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Part 209: Day 510-510: 13 vs 13

Since I rage quitted after seeing that massively cheating formation of our foe, we get a second try. :engleft:

Seriously, all of them have zero formation mastery. This thing would had exploded if it were run by us. :bang:

Once again, our team lasted long enough to wipe everyone in the sect except that cheating formation.

Right before someone ran out of Qi and cause the formation to implode, we have everyone disband and fight it raw. :black101:

We are playing this the smart way. :sushiyes:

Wait, we can use Qi restore item in battle? This is a game changer! :aaa:

Our odds of victory have greatly raised! :blaster:

Can our elite overcome this cheat formation?



We equipped our spellcaster with shit load of spells to unload onto their sect.

Someone got a lucky strike and vaped Cyflan’s muscle, but for someone who went through all sort of pear curse at this, such minor injury can be regrow in 3 mins.

Damn it! The enemy also have AOE spell that hits hard! Coffee have it extra rough since his artifact Qi recharge build is dumping everything onto his artifact and enemy spells go straight for his body! He only has 2 point in Protect!


A weak point emerged!

Should had study harder in formation school, hahah-oh wait, none of you have anyone point invested in Formation... my taunt just made me angrier at this unfair BS. :shepicide:

AHA! The weak node take A LOT more damage than others!

They are swapping nodes to hide the next weak point!

Lmao it’s your again! :cawg:

My gift to you.

Swapping again after the huge explosion.

I will bet on you again. :csgo:

Our non-spellcaster are out of juice. The massive investment into spellcasting has proven crucial to long term survival for TravelLog and Traitor Cheatcess.

Nick flopped. I forgot to raise his Max Qi for this test ride.

New weak point revealed.

Coffee lasted a lot longer thanks to the massive Qi of his artifacts.

5 vs 13 depleted their formation to half its Qi.

They didn’t lose any strength from our slaughter. The sect formula remains a mystery.

“You are not our BEST friend anymore!”

Now that we know how to deal them. It’s serious raid time.

Serious gearing up. Each of these heal a million Qi.

We will beat cheater with fairness: 13 vs 13.

“Hi friends! We are glad your entrance is large enough for our raid beast!”

“We are here to pay respect to your ancestor.”

By offering one of the formation node guy to you in one-shot!

Respect: Off

Our body cultivator went all out punching the middle guy.

No weak point shows up yet, but…

We don’t need it.

I would cry too if someone managed to destroy 50 million worth of Qi.


Coffee was real close even with 4 million worth of Qi recovery, but he could had activate formation to borrow Qi from others. We don't talk about the other timeline where it imploded for some reason and everyone died.

Now to plunder their Wonder and loot everything in their treasury. :yarr:

… these stuffs that used to be priceless to us is just trash at this point. We won’t bother taking any of it. :nallears:

This is more useful. Both for mood and pleasing our ancestors. :worship:

Took their superior law book that will never be on sale.

We will be taking your cheat formation. Let's hope it isn't a degraded non-cheat version.

:tipshat: We apologize for interrupting your bacchanalia. I’m sure this sex cult will regain its members in no time.

Looks like we won’t be solving the mystery, but don’t worry, ancestors. We just need to kill everyone to avenge you! :black101:

Traitor Princess gain a heart?

So that’s why they don’t want us to touch it.

For once, we get to leave a sect with great satisfaction. :duckie: