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Part 217: Day 581-598: Taunting Crush

All hell might brakes loose if we were to destroy this Phoenix Jade.

Can we afford to risk the wrath of a mystical beast? Would Yami Fenrir make the responsible choice?

Probably not a good time to do this in summer, but the bird will need all the advantage it needs to present us a challenge.

Not sure what happened, but it’s certainly an inglorious blazing death.

This time, only the Daoist will fight while the gymnast sits out and watch.

Our Water Artifact specialist will give that bird a wakeup call.

So you shall dress up for the occasion. Your human-batteries in the hen house can keep working on our grand goal.

The chicken crown disagrees and suggest they take a fasting pill to stays cooped up for the next couple days. Nonsense.

Only our final wave of Inner should stay home.

They swiftly passed grade 1 golden core a while ago thanks the overwhelming wealth and support of our ancestors.

Max Qi doesn’t matter to us anymore since we can increase it with money: Spirit Seed

Unfortunately, not everything can be expedited. At least she’s a cat.

This on the other hand, is enough to save you a slow trip and expedite your advancement.

Very deserving title for all these badass in Gen 5 group who bravely cultivates while under the raiding gaze of a boss monster.

Sunflower cultivator has the perfect environment to nourish their Earth element. Bravely face the sun, little flower! So that's why the law is Earth Element :sun:

As for the boss fighting tips… we will look it up when it happens. Last minute prep is a good handicap for the bird.

You mean unhinged animals.

To be honest, this ‘boss battle’ isn’t starting great.

We accept your apology. Try to do better next time.

Another lotus awakened instead of what we needed.

Our new logger will be responsible for getting rid of all nearby lotus.

There aren’t that much lotus nearby, this is about 1/8 of the total.

:yeshaha: Even heaven is looking down at the cowardly bird that hovers above us!

Nothing complicated about this whole situation. Keep repairing this lamp to keep the rain going.

Too bad you can’t out-repair its damage.

We will stick with the sedation method to keep this thing alive and the rain going.

Another couple more hair losses from the bird for the next couple days. It must be stressful to face such an unprecedented lack of respect.

What could possibly be stopping it from coming down?

Coffee updated his formation knowledge.

Knowledge from guides to find all these damn formation books.

Supplemented by cheat knowledge of other sect’s formation. Each provide cheat-like boost of 4 or 10 points to Formation Load.

Finally, he can handle the super powerful formation that used to cost like 10k Qi per second.

4/5 effect fulfillment and 1 god battery.

You might now cease raining. We are done taunting the bird.

When will it come?

Hahaha! Look at those idiots!

Maybe we should act weak to bait it down…

The heat is causing traitorous thoughts to emerge! We are weakening from within! I hope there’s no one here to dealt us a deadly blow at this moment of our feebleness!

Welp, that didn’t work. Maybe we need to wait for the weather to pass. Might as well start reading the strategy guide.

Hmm, interesting… we just need to send the Wood users out on a trip…

OH SHIT! She has the Wood artifacts that can split in nine pieces! She really will traitorously mega heal the bird! :supaburn:

I can’t send her out without risking her random generated(?) betrayal either! This is bad!

Not now!

Damn these opportunists! :argh:

Oh, the non-cheat version. :smug:

Enemies neutralized.

Treason neutralized.

Non-combatant took their seats at the far corner of the sect. The bird can only blame itself if it strikes them.

Outer situated. They can only blame themselves if they got hit by the bird.

What am I supposed to do?

Oh. Thanks, mysterious internet cultivator.

:hmmno: Can’t cast rain. It would double down on burning down our sect. Sucks for those who didn't ask Ancient Cultivator about this beginner trap.

Nick, how about a Metal storm?

Also cast this Bear Law’s ultimate weather field spell! :orks101:

At last, after all these weather fanfare, the bird has come.

:hmmyes: you are about seven goon house long and five goon house wide.

Nothing worth losing at this area, so the bird can burn all it want.

It decided to have a 10 seconds long aerobatic before settling down.

:golfclap: :golfclap: :golfclap:

Today our aerobatic performance will be head by Coffee.


130+ Artifact Mastery on Coffee with six water artifacts!

These artifacts got so empowered by the mastery level that it gains its own rainbow laser color!

:golfclap: :golfclap: :golfclap:

Unlike the sewer snake, the fire bird only have three parts: Body, Head Feather, and Tail Feather.

Naturally, we harvest everything.

This might look like the whole sect is attacking it, but no, it’s just Coffee and his six artifacts.

I can’t tell if the feather is fragile or Coffee is hitting too hard, but these parts fell off within a couple seconds of each other.

*Laser Intensifies*

It lasers back at Coffee.

A damage race? Too bad you are attacking a formation leader with 45+ Protect and a firearmour talisman.

Not bad. That probably made 6 digits.

It flop over (elegantly) and died.

:golfclap: :golfclap: :golfclap:

An egg? Can we hatch it for new pet?

I see. We need to crack this egg within 49 days.

This chicken crown agrees. Phoenix Egg Drop Pear Soup would taste good.

It’s already one-third recharged!? 2k Qi per seconds!?

What do you mean we can’t crack the egg?

It’s charging at 5k Qi per seconds now!? Only a two or three dozens seconds has passed!

Hurry! Someone cast that spell that suck Qi from object! What do you mean it didn’t work!?

What is the BS regenerate speed!?

Only 150 seconds passed after we disbanded the formation!