! Let’s see who is out of health first!


Too bad you can’t spam anymore since going over your True Qi reserve will put you in a weakened state.

Oh my god, you actually did it! You magnificent bucko! This is your redemption arc! :stoked:

To the next floor! :slick:

If only you have a God to clear that greed. :agesilaus:

Is this the final stage of obesity?

Only if they are tier 12. I didn’t even bother to grab those trash artifacts from last floor.

This demon boar only has one artifact core to attack our dodge master. I am 95% sure this will be our victory.

Remember the four times I shit on your weather that never came, and then it actually sucked? RAGE! :kingsley:



And thus, the slave of everlasting weather is freed from disappointment. :pray:


The rest on the top are regular junks. Let’s loot the legacy and move on.

Only Metal element can hurt them? Sounds like the best place to bring Seven Sworders or Bear law user. Let’s see if DISAPPOINTMENT PUNCH is enough to clear it.

Can we watch?

Welp, this isn’t something 95% dodge can solve. :theroni:

Our rabbit got blast back to reality, but he didn’t have the legacy artifact? :question:

I will assume either the new item mod, or the English version didn’t go well with those items in Chinese. So I will hack them back into our stock. :witch: