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Part 211: Day 519-522: Freedom Day

Our princess has a thought. Would it be traitorous to celebrate Happy ‘Murica day - a western foreign holiday in Mythical Not-China land? :patriot:

Also known as the :911: DAY OF FREEDOM! :911: It has a lovely tradition of blasting heavenly clouds with copious amount of fireworks rivaling a fire cultivator. :c2b: :retrogames:

Ancestor Blaze Dragon foresees that day indeed have a lots of clouds.

He describes the wonderful and fresh dinner we will be served on 7pm that night.

The firework will start at 11pm. A good time to scare the shit out of the locals who lack Freedom in their heart. :freep:

After all, we all chose to walk the path of cultivation in order to break from the cycle of mortality and become free to do... whatever immortals do.

Yes! That’s the right attitude as a FREEdom laborer! :hai:

Work hard enough and you might get promoted to become Qi-batteries for Nea! All they need to do is keep eating those Spirit Seed to increase Max Qi as soon as we get it from the merchant.

No better example than this on Money to Power.

Blaze Dragon’s prediction came true! Steaks and Ribs has arrived for barbeque!

:hmmno: Going for elixir diet, huh? Local homegrown beef too domestic for your foreign heart? Anyhow, the hour of bombing the atmosphere swiftly approaches.

Oh? Qi burst you say?

Sounds like we need to fulfill the prophesy with maximum embracement.

I was hoping for his growth to be passive, but Money to Muscle it is. :homebrew:

… actually, as a single-use bomb that we needed in a hurry, let's take this opportunity to demonstrate what real cheating looks like.


I think you can only get this from eating a God statue, which fulfilled your wishes to eat the dead. Daoist statue gives Immortal Marrow instead.

Nothing from the God Essence. At least not in the turtle brain. Won’t want him to achieve enlightenment and ascend yet.

A lot of these seem to be unimplemented essence since they have the same description.

The ‘Editor’ mod isn’t design for cheating, so it's easier to roll each label manually instead. :smith:

Just the bare required labels to unlock the technique should be more than enough. Anymore gunpowder would make this firework ends instantly.

Found a cheat button for maxing all existing label on selected technique!

Nice. This really saved a lot of my time and sanity to archive something that I will only use once.

This is the Offensive Technique. About minimal strength due to plenty of unfilled label slots.

Turtle Shell techniques x2

This should be good enough.

Our bomb has a bit of a fuel problem. He won’t be able to cast technique for extra bonus, but his overall raw stats alone should be enough.

I am very optimistic for the experiment sample stat of our prototype disaster. These number could go higher if I bothered to spent more time grinding essence.

Time to test our bomb on the demi-god cloud.

… and the fortitude of his stomach.

The starter body law came with a stomach technique that grant better breathing and consumption bonus (penalty?), so we got that for the hell of it to embrace foreign obesity. :btroll:

… one step pass the door and our cheat bomb might self-detonate from within... am I a failure at cheating?

Wise word from our ancestors.

Phew, the hunger pause during tribulation.

Yup, he’s ready. Let’s bring FREEDOM to…

We shall free the land from bugs and insects! :tfrxmas:

Merry Christmas.

These wise bug-lovers dig their base into the mountain.

They think hiding in their anthill will protect them, but they are wrong. A turtle with long necks will swoop into your chamber!

This bomb is going to detonate from within… when it arrives from its long transportation.

Out of fuel, but his steel determination to murder these bugs makes him immune to hunger in this colony of imprisoning unfreedom!

We will always pay respect to other ancestors like a civilized terrorist.

Now to start with the closest target for the sake of travel efficiently.

All body cultivator jumps a few meters away from their target to dash-strike with maximum velocity.

… but he got stuck. Nor is that place a good place for dashing. :cripes:

We will raid right outside their CEO room.

Hmm, it seems our turtle have a bit of offensive problem.

It seems we do need to improve his Qi recovery rate above his passive consumption.

I’m just gonna close out the game so we can get back home faster.

“How strange. Ancestor Blaze Dragon suddenly told me to get more water essence in my muscle before the raid.”

This brief delay will surely result in nuclear winter.

Goddamn it! The earth element required for his defense is suppressing water element!

Doesn’t help in organs… I will need to find other essences.

It’s truly fortunate that I was too lazy to fill out every slots prior to the expedition. All these are Qi regen or raise Qi cap labels.

Only took me an hour of getting nowhere. :shepface:

I would never finish this LP without this editor.

Enough fuel for a space rocket! Let’s GO! :rock:

“Son, you stay here and watch how the men of Chun bring Freedom to these people.”

Once again, paying respect to these pitiful poor souls being confined in their mortal body. We shall free them. With fireworks. :blastu:

Even their formation shapes like a person. We shall free it by punching at the nether region.

Time to go all out on rolling labels.

“How strange. Ancestor Blaze Dragon suddenly told me to get more water essence in my muscle before the raid, master all techniques I can learn, and fight smarter.”

Alright. This has to be enough to keep him alive.

… the offense damage number seems to be lower than before due to the additional weaker techniques…

We will make it up with dodge. Please let this work, I spent the whole tiresome day just to make this cheat shenanigans works! :sweatdrop:

“Son, you stay here and watch how the men of Chun bring Freedom to these people.”

This time we got rid of these side stabbers that contributes too much accumulated damage.

Back to the massage beltway.

Hmmm yes, that will get the slow turtle blood flowing, keep it up.

This is quite a relaxing laser hurricane. :fyadride:

Oh? You managed to destroy the head? Too bad I still have one perce-

Lucky shot.

“How strange. Ancestor Blaze Dragon suddenly told me to get more water essence in my muscle before the raid, master all techniques I can learn, and fight smarter by taking out the mob first. Then make sure to swap back to defensive mode after clearing out the mobs. How very specifically wise.”

“Son, you stay here and watch how the Chun bring Freedom to these people.”

All side-stabber are out.

Changing combat stance back to normal mode to recover 50% defense, which is like a million.

Slow and safe wins the war. Now to enjoy the fireworks.

This 120 million Qi formation sure had burned all night long.

Turtle > Insects

Only thing worth looting in this new hive of freedom.

That’s right, you Outers should kowtow harder to FREEDOM! You are very welcome. :patriot: