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Part 212: Day 523-532: The Prison Cat

Son is very peppy over the freedom of our new submissive friends! They are all so humble and respectful with a constant smile on their face with happy tears of freedom! :luca:

Son will also experience freedom (from the tree) soon.

To our great surprise, this turtle bomb is smart enough to start eating as soon as it gets home.

That’s too much! Go back to the Pear Soup room!

We will have you ascend later. Who else is ready for the next raid?

Near completion of our stable nuke.

A couple more days before our god maxed out her mind into the universe.

In the interval, we incorporated their culture into our Wonders Junk Zone. They will surely puke blood in sorrow if they know we dump their sect legacy as decorative piece in a pile with others.

Our talkative pants think it belongs to the same category as those trash Wonders. Not at all, you are at least useful beyond decorative purpose.

You know how to motivate and remind on top of your competition. :hai:

Our other talkative wall is making advance on our princess.

Our wallman is keeping a close eye on that persistent wall.

None of our wall managed to decipher the profound meaning behind Aldantefax’s action of kicking the door next to a wall and draw graffiti on the wall. The way of courtship is truly a mystery.

Speaking of unveiling mystery, what do we get from their cheat formation?

A formation based on flood dragon? Not really impressive considering what we faced.

No offense, Son. You are… you are winning.

Ohhh, for once it resemble something it claims to be.

Spell based formation that requires Flood Dragon parts to operate. We can pull it off, but why bother implementing the power of a sewer snake?

We have the power of god, to bless our gods.


I thought it was a 'Guard Follower' that provide additional soulmind-military-prison-temple buildings that buff the god directly!

But she gets it free without going through the recruitment and loyalty program! Too bad she’s Protect based, so this doesn’t help much.

Please isekai more hero buildings to us, o’ancestor Slaan! :worship:

Great God Slaan went all out when she send her hero! This will greatly benefit our nuke in the making!

Okay, calm down. You are overkilling our atmosphere.

Finally! Quarter million Base Qi from the five episodes long powerup. :ssj:

Which translates to gaining 2 million Qi on Golden Core! :ssj:

Perhaps it’s all thanks to the strong sentiment of pity from the gods. :fishmech:

Oh no! Nuke going meltdown! Someone calm him down! :derp:

“You are pretty, you are pretty! Your nose-uh, mole, uh, no comment!”

She failed to calm him down, but at least her mind was expanded to the universe by the sight of that otherworldly charisma. :cthulhu:

Pretty sure she is done with MIND EXPAND and this is for something else.

Her mind can now handle twice the population! :catholic:

But she ran out of prison-land in her world...

She will work on pissing off her citizen so she can get a shitstorm that expand her soul land… does her land made from those shit?

It does look like a large piece of floating land when solidified.

This should be enough for our Protect law god to raid a sect.

Before that, she should get a ride to raid another sect.

What do you see from the future, sect master Blaze Dragon?



OH? So we are good to go?

Son gotten more stuck from the excitement of more freedom!

We will bring you out again when you are done winning.

I see you got tangled by underground root too. Freedom certainly doesn’t come easy for you.

We need more power up for our gods. What else can you send us?

Not useful for our Spell Law god.

:popeye: OMG! She gave Protect Law’s resurrection gimmick to our Artifact god!

Now we have two gods with resurrection spell! :yaycat:

Some distant snake is distraught by the lack of freedom of its kin. We are working on it.

Not fast enough to lure it here, so the cowardly dragon retreated. All of our fast flyer are demi-god, which can’t fly on the map to trigger event anymore.

He’s fine. Just got half his body carved out.

Sorry to disappoint you, Son. :smith:

We will raise Love Guru Rastin to become an artifact master on top of his spell mystery. His law support both combat style.

Our god is ready to show off her power.

She will ride Other Hats to battle!

Snake can easily traverse through these mountains. Your home ground advantage is null!

There’s a lot of moat, but snake can swim through them!

Snake are great at hiding among the bushes and overly long title.

Surprise water snake strike!

Another 13 nodes formation with 100 million Qi.

Bringing a Water god to fight a water sect might be a bad idea.

At least we are interrupting their lunch time.

Can our Protect law god tanks all these artifacts?

Her artifact is draining her Qi like waterfall!

We all know to never wield an artifact for battle if you suck at it. It’s elementary to us at this point.

She will leave her artifact at home for the next attempt.

Remember to pay respect to their ancestor this time.

Attacking with normal weapon.

No one care about her zero damage. :smith:

Now we got their attention.

Tank with own body like all Chun ancestor has done so successfully!

Tbf, she is tanking like 12 storms worth of tribulation.

Let’s borrow a tactical artifact from our servant.

Really nice stat. There’s no better legacy for tanking than this.

Paying respect with a legacy artifact.

A legacy artifact that doesn’t attack.

No one care about her null damage.

We might have a problem with offense here.

Son! Come pay respect to their ancestor!

Uooof, you don’t need to desecrate it that much.

They are very offended by that.

It’s barely working! The recovery is more than the lost as long as she kept casting her Protect Buff spell!

Their formation has a concentrated lasers attack. :argh:

Mandatory conscription brought 6 military generals to provide more military buildings.

Nice, we got two Nether judge to buff all of our guardian and their buildings!

Max protection. No convict can escape the meowtherland.

Respect right at the heart of their ancestor. We offered our Pear Soup artifact this time.

They are extremely mad about this. Even their Outer are charging in to take a stab at our super fortress god.

It’s working! She is tough enough to tank it all without buff spell!

Our snake doesn’t care about their zero damage. They caught in a trance from their disbelieve of its impenetrable soft meat.

Here comes the laser!

Our cat doesn’t care about their negligible damage. :catbert:

This will take a while.

One day passed…

This trail of annoying stabbers expired on the spot where Acromage bothered to offer them her divine pear soup.

Our Cat-Snake duo can finally focus on soloing the formation.

1.4 billion Faith-Qi vs 100 million Formation-Qi. Who will prevail?

Few days later…

Even immortal will have their concentration falter after fighting for days.

Too bad they are facing a god with an expanded mind that can stay focus for weeks or months.

Another freedom achieved. :911:

Whoa! They have some normal artifact with insane power level!

Ah, they are artifact specialist.


Culture trashed incorporated. I hope their annual tribute are high quality artifacts with over 200 atk.