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by Nyaa

Part 206: Day 445-465: godplease onemillion

It took a long time, but I have accumulated enough reasons to forced myself to time skip and avoid unnecessary micromanagement.

Since all production of bows has long been ceased.

Our Outer just laze around and occasionally farm some food for themselves. Why are we in such placid state?

Because Sect Master Blaze Dragon single handedly funds the whole sect at this point. Almost 20k income each day.

We also have tons of liquid asset ready to trade if needed.

Maybe we are done farming too…

Flarnith baited another ancient elderly to our home for robbery.

Quite a banal title compare to... well, gods. But enough to impress our incoming victim.

Are you hatching, s- :pipe:

The snow turns into rain! :krakken:

MY SON! :yaycat:

No name yet?

Do you like your name, Son? :pipe:

Remember to say your name twice like a pokemon.

This would be expensive a few updates ago. :homebrew:

The ancient cultivator took a long time to arrive. At least she would be a decent challenge.

Only the brave or fool would solo a sect.

Ohh, a legacy crafting book for three powerful artifacts!

Yesssss! This unique statue usually has good effect.

Great! Base mental state are such a pain to manage especially for gods. This will go into our cultivation room.

We will need it for the sanity of our wallguy.

The cook book is pretty useless to us at this point. Might be worth setting it up if there’s a difficult dishes mod.

We will put it in the gym to remind everyone of the godly dishes they can eat after ascension.

Not that they have any appetite with so much waste and plant-refuse building up in the gym.

Son, are you ready to come out to play? You need 3 days? Alright.

Our ANOTHER sun is ready too!

This took forever, but the extra boost from the expensive medicine of the Riths mod helped a bit.

This is before dark drugs. He needs 76k Qi to survive the Sun Pill.

Wicked Flux and its elixir version. One destroys your mental state and the other destroys your attribute stats.

He can never cultivate normally ever again, but we all cultivates in cave anyway. Fortunately, 7 Swords law does have a lot of secret arts that improves mental state.

Still 10k Off. Maybe that’s good enough? You pretty much reached the limit of your medicinal resistance.

Nope, you exploded instead. There is some discrepancy with your stats compare the perfect lifeform in the guide, but I didn’t expect the gap to be this wide.

He would need the extra boost from Sunflower, Artifact, or Alchemy law to catch up.

I rather have him consume more dark drugs.

... still not enough. The resistance to the drug also reached its limit. It’s a dead end with 7 Swords Law for him.

I will not redo him and wait ANOTHER forever to build his caludron! So we will solve it with money through the power of non-cheatlike mod! :shepspends:

We would never be able to afford these a few updates ago. :homebrew:

Even then, these are gamble pills. I don’t know what he will get, but we are desperate.

Not that he has anything more to lose at this point.

Amazing result! His max luck must have helped.

Goddamn it, he still needed 8k! This is why I don’t want to follow guide. You skim on one or two steps (Tier 13 Big Chungus Pill) and it’s all ruined. :argh:

In the interest of not wasting time to redo this with a different law, we will edit a few numbers so goddamnplease iamdonehackme can proceed with 70k Qi.

Please ignore the esoteric process of overwriting the world’s law to empower one wallguy. We don’t know the consequence of performing such deed, but it can’t be as bad as traitorous princess.

Holy shit! One Sun Pill gives 100k Max Qi! It’s not a lot post Golden Core, but massive before that! Keep eating! :yum:


This high tier Qi restore pill that also gives 100k temp Qi! 200k at max grade!

Now with 500k Qi, godplease igonnaexplode can safely consume Spirit Seed. I stockpiled the shit out of these seed for this occasion.

About 25 Seeds later, we got him into 800k Qi + 200k temp Qi! Eat 10 more to get one million for real! :fyadride:

And then go for it! Make that core with a million Qi! :thurman:

See you in a couple seasons! :wave: