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Part 213: Day 533-562: Cheat: Lore

The spear actually sucks since the attack speed is 6.0. When it converted to the average speed of most artifact at 0.5 atk speed, it would be 21 atk. Terrible. :baduk:

To the Recycling Plant you go! You deceptively awful piece of fake metal plastic!

This is what happen when you burn plastic.

We can only trust the highest standard of artifact creation from our Artifact God.

This is why God are only allowed to use one artifact. :orks101:

Now that we know which nuke to send, we will decide our next raid target based on evidences of their shady activities and wrongdoing.

Since we still lacks evidence for motive, we arranged some sus guest for our usual tea talk.

This is all from by the cheat princess. The finest tea: ‘Death from the Thousand Leaf’

She has three legacy artifact that can split into nine pieces for 3 seconds at every third strike. Very strong flavor.

We are still mass producing them for our other Wood element user: ohteagod legacyyes

Oops, we already got the info from him or someone with similar information before.

He will get a proper wholegrain burial.

Next guest.

I knew those Insects have something to do with it! But we already kicked their ass. Next.

Sucks for you to arrive next to our gym.

That person’s info lead to this Sus Female at Celeste Pass for extended tea hours.

Another evidence pointing to those Insect. Maybe we should raid them a second time.

We got a full set of evidences pointing to Hundred Insects.

Evidence for other sects are too much of a pain to gather, so we will go with the one we already defeated and make them admit it.

… I vaguely recall fan-translationing some of these plotline, and the branching combinations was terrifying. Thankfully, the dev announced official translation right around that point. Good job to whoever have to deal with this part of the translation.

Just say Hundred Insects did it and we will spare your sect.

There’s a lack of “Hundred Insects did it” in that statement.

What about you? This might take awhile if you can't pronounce 'Hundred' 'Insects' 'did' 'it'.


Our Son was displeased by the lack of freedom-like activity in the sect. All these mystery solving is boring and requires reading a guide.

It does get pretty dull at home. No one ever come to play with us anymore.

Only those who never heard of us like this Ancient Cultivator who we insulted would try to attack us.

Too bad our super nuke is already done with his core, and we can make up the difference with Spirit Seed nowadays.

Only fanatics come to apply for godhood by praying day and night next to a few rejected applicants.

Did someone told them we offer revive? No, we don’t.

Someone died?

Who died? An assassination from a spy?

Seems to be an Outer. Investigation closed.

Time to challenge that Metal-damage-only floor with our super tank. If she can’t do it, no one can.

Light brown color Qi represent the power of shitstorm within her.

These enemies seem to hit a lot harder than a sect formation. :magemage:

Then again, each of them are genuine thousands years old demi-god with a whole formation worth of Qi.

Too bad they are fighting a genuine (29 years old) god.

This cat is a god with Lv 150 Protect.

Machinegunning with head shot huh?

Doesn’t matter. :monar:

There’s no fast forward in adventure mode, so I will see you after a couple puzzle guide reading and browsing.

Wow, this is an amazing map! Now I am inspired to do one of these in our sect.

Since we already have a triangle in the sect, let’s improve upon this perfection by adding some smooth curvature…

Two down, few more hours in MS Paint to go...

Magnum opus! We will begin our major renovation!

It will take some time for a full makeover of our dull and angular pyramid.

:hmmno: This is harder than expected. It will take a while to smooth out the curve. Enjoy more plot reveal in the meantime.


Kunlun and their Dragon Formation (that killed the Taiyi sect leader), Hundred Insects with their Poison Cicadas, and other sects having sus meeting. All exactly from five years ago. The culprit really picked the right year to make this investigation hard as balls.

I am also suffocating from this tedious mystery.

Coffee’s seat also finds it awful.

This is becoming a pest infestation problem.

Another pants woke up from our Female’s fragrance bottom…

Must be our Qi-infused water…

If we want more talking things, then it should be Shei-kun’s magical school of fish. I'm sure our water has the perfect environment to foster their intelligence.

Or we can make use of our high attainment to almost guaranteed their sentience. Scratch that, our money is so high that it is guaranteed.



Only took nearly two whole month.

Son already become a young adult! His teenage years was filled with blood-spattered freedom! :911:

Our cat god will go liberate the next challenge floor! :patriot:

Oh hell. Guess we are doing this four more times.

Maybe your land lacks four element?

Why are you attacking me? What did I do to your land?

All you achieve is deforestation. Your land is getting more broken by venting your anger on a complete stranger.

Then again, all five of your magic tree are long dead.

Time to go. We need Wood element artifacts for this stage.

Welcome back. The hell gate is as cursedly busy as ever.

None of these mortal are smart enough to solve our backroom politics puzzle, so it’s time to forge evidence with the power of cheat! :argh:

There we go. We cherry picked two more evidences from the pile of 24 clues we got from anonymous cheat source.

WHAT!? There’s a stage two to this goddamn puzzle?

Why is there so many followup plot!?

… is it really Hundred Insects? I will skip deducting those other sects since we don’t need more stages 2 puzzles.

They try to steal our Dimension Universe wonder, which we happen to use it for trash storage.

Go, muscle lord Azuth0667! Go beat the shit out of them a second time! This time for Justice! :madmax:

While judgement is being delivered, the Side Story puzzle unlocked the way to decipher these series of ancient scrolls that I looted from whoever.

Cool ancient story, bro.

Ancient Taiyi Sect Lore Spoiler:

We used to be the mega bad guys known as Eastern Palace that got almost destroyed by their unified enemies. Our remnants rebrand as Taiyi Sect.

The “Universe” artifact was created as a dimension sanctuary for humans to fled from the potential WWIII of Immortals and Demons war.

No wonder our sect’s law is so much better than the local.


Speaking of cheat, our muscle god can’t attack these subdued Insects with blue names. We will have to let them live, for now.

Perhaps it would be too unfair to expect our cheat muscle god to perform another muscular miracle. It’s time to pay the debt of god mode.

God Slaan granted god mode to our HUNGER BOMB, now it’s time to fulfill his end of the divine bargain. He must CONSUME THE STATUE!

We could break Slaan’s statue to get her belief gem (Sarira), but that’s not eating everything, so we pack her up into a nice compact lunch box. :greatgift:

The hammer and saw are... chopsticks and utensil. Truly a deluxe full course meal of the gods.

He gets nothing from the lunchbox.

But we all know what he has already gotten.

As per the deific contract, Azuth0667 shall immediately ascend so that Sla an can truly leave this plane of existence forever to hole up in her little pocket world. All ties and communication are cut off FOREVER.

As an honorable man, Azuth0667 immediately ascend right inside Cyflan Trial Gate, not realizing how deadly it was for everyone who rushed here. Let’s hope he won’t take too long to ascend.

For various reas-

Three seconds after that warning and he’s already down. Hunger bomb is real.

Carried away in stealth to preserve our reputation. :ninja:

“We can’t see him over that giant bull! But we shall keep praying to show our respect!”

Rest in peace, our dear hungry turtle.

You are our ancestor’s problem now.

Seriously, don’t come back.

What did he do in heaven?

Joined the snake gang gym.

Omg a happy ending from another story! :qq:

You got your powerup from being beaten to pulp. How appropriate for a turtle. :hmmrona:

Non-stop breakthrough into the next realm of power level. He probably can one-shot a dragon by now.

Gaining more EXP from various exploits.

Got his legendary pokemon.

Slaan’s retirement-juice finally got to him and he also fked off into somewhere forever. Guess he lost interest in powering up into the State of Great Principle realm since his pokemon can do it for him.

Click for large size in shit quality
I don't get why no one wants to live in our wonderland. :confused: