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Part 210: Day 511-518: Save Scam Scheduling

There seem to be a misconception of us defeating our cheating foe through the mystical art of Save Scam. That's simply untrue. :nono:

In the ancient time of season 1 our ancestors, their primitive art of divination can only foresee omen with vague message of their Ascended Ancestors. After all, peering directly into the secret of heaven would make you metaphorically blind, if not risking being absorb into heaven itself.

However, in the Modern Era of Great Cheating, we have plenty of powerful Living Ancestor to perform less-vague forecast of the future to steers us into a better timeline.

The process is pretty simple and ingeniously vague to circumvent the wrath of heaven. We make a schedule of what we plan to do in the next few days, in this case, raid a sect with different combination of tactics. :thunk:

Then, our powerful ancestor will see into the future to see what will happen in the next few days of planned schedule with the assumption of cancelling all activities of other days to reduce butterfly ripple divergence to minimal level.

Great Ancestor Blaze Dragon has been the one who steers our sect into the best possible timeline with his amazing capability to see all the way to next month! :toot:

As amazing as he is, Blaze Dragon can only diverge ‘vague’ answer, but due our scheduling system of great ingenuity, we practically got the answer with one word.

This is how we avoided all the bad timeline and keep everyone alive. It's too complex for mere Outer to understood the great machinations of such great mysticism, so we left them baffle over so, so many cancelled activities every week.

when I said everyone is alive, I meant everyone in the Inner circle or hardworking poster.

Our sentient hat certainly knows the worth of a no-poster.

All we can divine on that day was a good day of harvest and good food. :confuoot:

How can we expect someone to ironically died from starvation on that day?

The answer is us obtaining a bag of fertilizer for the field on that very day! What a twist! :psylon:

Anyhow, inspired by Winter Fist’s hunger death and recent successful raid, we recruited a turtle.

Every seer in the world can sees how it will die, but we will embrace and empower his destiny!

We will make you a bomb. A hunger bomb that have more leveled part than your stomach can handle outside of the Pear Soup Room. The moment you are let loose outside, you will starves to death, but not before you burst hard inside an enemy sect. :btroll:

:bang: OH MY GOD I forgot how god awfully slow they are!

Ancestor Gilgamesh255 will pass you his legacy.

Surprisingly, the starter law has a spam level technique that requires high level of base white label.

The ultimate upper body techniques that prove you can skip legs day. :haibrow:

Not that we have any faith in this turtle’s legs. :newlol:

In the interest of time and my sanity on managing this turtle, we will set molding spell to 1000%. It WILL still take a while due to leg-walking.

Now back to our world domination starting from the eastern isle.

We respect and brought home their culture. Their dark purple water tree goes well with our blood aesthetic.

All their laws are good and being recorded in our Great Library of Chun. Further expand our arsenal of spells and combat capability. :science:

Let’s see what this do. Btw, our sect’s Wonder is the Mini Universe storage.

We will plop this down at the flooded dragon sewer area.

Let’s see if it’s any better than our transdimensional storage.

Coffee nearly maxed all these requirements by around 90%

You are kidding me.

Xun is 95%.

Just more node recipe and a big increasing in handling Load. We need a dozen more of these for Coffee to keep our super formation from leaking Qi like a waterfall.

Speaking of formation, an extensive study on their 13-man cheat formation reveal-


It’s basically a simple formation of attaching two Qi-batteries to fuel the spellcaster. It does need 3 Female to unlock its spell skill bonus.

We will strap Win and Mcclay to battery power our spellcaster: Nea/Shei-kun/Traitor Princess.

:hmmyes: Perfect gender equality pays off. We also respect combat and spellcasting equality.

It’s good that we destroyed this sect that produce such sexist not-cheat formation.

Be glad that we still pay you guys for your trash. The only Required Connection you need is us owning you. :c00l:

We will take all of these to make our Wood element legacy.

To reward the loyalty of our princess in the best possible timeline, we will grant her all these Wood Element legacy artifacts. Please no betray

As for this week’s Ancestral Forecast, we worked on more power up and bomb development.