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Part 21: Day 18: Sorrowful Inspiration

The musical genius Kaja found the sorrowful atmosphere so inspirational that she started humming. Truly, musician thrives in sorrow.

*Gasp!* Our pet snake pooped!

Sorry, Hats! I know you needed to seclude yourself in sorrow for your lost, but it’s good to go out and listen to some music!

The ‘Hard Rock’ music of the wolf head-banging on the wall while drummer Slaan hammers on the other wall! :rock:

No way… at 30%? Third… forth time the charm?

Can you smell the permeating divinity of our gorgeous Everlasting Crap?

Finally, our sect got a treasure! :cry:

It’s all thanks to your natural Feng Shit, pet snake. I promise you will get a spot in the Snake Pit in our Ancestral Snake Temple. Why yes, we are going to have a snake pit inside a snake temple.

Our workshop is officially open in recognition to this triumphant moment, rise up crafters! This place is ready for all workstation to moves in. There’s no way we will have poor quality with such positive Feng Shui!

One of the most important workstation is the Medicine Table for making basic medicine that deal simple ‘type’ injuries like external, internal, bone fracture, pain relief, and taking a shit.

As for these other cheaply made workstations, their wood element isn’t compatible with the Earth room. They have better Feng Shui sitting outside than indoor.

Slaan! Why are you chopping tree with your hands!? You aren’t on the logging list! We don’t need more wooden workstation!

Slaan, the wolf is in a coma, punch that instead.

I see Arcanuse taught you Point-Blank Shot.

An observer is here. It could be someone from a sect to check us out to see if we are worth destroying their attention. This one is powerful enough to have Title.

She flies on her spinning wheel thing and hovers above our wooden workstations. Did she smell the crafting success of our sect master and come here to celebrate?

Since she is here, let’s gossip to learn something about the world.

Kaja's sorrowfully good mood would be the best candidate compare to others. she should be able to strike up a decent conversation.

Kaja have 43% affinity with this 166 years old woman ancestor.

Always start with a proper greeting to your elderly.

Kaja nods and pretends to understood the sudden paragraph of poem about her recent enlightenment. She's a great listener!

Keep nodding and show concerns to her.

Then come the info spilling out like a flooded dam.

Now that we are on a secret-sharing rapport, we can start asking specific info.

Like the nice old lady sect master that Radio Free Kobold ‘charmed’(?).

Both gossiper asking the same question with interest. None have the answer but speculations.

Kaja then spends a long time gossiping about everyone else. She knows nothing about them.

Or she isn’t spilling until we bribe her.

A trader once said: Gift is the fastest way to get someone to gift you back. Then you can invite them as guest in hope of helping you murder a giant slumbering demon.

Kaja said she will go grab a Spirit Wood and some Brown Rock Scraps for her, but this elder flew away.