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Part 204: Day 430-435: Advance Wealth to Power

Tragedy strikes again as the Laxative Phantom claims another victim with great vengeance! :drac:

To be reduced to such an awful state proves you needed more training, so you shall take on a permanent responsibility of Logger to toughen your body. :baduk:

In fact, you have the worst stats in the sect and only suitable for hauling duty. :bahgawd:

Enjoy your hard mode wood chopping exercise! :c2b:

Now to spend a long time making another one of this with the last of our sect’s resources. We can’t afford to lose it again. :ohdear:

Coffee is done with his month long meditation. His Base Qi and Core Quality didn’t change, but Anima Conversion increased by 1841 from 392!

Thus he gained 1841 Max Qi per month/season.

Each meditation month cost 18 years of his lifespan, so if we managed to burn him out, it would take him 107 months/seasons (26.75 years) to gain only 200k Qi. :sigh:

Is it worth the grind, no. Eat this Spirit Seed instead. It has no med resistance.

Well, well, you gained 47,635 Max Qi. Screw meditation forever. We will raise everyone's Qi with money! :homebrew:

Unfortunately, due to recent expenditure, we are back to the low, low wealth level of a mortal city lord. We need a faster way to acuminate wealth.

Selling spirit bow and clothing seems to be the common consensus for earning money… there must be a faster way…

In the meantime, we will sell our accumulated junk. That’s enough to buy 17 Spirit Seeds for almost 800k Max Qi. Essentially buying 5 Max Qi for each spirit stone for Coffee .

This is how much spirit stone it takes for 1 billion Qi, which is the cap strength for tribulation cloud. Not that you need it that high with high Protect.

It should be a lot cheaper to raise our billion Qi monster for maybe 50k investment. Let’s hope it works out for him.

By the way, can anyone check if Poems of Sadness is selling for this much? The merchant and sect leader sold them for around 500.

It’s just a cosmetic item for all I know.

Edit: It is correctly priced as in vanilla. So Blaze Dragon will make it prettier to sell it for a higher sum. Item grade is a multiplier to the base price.

Hiho will test out the fishing industry for profit potential and seek out rarity for Ancestor Shei-kun to complete her aquarium.

This sold for nothing.

Nice! This one sold for nothing too! Too bad it’s not a fish either!

To the bear stomach it goes.

Now this one can be reserved for Shei-Kun.

A what?

Oh, pardon us, madam. :wotwot:

Well that’s one way to earn a title.

Finally, this took forever to make.

Now we will use this as one of the INGREDIENT to make one of these final product. One let you pick an existing law and the other let you pick a formation. What's require to make the other ingredient?

Oh hell no, this is slightly more expensive than the 7 Color Scroll! :argh:

Welp, I did say we can’t afford another one without emptying our storage.

Actually, here’s 4 priceless poems that will be remember for eon to come. We will also buy your shitty poem and upgrade it to similar caliber.

Who knew the solution to our money problem is writing epic poetry?

Operation cost to make the priceless Poem of Sadness. It involves 11 angry ghosts making the text shinier, ghostly smooth texture, cool temperature at all time, anguishing content, extra whitening of hair, atmospheric fog, woooo chorus, and curse narration by a depressed narrator.

We just need to sell ten thousand poem to become a Qi-billionaire! :sss:

Speaking of massive ball of Qi, Our panda brothers have fully grown.

Only one stats matter to us, and it’s maxed. Moving on to the next pet...

Are you hatching, son? :pipe:

You should be out by next summer.

See you, Xianxian and Xiuxiu, we need to raise a chubby fox next. :wave:

Oh? Your divine breakthrough took a lot longer than I thought.

Good title for a spellcaster god.

… wait, why is your city so huge compared to Acromage?

Acromage only have half of his score, so she might have gotten interrupted halfway during her ascension.

Fortunately, the score shouldn’t affect anything that I know of, so I will copy goat face’s stat over with the same amount of land.

Problem solves.

Umm, the score changed the prefix of the title to the same as goat face, but that’s it.

How many time has I said ‘Finally’ in this update? Anyway, we can use this to grab a free formation of our choice instead of stealing from other sect or through some fortuitous event.

Nea maxed out the Formation skill, so she will read it.

Eliminating local wild life that can eat the scroll. :ffg:

We will go for the first one.

This sounds promising.

Good. I like it simple. To minimize the risk. :hai:

Artifact combat oriented formation.

:eyepop: Holy shit! +113 lv to Artifact Mastery when all node requirement are met!

Such immense power doesn't come cheap. Four of these nodes also requires equipping one of the Sword series legacy artifacts.

Which we happened to come upon in the challenge dungeon! So we are qualified to run this Formation to its full potential! :bubblewoop: