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Part 215: Day 564-570: Spellcaster Solo

Welcome, you two. Your single word name breaks up nicely.

Who else died!? I only recall sealing two mount! Fortunately, they are just insignificant Outer. :baduk:

Welcome, new batch of perhaps-significant Outer with potential to post into the Inner Sanctum! They are also the last bunch on the wait list.

Which mean you are the logger forever. The only way out is to join a gym or something.

What's opinion on this, Great Ancestor of Catch-Them-All?

Much appreciated.

New guy will open it while we gaze with complicated discernment.:stare:

EXP pill? We should raise them as Inner? I guess it’s fine since they are the last on the list.

Oh dear, another goon volunteer joined the cavalry.

Conscription document approved with giant inkbrush.

Welcome! You picked the best possible time for recruitment!

Come, let us show you the way…

To swap place with our admin.

Another bitten the dust? He supposed to have 400 days… truly the crimelord of no-posting.

Execution! Justice for active poster!

Shovel for you instead!

Congratulation, you aren’t lonely anymore!

Speaking of loneness, someone adamantly argues with me on Discord that pure spellcaster can’t solo a sect. :nono:

So, to defend the honor of the game’s design, today’s unique raid will be a Spellcaster solo.

TravelLog with as much Barrier Power as our God will show them the Infinite Qi Heal loop without using a single artifact. :science:

Don’t need healing item. :colbert:

He’s a snake who suffer 25% more element damage, but they have been nullified by the high protect skill.

We will raid this sect with 6k Sect Power, whatever that mean.

Greetings, ancestor of…

… really nice home deco.

This goon cat with a really cool French hat beret pays its respect to your ornamenting skill. :tipshat:

Let’s begin by adding another 2 points into barrier power.

Then we litter a bunch of AOE spell onto their sect.

About 8-10 purple blast homing for those within sight range.

There’s more where they came from.

Second blast of 200k damage.

These Golden Core can’t even handle the third 100k damage spell.

This is how much Qi TravelLog lost from enemy damage and going through all his aoe spell. About 500k.

Not bad, I will remedy that with two of these lesser Qi Restore spells. Their average cooldown are 120 seconds.

You guys need to hit harder than that. Your 10 million Qi formation won’t last at this rate.

TravelLog is in there somewhere.

Finally, took you a while to take 2+ million out of TravelLog’s Qi pool.

Time to jack up our healing and damage with this unique buffer.

:popeye: Then use one of the two real powerful healing spell from arthritis law. Both spell heals the same amount.

Of course the best healing spell come from the arthritis law. Who else would need that much pain relief? :corsair:

I was too early on casting that, but we should have enough to stall for the 270 seconds cooldown.

Charge straight into the formation to bite the pillar! You thought spellcaster can’t melee? :squawk:

You are wrong! :drac:

Compare to Spellcasting god, it’s more expensive to raise Daoist spellcaster since they require a lot of exp and additional spells from external laws.

But we are ultra-rich, so we can afford all the spells we needed to tank-heal (plus on allies) forever.

Welp, 270 seconds passed before I can cast the second heal spell. This is our victory. Q.E.D.

This whole battle is me staring at the spellbook and wrack-a-mole till they surrender. I never needed to cast the big heal spell after all those small fries ceased their damage contribution.

… it took too long. My spell doesn’t seem to be doing much damage. Their formation stability drop about 1% every 5 RL minutes, so I sent them a cheat-thunder after going through hundreds of clicks.

Maybe their formation is good at Protect?

It’s a formation with shitton of stability-health. No wonder it took forever.

TravelLog gonna face tribulation as soon as he teleport home, but one or two spell will be enough to blow the cloud away.