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Part 216: Day 571-580: Inglorious Request

At the Pit of DOOM sect…

“Reporting to elders, another sect has fallen to the merciless raid from the House of Chun’s… ‘solo’.”

“Preposterous! Who do those freshling thinks they are!?”

“I truly regretted letting those mortals escape during Taiyi’s destruction.”

“No one could had expected those cave dwellers to hid themselves in the Ancient Battlefield and somehow survived to become a threat to us.”

“If only that strange snake wasn't so distracting… at least its gall was oddly nourishing.”

“We must send message to the surviving sects to unite once more to destroy the remnant of Taiyi.”


Meanwhile, at the Chicken Coop of CHUN…


“… anything yet? I don’t think we can luck into awakening a poop with just this much.”

“Give it some time. Love will blossom with a few lick. You should give a try.”

*Considering it seriously*

“Mayhap we should order an Outer to stay here and continuously produce fresh produces to increase the odds.”

*Sigh* “No Outers would be willing to subject themselves to laxative death on the bed here.”

“I concur. Should we order those Misc. Inner to do it? They should be tough enough to survive the ordeal.”

“No one would seek such inglorious death.”

“I did it! I found the correct room to join the House of Chun for an inglorious death!”


At the Mystic Unity Sect…

“Elders, what should we do about the new calamity known as Chun?”

“Those teleporting bastards could show up anytime!”

“Hmph! Even if they do, our Formation is vastly superior to other sect and it will repel those fools for trying!”

“Indeed, these powerful formations carved into our land since ancient time are the reason no sect can devour each other over the years.”

*Chuckle* “It was unfortunate for Taiyi to not have a Golden Core until the very last moment. He can’t even activate their sect formation before we burn it down.”

“We must all take down those Chun before they erect a real formation!”

“They are amateur in the way of Formation, and it will take them a lot more time to perfect the art.”

“Are you sure, Sect Leader? They have been collecting the Wonders of other sect and studying the secret of their formation.”

“A formation isn’t erected in a single day, nor can it easily be stabilized.”


Back at the Love Nest of Poo Poo.

*Noise of Laxative Factory*

“By the way, how’s our sect formation coming along?”

“It’s still in design phase, but we are quite happy with the looks of it.”

“All we need is to make it functional.”


At the Purple Cloud Temple…

“We must do something.”

“I, Wei Dong, have send those Chun a gift to that will held their interest while we form alliance with other sects.”

“A gift? To the Chun?”

“It’s something from an Ancient Cultivator.”

“Something dangerous enough to be the end of their sect!



At the Premium Whole Grain Wheat Field of Chun…

"Someone send us a package of relic, ancient book, and bestiary."

“Hmm? It's too soon for those sects to offer tribute... not that I care. I am too busy with my endless wood chopping duty.”

A new place to explore?

An inconspicuous island at the edge of the world.

Frog god will search for it. Can’t go wrong with god.

Hmmmmm, what could it possibly do!?

We can repeat visit that place for more rarity and duplicate jade.

Why does it say x1 [Bone]?

I think a max grade jade found in an ancient battlefield would be anything but out of the ordinary.

A seal…

Better destroy this dangerous thing.

There will be no season 3. :nono: