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Part 218: Day 598-599: Building Heat

It’s too early to call it a new day.

Chicken shouldn’t crow in the middle of the night. :nono:

You probably confused the sun with this.

You don’t need to hop on a fence to crow, but it would be helpful to insult the sun chicken.

That or getting burn. Such is the fate of a free-range paper.

Let’s aim straight for the main body this time.

We can’t afford to play around without a formation.

Did that laser took a million Qi off in a single blast!? :aaa:

Oh, right. Chicken/Battery.

The clothed one are fine.

TravelLog and Nick are the only formation battery that isn’t on chicken duty.

There are a couple reasons for why they were not chosen for the Grand Hatching Project, but now is not the time to have a discussion about it. :gibs:

All words should goes toward chanting spells! SUPER HEAL!

Protect spell like this should reduce a big chunk of these million damage blast.

This is taking much longer than formation, but not everyone has water artifacts.

Regardless, it will die if you hit it hard enough...

Except traitorous wood element heal-attack.

It’s performing evasive maneuver to fly out of our artifact’s attack range.

Also stalling to powerup itself.

This is some serious aerial combat! :hawksin:

Too bad for the bird. We are seriously good at aerial combat. :getin:

Son, are you coming to help?

… take care, Son. :pipe:

The phoenix flew near our audience, but it was wise enough to not offend them.

knowing the danger of those muscular cultivators, it dives back into fighting regular Daoist.

Naturally, fighting loop-heal Daoist head on will lead to its demise.

*Loud Death Crow of Eternal Arthritis*

Phew, it crushed into somewhere inconsequential. We have exactly 7 beds left for each Outer.

*Collective nervous inhalation*

You won’t have to suffer if you join the Inner…

Look at these Inner having a good time with those stray buff-spells. :toot:

Now then, let’s figure out how to deal with this befor-

:hmmno: I believe I decoded the cryptic massage in these numbers: Season 3 in 3 seconds.

Just kidding, the egg cheated for a 300k head start.

“I say we eat it!”

Can’t eat Building. Yeah I know it’s BS that we can’t

“Looks like we need several people to absorb the Qi at once.”

But how? There’s no buttons for anything.

We have no choice but to play with fire water.

More lightning to the sky.

The regen growth rate definitely slowed down.

Cast the gardening spell too. Why not? :nsacloud:

Doesn’t seem to help much.

Anymore secret info about this egg?

No other info on how exactly are we supposed to deal with it.

Succinctly phrased my conclusion.

We shall seek info from ancient internet cultivator.

WHAT!? But I did that!

Oh come on, the palm spell only work on Item, but the egg is a Building, which requires the other spell.

Rip the sect that doesn’t have Myriad Artifact Law or the spell. I would had become a victim of eternal battle if I didn’t seek out the answer from wise elder of the internet.

You Outers may now return to sleep.

Show’s over. Back to whatever we were doing.

Hmm, I would like to fight it again at its full rage mode, but I quite like this massive sunlamp in the Outer sleeping quarter.

We will crush another jade when we feel like eating bird stew.

Puzzle solved. Mcclay is really good at sucking Qi and not posting.

Come home, everyone. We solved the egg problem.

Back to hatching shit.

When did you awakened!?

We only eat raw eggs here. :colbert:

Permanently disabled. Now we can eat it for good.

It still treats it like a Building. :bang:

Fine, we will keep it as a lamp.

At least draining the egg makes a baby egg come out of the… egg building? Let’s not think too hard on it.

Good, we can eat this one.

Thank you, Flarnith! We can’t risk having such a dangerous pet in the house!

Oh well, we will keep it warm for you later.

The hell gate should be hot enough to keep it cooked.

Now to pay back the ‘gift’ from Purple Cloud Temple with a solo. We will let them have a taste of their own medicine. :ninja:


“Do you think the phoenix will be enough destroying them?”

“Of course. No one would ever figure out the egg is actually a Building. No one.”

“Hmm? What’s with the sudden inauspicious rain?”