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Part 202: Day 417-427: Fight Greed with Ethical Expenditure

Hmm, looks like the challenge dungeon did revert the legacy artifact list back to the ancient language of season 1.

It’s easy to find them in the list since they belong to two categories plus one unique jewel at the center.

The Sword series consist of various special effects such as burst damage, pierce Qi, extra damage to enemy artifact/Qi/shield, and Artifact Mastery.

The Magic Flag series deals extra damage to certain element. The last one is a Magic Talisman that increase Spell Mastery.

The greatest haul from them all is this Soul Draining Jewel. It multiplies its strength for each person it kills, up to 36x multiplier. The effect last until a full day without further slaughter. The ultimate trump card for solo sect slaughter. :unsmigghh:

Alright, now to distribute these legacy artifact with big brain time: We have plenty of artifact users. Enough to forgo mix-element versatility and go for maximized singular elemental damage. Anyone with bad element match-up can simply sit out of the battle. :yaycloud:

This is especially vital for conquering single element challenge dungeon and targeting elemental bosses.

Our most powerful artifact user already soulbounded a bunch of water and earth legacy artifact, so their arsenal will be Water/Earth mix unless they want to trash their soulbound artifact. If Flood Dragon shows up again, they will drop their water artifact and deal full damage with their earth. If a Fire Dragon shows up, they can hit with both element. They will sit out if a Wood Dragon shows up. There's no Wood Dragon

Nice beard! Your month long meditation should be over soon.

As for our Alive Princess, I am getting mixed signal about her traitorous tendency. :raise:

Cyflan will go full Water as she is the master of Pear Soup. It feed well from her Metal Law too.

These three will be assign for Metal, Fire.OR Wood

Xun is all done with her Single Sunflower Earth Artifact gimmick.

Non-poster gets leftover.

Shei-kun is a spellcaster, but we will fill her slots with giant fishes because we are rich enough to afford an offensive aquarium. Fish is Earth btw. :coolfish:

Let me know if anyone want to change for something else.

:hmmno: more Earth element specialist would be nice.

New guy! It’s your turn to harass the dragon! Don’t forget to eat a dragon dung in front of it to establish dominance! :madmax:

Do you best to insult its ancestor too.

It is to be expected since Body Cultivator can only power jump and not fly.

There’s no reason to send Daoist when body cultivator can take the blast... unless it counts as a failure for luring the dragon here? It worked for Ancient Cultivator. :magemage:

Our wood plant approves of the incoming storm water! :palmon:

I don’t know where we got those 15 Primordial Soul Gem in our stock, but that’s enough for Nea to skip all 13 of our legacy activation requirement! :monar:

Ah, right... from trade. Sometimes I forgot that I spent a whole RL year on managing the House of Chun. :coffee:

Hmm? The activation requirement seems to be broken at 0/0, so Nea doesn’t need to do it, but we will burn those Soul Gem anyway since we are rich and fair. :wotwot:

Our God Acromage agrees as she brainwash the Greed out of this disciple’s mind. Relinquish the awful memories of your binge eating!

Oh! There’s one more here! Eat it after you are done. Don’t worry, those poop next to it are not yours. Dragon Feces are mostly good for you.

How lucky(?) for you! We got fresh delivery from Daomazon!

We will also feed you these one-time Qi elixir from our neighboring ancestors.

We appreciate the emphasis of fairness in their divine recipe. This is certainly an amount that only a rich sect can afford once in a decade.

For us, it’s once a week if we feel like tele-robbing again.

Okay, maybe a month or two if we are going for whatever ultimate item that uses this as one of its component.

Now I am a bit curious for whatever wallet destruction item we can make with these recipe… but we will save that after Gen 5.

*GASP* Did we really spent that much from 200k? :aaa:

There we go. Our extremely ethical expenditure pushes all memories of your greed into a crystal! :thumbsup:

It's best no one remind oh god please help of how he got the greed in the first place. It's an awful memory involving spillover and flooding.

The awful memory crystal will then be fed to Sla an to give her a dose of humanity.

Make her recall the awesome laxative time she missed out in the mortal world. Every single time we make laxative, an unknown menace will spices everyone’s meal. We don’t know who did it, but well done. :thumbsup:

In exchange, she will isekai some people to our other Gods’ world. :bandwagon: