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Part 208: Day 500-510: Rage Formation

If I recall correctly, certain things started unlocking at day 500s, so this should be an interesting year.


Wait, wait, it’s just a statue.

Why are we getting so many of these sentient objects?

At least Son is happy for its new friend/toy.

This is quite philosophical for a dragon statue. :crossarms:

How could I forget the fact that no one would dare to attack us at this point. :hehe:

Nea make Coffee’s cushion poetic. Nothing whoopee about it.

On the auspicious date of number Three, it’s a good time for our God to breakthrough.

goat face the frog is going to become human! :frogon:

Damn! Frog have sick eyebrows. :haibrow:

The very next inauspicious day of number Four, we have another God applying visa for humanhood.

“I can’t eat human anymore!?”

“I can eat snake!” :hek:

Subject B.E.A.R. 1 awakens.

Subject B.E.A.R. 2 awakens. It’s time to recall everyone for legacy distribution.

First we have Coffee going full beverage on Water Artifacts. There’s no Water Sword for the Formation, so he can go in the middle as main striker.

He does need to bind this rare legacy sword to raise his Artifact Skill to lv 30. It has an insane requirement of meditating with it for 360 years. We bypassed it with Nea's help.

After maxing out Formation skill and learned a couple formation arts - Xun, Aldantefax, all three gods, and godplease helpme can swap in as main striker.

Cyflan will take all the earth element Artifact along with Xun’s single artifact gimmick.

This legacy sword has a 1% chance of dealing 30% of enemy’s current Qi as additional damage. If the foe have a million Qi, this will deal 300,000 damage.

Nick is going full metal element artifacts for total forest destruction! :dota101:

His legacy deal 1.5x damage when crashing against artifact.

Unfortunately, we are lacking in metal element legacy, so Nick will not be challenging the Metal-damage-only dungeon for now.

TravelLog have the wood arthritis law, so fire artifacts will suck the last bit of life in him.

The fire legacy sword has a 10% chance to deal 5x damage.

Mcclay also have arthritis law, so he will go full wood to maximize her stiffness. :corsair:

The Wood sword deal 1.5x damage when it strike the cultivator.

The rest are raising their attainment to 350.

A full week of micromanagement later, everyone is now qualified to unlock the max potential of our super formation.

Everything is good except none of our main pillar can handle the Load. We need to collect more formation arts to get better at it.

It cost 10k Qi per second to keep this thing up and running. :ohno:

Let’s run it and see…

This gonna explode, isn’t it?

Starting up without issue.

Mcclay can’t handle it for some reason and immediately fell off.

She is a demi-god with grade 4 core... maybe we shouldn’t use our cultivator built for miscellaneous purpose.

Alright, we will hack and move all these to Princess Traitor. Surely she can’t betray us while maintaining a formation.

Second attempt with unforeseeable betrayal.

Wonderful. It’s working with the anticipated massive drain of Qi. But can you anticipate betrayal?

They managed to maintain the formation for two hour.

Then they fell off like Mcclay.

Okay fine. We will use a cat instead. :catbert:

Your half a million Qi probably isn’t enough to become the battery for this formation, but we will prove a cat is more useful(?) and loyal(?).

Three hours. More than enough to accomplish nothing. :baduk:

Prove me wrong with a raid! :clint:

Ready? Activate Formation!

That immediately treated as a hostile action.

"You think you can take me!?"


Each of these nodes have a few million Qi.

We lasted longer than expected and wiped everyone in their sect beside those in formation. We might be able to do it if we can dismantle their formation via weak-point node. :toot: