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Part 203: Day 428-429: Only Took 6 Updates

We have no choice but to put Nick and Cyflan on 81 days coma to greatly reduce their attainment.

Their Bear Law's secret arts are expensive as last chapter’s wallet damage. :swinson:

But raising mastery by 7 levels should be worth the investment.

Nick can surpass Aldantefax’s artifact mastery soon, but I don’t know if one or two level is worth the expenditure. It’s insanely expensive to level skill above 20.

Speaking of insane upkeep, Aldantefax need to relief some dark, traitorous stresses that is constantly haunting her damaged brain.

She believes suicidal soloing a sect should solves her traitorous tendency. So onward, to battle! :black101:

We point her towards Purple Cloud Sect since they are the weakest at the moment due to…

Mismanagement of their curse pear or something awful.

By the way, which sect was she from before we persuaded her to our side?

Surely it can’t be Purple Cloud. We aren’t sending her home, right?

It’s like sending a mouse into a lion den.

Oh? Red text? So you have reveal your true traitorous self! To suicide you go!

Ummm… I can’t control her. The button are missing. :downsgun:

I assume the non-existing number 3 for Enemy Type is ‘Traitor’. :argh:

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to keep Aldentefax on permanent house arrest.

At least she will be our Combat Instructor forever. Forever coma if necessary.

But we will give you one more chance to prove your suicidal loyalty.

This traitor ignores my button commands! :argh:

I can’t trust her anymore. We need to raise more homegrown soldiers to defend our sect, and potentially against her.

This pious one should be loyal enough.

This snake will make a great Daoist.

You are good at tanking and formation? Great! It’s time we dabble in this dangerous season ending subject.

Too bad it’s not viable to raise you as a pure tank.

Next we congratulate on this cat goon for catching up to Season 2, and gladly reinstate him as a…

Gold Membership Gymnast. :bananacoin:

Gold Member gets to sits next to the Platinum member platform and hope for the 5% chance to get in the platinum vacant seat someday.

Your crafter skill transferred beautifully into Comprehension. Good for smelling shit and understood why it is good for your muscle.

Unlike a certain Platinum member, you survive 9 out of 10 times instead of percentage! (It’s just a strong stat buff)

Finally, nearly a month has passed. We are now back to the point where we check on Flarnith and Arcomage’s short countdown.

Our prison god is so low on time that she has to get as much faith as she can until the very last moment.

Fortunately, her law focuses on tanking, so she initiated this citywide megaproject to empowers her artifact. If she dies, everyone inside dies. No one complained. Prisoner don’t complain. None can escape.

:magemage: Low artifact Qi should be better for tanking, so we modified this pear soup to spam attack instead.

First out of five cloud. Why is it so weak?

Insight fruit and max luck. Heaven also loves cat. How else would they get nine lives?

Kitty thinking about pancake while offering pear soup to the cloud. :yaycat:

Pondering where to go for picnic. :yaycat:

About 7 bowl of pear soup to appease each cloud. All in all, these clouds got served in 7 second.

Congratz on becoming human! I would be devastated if I spend six whole update micromanaging you for nothing.

You will stay as a cat for a while since beast form lowers Mental State, which is great for recharging it at certain divine state.

Inspired by the prison fortress, our frog god begins to build his city next to oh god please help’s precious.

We made sure it embellishes the prestige of the CEO room to be eye pleasing to the gods. :five:

Next is Flarnith with his 1.22 luck and 64 Virtue.

Is one month really enough time to raise a body cultivator to fight the cloud? Will I cry for wasting 6 updates to gacha your stats?

One-month Body Cultivator challenge succeeded! :woop:

I don’t think those horn should grow from your lower cheek. Then again, you do need to keep that Chun Li bun hairstyle.

“I am a tank. Fear me.”

Back to our to-be Formation Master. I don’t see any law specifically beneficial for Formation build.

Maybe there’s something for that in the Riths mod? This scroll alone took about 15 ingredients (including sub-ingredients) to make.

We need a law that buff Formation.

:byodood: Omg you cancelled the reading to eat your breakfast… do you know how much this thing is worth!? At least 80k if it’s sold by merchant!